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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Blame Obama.


He's pulling the strings.






Derek Andrew McIntosh, 41, from Monticello, Minnesota passed away unexpectedly on January 4th, 2022, due to complications from blood clots resulting in cardiac arrest after being forced to get vaccinated.


In his obituary, McIntosh had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine. He had no choice but to comply with the unconstitutional vaccine mandates.


Here is his obituary:


Derek Andrew McIntosh passed away unexpectedly in the early morning hours on January 4th, 2022, due to complications from blood clots sending him into cardiac arrest after receiving his Covid 19 vaccine. Derek was born in Robbinsdale, MN, to parents Jeff and Sue McIntosh. He grew up and went to school in Brooklyn Park and graduated from Park Center High School in 1998. He spent two and half years at St. Cloud State University, until realizing all college was, is a bunch of professors, imposing their liberal and Godless views on the young minds of our nation. Derek spent many years in the hospitality industry, and during that time he welcomed his son Calvin into the world. Alongside his dad Jeff, Derek spent the last half of his working life working in Non-Destructive Testing Inspection at Kurt Manufacturing.




During the last weeks of his life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates. The Governments were determined to strip away his right to consult his wisdom and enjoy his freedom. He had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, so thank you Joe Biden for bringing on a premature death of a life not fully lived.




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35 minutes ago, SoundOfSilence said:

The Bible also says go forth and multiply. 


An infertility shot would seem to be at odds with that part of Yahweh's plan.


Perhaps the Archbishop should spend more time reading his bible and less time preaching.


I agree! Well we all know now who's side he is on, what a bloody hypocrite.

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For once I agree with the headline.


There just weren't enough of us.


The article gives very detailed information on the purported numbers of clotted and pure bloods.


But there is nothing connecting these numbers with hospitalizations any any mention of the percentages of clotted and pure bloods among the hospitalized.


I wonder why?




Gold Coast COVID-19 outbreak made worse by the volume of unvaccinated people, experts say (msn.com) 


The latest Commonwealth data shows 90.2 per cent of eligible people aged 15 and over on the Gold Coast have received one dose of the vaccine, while 87.1 per cent are fully vaccinated.


That's compared to 91.6 per cent with one dose in Brisbane, and 89.2 per cent of the eligible population over 15 are fully vaccinated.

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1 hour ago, Velma said:

True, but Malone received criticism for making claims about the toxicity of spike proteins generated by some covid vaccines. That is disingenuous. Personally, I don't listen to anyone who says Covid is real. They're lying or stupid.

I don't know if Covid is real or not. No clue at all. I am not sure how anyone can genuinely claim they know one way or the other for 100%. I also don't consider myself stupid.

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44 minutes ago, DaleP said:


Actually I've just realised what I said. I didn't mean it was for us but "As long as the word gets out there." was their intention btw.



I don't know if airgun is illegal or not....that depends on which country you are in.

legal, you can buy one from the company behind this video

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18 minutes ago, alexa said:


I agree! Well we all know now who's side he is on, what a bloody hypocrite.

The ruling council of elders and teachers of the Law (effectively the religious order) at the time of Jesus' first visit was rife with hypocrisy and they were continually rebuked by Jesus for that hypocrisy. It shall be the same in the run up to His return. Same nest of vipers (demonic spirits), different faces.


They might have a theological degree but they do not know God. They don't want to know Him.

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9 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:


I am no fan. But they could just be waving to some one. This is the sun after all, football fans pissing on the plod. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_disaster_and_The_Sun

So the fact that her uncle had to abdicate following his support for Hitler and the Nazis doesn't sway you?



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Mixed up my reptilian bloodlines ...
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Oncology Professor: Obsessive COVID Testing ‘Hysteria’ Is Like ‘Self Harm’ (infowars.com)


A renowned oncology professor has warned that Britain has become obsessed with using COVID rapid lateral flow tests despite the fact that most people don’t have any symptoms, and that it is doing severe harm to the economy and hampering “life-saving work” in hospitals.


Describing the mass use of the tests as a “mania” and a “hysteria,” Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George’s Hospital, University of London writes in the Daily Mail that “it is tantamount to national self-harm.”


“Hospitals, transport networks, our postal and rubbish collection services and hundreds of thousands of British businesses are now being crippled because of a mania over checking people for an infection that they may have no symptoms for,” he adds.


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1 minute ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Look at his antecedents. Welby is a fraud.

The one thing about this scamdemic is the amount of charlatans and frauds it has uncovered.


You'd think the general public would have noticed by now?


I guess that there must be something good on TV.


As an aside, in my experience people with a professional background/university education seem to be the hardest to wake up.


Have you found the same thing?

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