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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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Just putting this up here for loughs and giggles

5 hours ago, KillBill said:

The MSM will spin the protests as right-wing. They are doing that here and the US.


1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:


Yes, they are demonising protestors here in the UK MSM as well as reckless, idiots, extreme right-wing etc.


31 minutes ago, Velma said:


In Germany they are extreme, far-right, conspiracy theorists, who are mingling with anti-Semites and Holcaust deniers, influenced by Russian propaganda.


Desperate! ?

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16 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


A week on from the 75th VE Day Anniversary after defeating Nazism AKA fighting for freedom, people are getting nicked by the Old Bill for being at Speakers Corner, it is beyond a joke.






Looks an awful lot the hidden subliminal signs in They Live.


I knew the population at large was lacking in Intellectual Curiosity, but the way the masses folded up like a cheap suit and turned themselves into trained circus animals in one day at the pronouncement of a "pandemic" is disheartening.  This really, actually is the greatest brain-washing event in human history.  It's 100 times bigger than 9/11.  90% of the population is walking around with their faces hidden behind masks, and jumping like they just got snake bitten if you get too close to them, when even a moron can look at the actual facts and see it's all a fraud.


In this particular case, the brain-washing is not even particularly sophisticated.  They just yelled "Pandemic! Pandemic! New virus! New virus!" and that is all it really took.  That is how dumbed down most of the population really is.


Here it is now, almost 4 months later, signs everywhere that it is all a fraud, and they're so brain-washed they can't see those signs even right in front of their faces.  They actually refuse to see them, like they WANT it all to be real, like they actually WANT a pandemic to be going on, putting everyone under house arrest and destroying the world economy.  It's nuts!



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6 minutes ago, motleyhoo said:

How many of you believe the attack on our site was because of our efforts to expose the pandemic fraud?  <raises hand...>



Yep .... I do <ink raises hand >

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Just now, Number6 said:

The amount of Police in that photo is ridiculous and they weren't social distancing either lol. The whole thing would be farcical if it wasn't so serious, good for the protestors. 

I have just messaged her on WhatsApp. But it looks like her from the WhatsApp. And yes typical met 

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20 minutes ago, Fluke said:


I don't know, but it seems to be the 'hard left' causing trouble now; not the 'far right'. Was she 'hard left'? I thought she was supposed to be 'extreme centre'. :classic_ohmy:

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3 minutes ago, numnuts said:


I don't know, but it sees to be the 'hard left' causing trouble now; not the 'far right'. Was she 'hard left'? I thought she was supposed to be 'extreme centre'. :classic_ohmy:


Just been told it was her!

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Hopefully the cretinous comments of the reporters are enough to convince anyone still unsure, that they project unadulterated BS. It's ludicrous - a long succession of pictures clearly showing that no police were either distancing nor wearing masks. Then eventually, a solitary copper with a mask on and they caption it something like, "The police wear masks (plural mind) for protection against covid-19".






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They're really hyping up the false narrative about protesters being crazy fringe elements because they don't want the mask wearers to find out that people that were just like them are now protesting.  The way protests grow is when "normal" people find out other "normal" people are protesting.  They want to stop that at all costs.  They absolutely do not want people throwing their masks on the ground and stomping on them.  Keeping everyone wearing a mask, even though all Corona viruses have completely stopped spreading now, is the current brain-washing herd mentality technique they're using to keep this farce going.  As long as everyone looks around and sees everyone else wearing a mask, they're going to join in because that's just human nature, and that's what's being exploited.

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