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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:



7 Jan, 2022 17:26

Tennis star appears to clutch chest while being ‘out of breath’

Georgian tennis star Nikoloz Basilashvili was forced to quit just two games into a match in Australia after finding himself struggling to breathe

The world number 22 tennis player has been pictured with his hand appearing to be on his chest before shakily leaving a match with respiratory difficulties.

Australian Open hopeful Nikoloz Basilashvili needed treatment from a doctor during a worrying episode at the Sydney Cup, where he was 4-1 down in the opening set to world number four Stefanos Tsitsipas.

A physio attended to Basilashvili, who seemed startled by the incident and was heard telling his team that “every shot I’m out of breath” before the showdown was abruptly called off.




"That's the only clear thing. The clear thing is - if you are vaccinated, you can play in the Australian Open" said Rafa Nadal.


"He (Djokovic) has taken his own position and everybody is free to take their position. But there are consequences."


"Everyone must do what feels good, including him. But there are rules. If you don't want to get the vaccine, you can have some troubles."


He added, "I have been through Covid-19. I got vaccinated twice."




Hoping Nadal doesn't have to eat his words, because the "consequences" and "troubles" for the vaccinated justify Novak's position.





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7 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

Wonder how much longer he will last before they kill him off...?


I would imagine he has some kind of protection. He certainly needs it.  For what it's worth. Either that and/or what he says will be dismissed as ..... "Mumbo Jumbo" by the ptb tonight

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22 minutes ago, Critilo said:


It amazes me still that people use images of celebrities with covered eyes to try and call people out. 


This whole thing probably is a pysop along with the Dr video I just posted. But are we really at the level where we are going to start posting pictures of celebrities with their eyes covered? Do you actually know what that means?


It does have freemasonic connections but it's actually a European folk tradition for pychic protection. If you have photos of yourself on the internet you should actually do the same. 



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