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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Government finally seems to be putting two and two together on CoViD, 5G and China.




I still maintain 5G can be used to either remotely activate or somehow programme the virus. Whilst coronavirus is roughly 125 nm, and the 5G wavelength at the top 39GHz band is massive in comparison at 0.7mm - I think the activation is actually via disabling part of the immune response.


Putting a piece of propaganda together more like.  I reckon their previous antagonism toward Huawei was to get them to make the controlling software for their 5G masts open source... makes it easier for the government to insert their own weaponization code.


There is no virus involved btw.  Millimeter microwaves are able to cause hypoxia all on their own, see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv

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Comments from the off-guardian piece


maxwell said

“Vaccine Papers” by Janine Roberts (who also wrote “Fear of the Invisible) should be read by every parent, and all government officials who are attempting to push mandatory vaccines. It’s been established that the CDC,the AAP, AMA etc. in the US are all just subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical industry so the world has no protections from this barbaric practice called vaccination. There are to this date in the works about 600 new vaccines from companies around the world. Vaccines are what’s keeping many of these companies in business and in the United States vaccine makers have blanket immunity.

That’s right, for those who don’t know, you cannot sue a vaccine company if a loved one dies or is damaged by a vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies in the US, went to the US Congress and threatened in 1985-86 to stop producing vaccines in the US if they didn’t have federal protection from lawsuits because they were being sued constantly because their products were killing and damaging people. So they got protection by way of a vaccine court: National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It takes about 8 years to get a case heard. It’s a TAX PAYER funded court, the LAWYERS are from the Justice Dept -the complainants and the governments and the complainant is not allowed to attend the hearing. The magistrate is also from the government. The vaccine makers can voluntarily give money to the fund. So the entire court is TAXPAYER funded. If the complainant wins their case, the compensation is paid for by the TAXPAYERS OF THE US. No liability to the vaccine makers. Some are winning and being compensated. To date the court has paid out over 3 billion dollars. If vaccines are safe and effective-why are these cases being settled?

In 2002 the vaccine makers were given blanket immunity and because the vaccine makers had bought off friends in congress they put the bill under the umbrella of Homeland Security and the Supreme Court wouldn’t reverse it.

Most people in the US are unaware this has happened. Also, because of this people need to know exactly what’s being injected into their children and themselves. It goes beyond what the CDC has on their Vaccine Excipient list that’s available to the public. “The Vaccine Papers” and “Fear of the Invisible” are remarkable because not only does Roberts provided web sites and actual transcripts of high government vaccine meetings, she names her sources. CDC, FDA, AMA-if you talked to her at these meetings, you’re named in her book.

I dare anyone to read “The Vaccine Papers” and “Fear of the Invisible” and come away chanting the mantra of the CDC/Vaccine Industry and the Pro-vaccine apologist mantra of “vaccines are safe and effective”.

From “Fear of the Invisible”:

“I next interviewed the top British expert on immunization at London University, Professor Michael Stewart of the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I asked him; ‘Some parents are telling me they suspect their children have been made ill as a consequence of vaccination. Are their fears groundless?”

“I nearly fell off my chair when he replied: ‘What else would you expect? We all know the current childhood vaccines containing living viruses are dangerous. That is why I am heading up a team to develop safer vaccines.’ He went on to explain that, with living viruses, there was always potential for some to mutate or to be insufficiently attenuated for safe use in the vaccine.”

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Such as outbreaks of Polio caused by the WHO in Syria 




Vaccine derived poliovirus type 2 introduced via attempts to eradicate wild strains 


Tried to include CDC link 






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BREAKING: Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide
Monday, May 18, 2020 by: Mike Adams
Tags: Andreas Kalcker, chlorine dioxide, Clinical trials, ClO2, coronavirus, covid-19, oxygen


Image: BREAKING: Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide

(Natural News) Preliminary data from a clinical trial involving more than 100 covid-19 patients in Ecuador has resulted in a claimed 100 cure rate within four days, according to Andreas Kalcker who is closely following the results of the effort. The tests were carried out by the Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Medicos Expertos en Medicina Integrativa, a group of integrative medicine practitioners.

Ecuador has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus, and the current “standard of care” promoted by Western medicine — largely based on the use of ventilators — has been killing the vast majority of critical patients while utterly failing to address the real root of the problem.

Covid-19 isn’t an Acute Respiratory Disease (ARD), it turns out. Rather, it often presents as an inflammation and blood clotting condition (see The Lancet research, below) which causes the blood to be unable to carry oxygen, resulting in patient hypoxia and eventual asphyxiation.

This is why intravenous chlorine dioxide — which immediately delivers a high dose of oxygen to blood cells — is believed to work so effectively against covid-19. It reportedly restores the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin and clears the clotting in the lungs, all while destroying pathogens.



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3 hours ago, Seeker said:

I wonder what scientific evidence they are referring to, considering there has never been a long term double blind study on them ?‍♂️

usually in cases like this the evidence and law comes directly from the State in its complaint file


the state has been given custody ergo the parents have granted the State the power to make decisions on behalf of the child.

the State says the vaccination is safe and in the best interests of the child


unless the parents revoke the authority to the State or show a contractual point that states specifically they are ultimate deciders on all issues and that the authority granted to the State was temporary and limited... tehy are pissin in the wind


the court in 99.99% of cases only knows the law and the facts as they are written in the paperwork

the court does not go out and research issues, it takes as fact what the claimant/complainant has written

it is the purpose of the defendant to point out errors in the paperwork

it is the purpose of a counter-claim to bring in their own law and facts for the jury to decide what is correct

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Protests can take many shapes. Above a symbol of protest against the infamous window tax. People back then considered the idea of income tax an unacceptable intrusion by government.


The ever-creative tax strategists determined that windows represented status and wealth. A beard tax was also rolled out. 


People bricked up some windows to cheat the taxman. The memory of it was bitter as even newer houses were built with bricked up windows built right into the design to remind people.

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12 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


Round by me, its not enough to stand on your doorstep in your pyjamas clapping like a seal, yet again someone was setting off fireworks.


What is the point in setting off fireworks in BROAD DAYLIGHT?


And at the risk of sounding like a 'Karen' where are people obtaining fireworks from? Surely they're not 'essential purchases'?


Oh and on the subject of 'Karen', this did amuse me the other day:



Oh I am so sick of the Karen insults. Because my real name is guess what. It's not fair how internet culture has a ruined perfectly good name. I am forced to change my name. At first it was a little amusing but now that it is going on and on for a really extended time and it is really bordering on malicious.

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10 minutes ago, Jode said:

There is no virus involved btw.  Millimeter microwaves are able to cause hypoxia all on their own, see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv


How does this correlate with the lack of illness/symptoms in children do you think? 


Different frequencies induce different states. A great many radiological wavelenths are interfering with biological functions. The experts in these fields, according to Barry Trower, a microwave military expert for 60 years, knew everything there was to know back in 1947.


They know how to weaponize radiological waves to wage a silent war.

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12 hours ago, Alnitak said:

It gets better by the day....




in short Cummings broke lock down rules in March ?


I thought one of the rules is you have to live at one address and cannot go to a second home. Is that the rule and is this the same thing, I honestly don't know?


But then again can Boris really do anything about Mr Cummings when?....







Boris Johnson will carry on self-isolating after continuing to display mild symptoms of the coronavirus including having a temperature.

The prime minister tested positive for the virus last Friday and had been due to come out of self-isolation today.

Mr Johnson continues to work from home and chaired a coronavirus meeting on Friday morning.

He was seen on Thursday applauding the NHS and other key workers from his flat in Downing Street.

Speaking in a video posted on Twitter, Mr Johnson said: "Although I am feeling better and I've done my seven days of isolation alas I still have one of the minor symptoms.

"I still have a temperature. So in accordance with government advice I must continue my self isolation until that symptom itself goes.

"But we're working clearly the whole time on our programme to beat the virus."










Boris Johnson's return to work on Monday after more than three weeks out of action will be a "boost for the country", his deputy has said.

The PM has arrived in Downing Street to resume full-time duties after a fortnight recovering from coronavirus.

He will chair the morning meeting of the government's coronavirus "war cabinet" on Monday.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has been standing in for him during his absence, said he was "raring to go".

The PM spent a week in hospital, including three nights in intensive care, after being admitted on 5 April.

During his hospitalisation, he received regular oxygen treatment to help his breathing.

After he was discharged on 12 April, Mr Johnson suggested his condition "could have gone either way" and praised the staff at St Thomas' Hospital in central London who looked after him.

He has not been doing any official government work during his convalescence at Chequers, on medical advice.



Is isolating at one address and convalescing at another in the rules? Is he still flitting between Dowing Street and Chequers at the weekends? Is that allowed? It's all so confusing.



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Anyway, I've just been to the waste recycling centre, and a small rant is warranted.


The bin I inherited is smaller than the norm, so I can only fit 2 bags in it, and consequently, I have surplus when they've done their fortnightly collection. I usually take that to the tip at the weekend, but of course, it's been closed for weeks.


It's just re-opened, but with a list of stipulations re usage attached. So now, you can only take 1 car-load per week (only cars  - no vans) and you have to get a permit for each visit, meaning you ring or go on-line, give your reg no. & book a time slot to get a reference. You are only allowed to take 1 type of rubbish, and nobody will assist you (which they never do anyway).


So we pulled in, and the long, winding entrance is now flanked by a plethora of signs..."You must blah, blah";"You can not, blah, blah"; "Go here..."; "Dont do that"... and so on.


Then as you get to the main area where there is a line of about 15 giant skips, 2 men in head to toe yellow garb,  block the entrance, so that you have to stop while the 2 of them check your car reg against their list. It takes 2 of them because  _ erm _ I do not know why. 


6 feet further, there were a group of 5 men, similarly attired, huddled around, busily chin-wagging. As I drove slowly past them, they all started jumping about, hollering things like, "Hey", "No, no, no" and, "Oy, you", in a hostile cacophony at about 500 hysterical decibels, whilst  urgently flailing their arms, and racing round excitedly in little circles. 2 other men appeared from a hidey-hole nearby and joined in.


A swift reconnoitre revealed the number of other people utilising the vast facility at the time was precisely zero.


I can't explain exactly why, but their bizarre and aggressive behaviour caused my blood-pressure to rise.


My son in the passenger seat was already preempting my likely reaction, and was giving me big, pleading eyes, shaking his head and and muttering, "don't, don't" like a prayer.


I reversed the 3 feet back to this baying crowd, wound my window down, glared at them in silence for a lengthy moment to allow them to take note of the vein, throbbing at my temple, and with a calm steady voice, enquired, "What the FUCK?", at which most of them put their heads down and scuttled off, while one of them, in a highly belligerent manner announced, "You're supposed to stop here". When I asked why, he said, "We have to tell you which skip to use". I asked sardonically, "Might it be the one that's sign-posted for recyclable waste, since that's what I've brought". He replied, "Use no. 4", which coincidentally, was the one sign-posted for recyclable waste.


Now, whether it's just me who lacks patience, I don't know, but I am properly sick & fed up of the  new norm utter nonsense, and feel it only a matter of time before I rugby tackle someone to the ground.









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