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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, skitzorat said:

The Math: Here’s How We Get To Nearly 100,000 Excess Deaths Per Month In America Right Now




Well of course you can't kill lots of humans immediately by jabbing them. Other humans might get very suspicious.


If you're  a death cult that rules us,  for all of humanities collective stupidity, you need to box clever.


I strongly suspect that the excess deaths being quoted by the CEO above would directly relate to the study within the video below



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11 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


Jewish presstitute vanessa feltz telling us to get jabbed every few months....

Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz are BBC’s highest paid women


didn't realize Feltz was a fellow white.

Unbelievable. Every.single.time.

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16 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

didn't realize Feltz was a fellow white.

Unbelievable. Every.single.time.


not just that but when they actuallly published who was being paid what in the BBC it turned out the two highest paid women were both jewish when jews make up a tiny proportion of the british population. How the fuck is that representative of british society?


What does that tell you about the freemasonic BBC?


Another person who had money thrown at him was jonathan ross whose wife is jewish. He was getting £18 million a fucking year of BBC licence payers money. I once did an online search to find out about his background and could only find the name of his mother. There was no mention of who his father was


So i suspect his father is a powerful jew

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55 minutes ago, Saved said:

Something struck me on the way in to work tonight.








A superb observation. Seeing the Get Boosted Now adverts, I felt the red and yellow chevron background looked like the back of a builders or motorway maintenance van, but your connection with the rear doors of an ambulance is excellent, especially as the ambulance has the NHS logo on the right and the HM crown on the left, like in the posters.

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Off topic but have to share!


I live in small village in countryside  on outskirts of large town in Switzerland


just now my small dog scratched at door to garden , so i opended door to let her out , it was at this moment a young WOLF walked past our garden mesh fence !!


It saw our dog and jumped over the 80cm high fence into our garden!


at this point my dog saw this and ran towards it barking!

the wolf emmediatly jumped back out and vanished into darkness!!




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14 minutes ago, bobb said:


Was it whistling in a kind of pretend way as if not to be noticed?

Some goats where killed by a wolf near  the town of Aarau last month ! 

a wolf was spotted in our village five years ago the same wolf was later found dead on motorway near Zürich ( dna test confirmed this) it all happed so quick I didn't get to photo it! The snow from today wasn't enough to make clear paw imprints!


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