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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Here we go guys and gals, Public Health Englands document regarding the PCR test. Basically it says results should not be used as indicative without a clinical diagnosis. 


It talks about Asymptomatic cases and cases that may have happened previously. It does not however state what the false positive rate actually is. But it is saying that the results should not be used alone (without clinical diagnosis) 🤣


This was only published on the 28th October. Read and share far and wide. 



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On 10/16/2020 at 10:09 PM, Basket Case said:

A very good documentary about Vaccines, Censorship and Media lies, for anyone interested..



the common theme is

being nice , straight forward, honest and open will get smashed by the bullys who are rude, accusatory, create strawman discussions, slanderous


pretty bleak expose

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30 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


In previous winters the media have often reported about NHS hospitals being inundated, mainly because of respiratory illnesses. Where are the politicians and cameras in hospitals for Covid in 2020.


Because most relatives can't even visit their loved ones in hospitals, we can't get their accounts of how busy the hospitals are during this Scamdemic.


The following accounts are from previous years.






Hell at A&E: Pictures expose 'disaster movie' scenes where 30 patients were stuck on trolleys for up to 15 hours





Shock reality of the NHS: Picture shows patients queuing on trolleys for hours at hospital





Doctors accuse Theresa May of being ‘in denial’ over NHS hospital crisis




Yep, just the same as the Express and "Britain Braced For Snow", its the same story every year, about the NHS being 'overwhelmed' because of "Winter Crisis".


But its different this year because we're gonna "protect the NHS" ain't we? 😆😉


We can't have nurses having no free time for their Tik-Tok dancing can we?



I get what you're saying though, in hindsight, I wonder now just how many of those photos and images from previous years could have been 'staged', just to create the 'perception' of some crisis, in order to garner public support for the throwing of more public money at the NHS - which never improves things because most of the money gets 'wasted' paying for more chief executives and middle-management, as well as being used to award contracts for overpriced 'supply deals' with companies owned by 'cronies'...


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only became aware of an anti-lockdown protest in derry this morning where piers corbyn was speaking.



could only stay for a minute as i had plans to meet someone, but a camera man panned around to me so i might have made the news 😆 (i'll keep a look out). there was a lot of police. and their jeeps were even parked way around the corner and a way down the road.


did see this poster on way home also:


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5 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Uprising?.....From British people?

They'd only take to the streets if Strictly Come Dancing was taken off of their televisions.

I was amongst those rioting over the poll tax 30 years ago in London.....We were made of different stuff back then.


Me too. And yes we were. 

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1 hour ago, Niknik said:

Alex Bellend is a Gatekeeping Gaslighting Perv,feigning ignorance and promoting lies "we have to wear a mask" while not mentioning exemptions and continually inserting his filthy entendres into the air (dirty little Savile).


I used to like him, not any more. There was always not quite right with him. People, including myself, leave comments telling him what all this is about, but he acts as though he doesn't know. 

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26 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

The one that riled me was the one with all the Marvel superheroes lined up and bowing to a couple of NHS workers walking down a hospital corridor.



Not a good look



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8 hours ago, SimonTV said:

f they have completed 25 million tests and 1 million people came back positive. We can assume that another 1 million people are positive based on the size of the population

The pcr test will provide 80% false positives and this happens because in mass testing 1% is false positive and officialdom says the infection is 0.2% ( general testing of asymptomatoc, healthy and sick with something)


So 25,000,000 tested = 0.2% = 50,000 infected


But because its mass general testing 1% is false positive , weird failure of the pcr being misused = 250,000 


Gov says 300,000 cases 

Those 300,000 have a 28 day moratorium


Now the 1% has been changing from 0.8 upto 4 %

But they say 1% and whitty and valance both know. 


The deceiviousness is in the deaths. There is no way to know if they are all in the 250000 false +ve or only the 50000 or a mix of both .




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5 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:


Nice one Nige!


Lets ave a guess


"The failure to close the borders in december and keeping the ports open to passengers from china and italy caused this mess"


If nige talks about the agenda, the great reset and no proof of viral contagion i'll get my name back on the electoral register 

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