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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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18 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


yeah its a concerning time and i guess many of us are just waiting to see what the fall-out of the jabs is going to be for society and for our own communities, friends and families


when you look at how they are currently peeling back the restrictions you have to wonder how they would then spin a scenario of a society-wide crash in health. Perhaps one thing that is going to be hard hit in the young is fertility and they will no doubt be preparing their cover story for why this is happening

Nah - fucking dumbos will keep multiplying.... I pack pregnancy tests in tones every day...

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Krankie was looking physically sick not being able to bring in more passports up here and again branded people who don’t take the death jab evil.

I pray for the day she gets found out stealing 600k referendum funds gone she’s as corrupt as they come fckn put a blogger in jail for nothing this woman or man woman is evil.

who the fck is she to tell me and mine to get an experimental jag.

I’m angry but March on cause the minority will fckn win to many people are being killed but this to remain hidden anymore she’s going to pay for her part in crimes against her own people tranny cow.

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2 hours ago, numnuts said:


I am sure that some NHS staff did make an effort, in some way, but we can't know who and how. As in, perhaps being quite outspoken with family and friends.





I think that Brian Rose is a PTB minion. 





This is just the sort of thing that I was expecting to happen.





I never really followed Gary Neville, but it turns out the impression I had of him was definitely wrong. He is a right muppet.







I was told that they did back down somewhat in Greece. 'Apparently', you are exempt from the fine, if you are getting less than 1,000 euros, or something like that, per month. I don't know the official statistic, but I would imagine that the great majority of Greek pensioners are getting less than that. I can't find a source for this information online though. Has anyone else heard anything similar?

Yesterday I watched a Greek pensioner being interviewed and he said he only gets €500 a month and he can't afford to lose €100 every month if he is fined so he has no choice but to get the vaccine so it looks like they are targeting all over 60 year olds regardless of how much they get .

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1 hour ago, Sidlittle said:


Apparrently he just "passed away" as you do at 46 years old.


I was with a couple today, when we saw a police car and three officers outside someone's house.


They commented, "it must be another sudden death" as though Sudden Adult Death (S,A,D,) is normal!

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1 hour ago, Celticdevil said:

Big big question everyone why is the uk the only country lifting the convid restrictions .

I reckon Boris has jumped ship and is getting ready to be off loaded so they can get us back on track.

party gate 🧐


Yes can't see much address of this. Was a thread about the coming national lockdown, but can't see that happening at all.


If anything there appears to be a mass culling of all Covid laws coming.


I think people will say it's part of Operation Big Dog (save Boris)

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On 1/17/2022 at 7:12 PM, SoundOfSilence said:

I suspect war with Russia while China waits on the sidelines ready to mop us the pieces.


What about Israel?




On 1/17/2022 at 7:54 PM, Shy Talk said:

Regarding partygate, whatever happened to injunctions and super-injunctions that celebs/sports 'stars' often use in order to stifle reports of them getting their legs over where they shouldn't be? There's no way that Downing St garden pic would've seen the light of day without it being given the nod from above.


Further to that, given Operation Rampdown (ha ha) is already being peddled in the news, how does that fit in with many countries in Europe still cracking on with restrictions, enforcing green passes etc? So the UK will be allowed to go it alone? Not buying it.


Yes, for sure all of the press releases were 'authorised'. What really gets me, is how the masonic mass media has taken a high and mighty, moral, emotional angle, while at the same time drip-feeding these stories to the sheeple. Firstly, like they only just got hold of at least some of these stories, as you already said; and secondly, making out that they are only getting hold of a new story every few days or so on average. I think that there have probably been more stories about alleged parties, than alleged parties, if that is logically possible.


I am sure that all of the perished would just love to know that are being used as a never-ending political football, as part of the agenda to remove BoJo from office, due to the fact that he resisted following Scotland and Wales in to further lockdowns. Oh, and because the PTB want to get on with reversing Brexit too of course.


P.S. I forgot. The PTB even now have Dom 'Baldrick' Cummings, BoJo's dogsbody, on their side. He will even swear an oath, we are told! Hang on a minute, back in May 2020, weren't the mass media united in branding Dom as a nasty, little liar? WTF.  




23 hours ago, DaleP said:

According to one source, a war between the US and China is brewing and they are waiting till the Olympics is over. If this is the case, where will Russia fit in? Anyway, having taken Hong Kong, China now wants to take Taiwan. It's all hearsay though...


There was a thread on the old forum, circa 2016 I think, about some ongoing 'skirmishes' between the U.S. and China. Not started by me, but I remember some folks alleging economic stuff from China and typhoons from the U.S.. Plus, the Tianjin port explosion from the U.S.. And a few other things I can't quite recall now. 




17 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:



Fourth shot of Covid vaccine is NOT enough against Omicron (msn.com)


The fourth dose of the Covid vaccine is less effective on the Omicron variant and  provides only limited defence, a preliminary study in Israel has found.


I am extremely interested to learn how Israel has fared in comparison to the U.K., in terms of incidences of heart attacks and strokes, in the past 6 months or so.




16 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

Signs that the wheels have fallen off? Call me cynical. I don't trust a word any of them says.




Pfizer CEO Predicts Life On Earth “Will Return To Normal” In The Spring (infowars.com)


Just a few days ago, Bill Gates shared some of his (revised) thoughts on the COVID pandemic and the trajectory that omicron has left us on.


They would have said exactly this, at any given point in the past two years or so, when the people decided enough was enough. They only do whatever they can get away with.

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15 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Probably worse.


They haven't just given up. Something's planned.


100+ years in of planning to a recursive script.

The loaded script is and always has been the constructive dismissal of individuation or in common parlance - slavery.

Direction is a formality.

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40 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

Their Narrative Is Falling Apart



Will they allow a spate of [controlled] vigilantism against the corporates to quell the demand for retribution by the masses?


It makes sense to make lists to prevent genuine dissent being supplanted!

[hope Fuellmich makes backups as his list is extensive extending to the CB's]

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