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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 12/24/2021 at 11:31 PM, Macnamara said:


to consider a more nuanced view of the church (believe me i despise all the corruption coming out of the institution of the church as much as the next guy) there are some positives to take away from it or at least from christianity itself:


A friend of mine once pointed out that it's the church on the fringe of britain that has helped to keep the gaelic language alive and for the english speakers christianity has helped with literacy. The UKColumn have got a series going looking into the role of the bible in getting people reading and in improving societal literacy.

Literacy—Part 1: Why we taught ourselves to read


I totally agree, Christianity is full of good people, and some of them know even more about the corruption than us, but they are told to keep silent, otherwise they would be responsible for 'bringing down the church'.


To be honest, there are even good people in all the groups you hate, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Satanist churches etc.


All these Abrahamic based systems share one thing in common - A pyramidal structure. It is insectoid in nature. Good people going along to get along on the bottom, the nasty little fuckers rising to the tops. Compare this to say, Thibetan Buddhism, were there is only very loose links between monasteries and temples - In fact, there is a lot of autonomy within each monastery even - were typically you will find the motto over the entrance "1000 monks, 1000 ways" (Way being equivalent to 'religion') Compare that to the Dogma's and rules and restrictions of Abrahamism. Most Non Abrahamic systems are just basic umbrella organisations, with a lot of freedom. It would be absolutely impossible for a group of eg Jews or Freemasons to take over Buddhism or Taoism or Shintoism etc, for one thing there is no real structure to take over, and besides that, these people are pretty based and would spot a rat pretty quickly. It's a bit of a running joke in Japan for instance, about the Big nosed Portugese guy coming to try to 'save your soul' That joke goes back hundreds of years.

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1 hour ago, SoundOfSilence said:

That's all above my paygrade I'm afraid.


I don't have a doctor and I'm not registered in any medical database. But I suspect that there will be a central register of clot shots.


Whether those are matched against medical records, electoral rolls, tax records, birth records or some other database, I do not know.


Moving overseas? There would be a record of your departure.


You could change your name. Deed poll. I think the local courts (maybe Magistrates) will record it. You do need a legitimate reason. You could say you are writing a book and you want a more marketable name and don't want to write under a pseudonym.


But I don't know how much that would help.


I am not suggesting that anyone do this next bit.


I am only writing it for informational purposes.


I have heard of people assuming the identity of someone else. Look in the deaths for someone around your age. Find out if they are jabbed up. Change your name to theirs.


There are issues getting their documentation. I understand that there are embassies in various countries where you can get replacement documents.


There are a few books written on this. 'How to Disappear' etc. Obviously more difficult in the electronic age.


Again I have no idea how traceable you would be if you did this.


Besides, it would only last a few months before you'd need another booster.

Read Frederick forsyths 'Day of the Jackal',i believe the alpha numeric agencies still use this method to obtain 'deep cover' i'd's

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Just like to relate a tale of the last 3 days...This year i decided to opt out completly of the whole 'christmas' charade....which i did very successfully

Starting christmas eve i have had a stream of visitors some travelling from Yorkshire (i live in a little midlands town) to people travelling the 30+ miles from Birmingham


Every single one of my visitors are unjabbed and all are friends i know from protests or attending gatherings of like minded people


Networks are forming,people are meeting ,long discussions are taking place


They don't control the narrative quite as much as they would like to think




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On 12/23/2021 at 10:20 AM, Saved said:

I am surprised on first viewing that a fourth jab is being spoken of before so many have had their third. That might well end it for a sizeable number of people who have only had the second and are wavering over the booster. The total of people when I last looked that have (been reported by the government to have) had both original jabs is over 47 million as per webtrekker's posting elsewhere on this forum.


When the booster campaign is over, in the 'big push' sense, then I will be very interested to see the final tally on U.K. adults who took the first jab and didn't take the second jab, and who took the first two jabs and didn't take the third jab. Undesirable side effects must have a lot do with the reduction in numbers coming forward for their 'next jabs'. 




On 12/23/2021 at 2:53 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

In one breath, the media and the Government keep using the word 'threat' in regard to Omicron. But then in another breath, the media is reporting on how Omicron 'isn't that bad' and is 'very mild compared to Delta'. There is no 'threat', it's entirely fabricated, its all about 'nudging' people to keep lining up for their 'boosters'.


I know that the PTB are using the 'increased transmissibility' angle, but it really is '1984' eat your heart out.




On 12/23/2021 at 3:25 PM, Macnamara said:

in the US parents have been trying to challenge the collectivist school boards who have tried to set the Feds on them. classic collectivist, authoritarian behaviour and sadly the same sickness is in the body politic in scotland too


I can't recall the exact ratio offhand, but there are far more freemasons in Scotland, per capita, than there are in England. If many of them are in public office, which they are, then there will be rampant corruption. This is what happens, whenever human beings join gangs, especially the more furtive gangs.




On 12/23/2021 at 6:07 PM, Macnamara said:

yeah...my ancestor fought alongside johanna lumley's father in burma and now she is supporting the deployment of a bioweapon against the british people...strange world.... That's major lumley in the background:

Joanna Lumley ‘happy to be a pin cushion’ as she backs Covid passports

The 75-year-old actress has just returned from travelling in Europe. Actress Joanna Lumley has said she is happy to be a “pin cushion” when it comes to Covid jabs and is due to have her booster dose this week.


Both Joanna Lumley and David McCallum were very anti-PTB, until at least the 1980's, then they lost their morals somewhere further down the line. Most 'celebrities' sell out, in some way, shape or form, before too long. Take Curt Smith, from the great band Tears For Fears, as an example. A few years ago he was pushing for gun control in the U.S.. When everyone in the U.S. stands up and says 'Bring on the next mass shooting, as we don't care!', then the mass shootings will suddenly stop, as the PTB will no longer have any motive left for orchestrating them.





On 12/23/2021 at 6:54 PM, Macnamara said:

i think that before covid EVERYTHING was politicized. They divided scotland with the independence vote and then they divided the UK with the brexit vote


Were you not pro-Scottish independence, pre-referendum on the old forum, though (for whatever reason)? And yes, what a misnomer, a mega-whopper, the notion of 'Scottish independence' was in that referendum. 




On 12/23/2021 at 6:59 PM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

It is the elites waging war on the masses and the government ministers and their lackeys who are enforcing the plan are too stupid to realize that they too are expendable. What use to the globalists is a career politician if there's nobody left to govern?


A lot of the idiots now helping out the PTB ARE eventually going to be 'expended'. Some of them, who hear this view, may just try to shrug it off. It is patently true though.

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7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


At this stage they are not pinning people down and forcing a needle into them however this is obviously a step closer towards that


So if you don't want the death jab then simply refuse to open your door and tell them you are not interested in what they are selling. You 'do not consent'


It just shows though the lengths they are willing to go to pursue people to their own homes. Sick

Hi everyone.. my first post here.


I agree it is worrying where this is going, especially given the majority of brainwashed people would likely agree with the "deadly virus", "vaccine reluctant spreading it", etc etc narrative.


But the first thing I'd do is ignore the callers at the door (don't even answer or open the door). If they become a nuisance with repeated visits, then I'd tell them (from a preferably upstairs window) that you consider their actions a harassment, and demand they "cease and desist from these visits". I've sent the police away from my door before with those same lines. Police have little power to break down your door except in special circumstances - to "save life or limb" (this needs to be an immediate threat), or to arrest you for an indictable offense - the list of these offenses is relatively short.


If the callers do persist beyond this, then I'd send them a cease and desist/pre action protocol letter demanding the same, detailing previous verbal warnings and breaches, along with an intention to sue them without further notice if they do persist (I'd send this letter via recorded delivery).


If you search the Crimebodge blog articles (avoid his YouTube videos as he includes a lot of opinionated crap that isn't relevant), there is a lot of useful information regarding your rights against police. Also check out the Miriaf website - she has plenty of sample legal letters for any agency that required tests, masks, vaccinations etc.


Hope mentioning these sources is ok, mods feel free to edit or move post if this is better elsewhere



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On 12/23/2021 at 11:52 AM, Morpheus said:

No need for restrictions then Boris me ole chum. 😙


BoJo is a stooge, but not a 100% stooge, like Constipated Keir. I am very curious to see what he does, or doesn't do, next.




On 12/23/2021 at 12:49 PM, pete675 said:

Vaxxing the homeless. Very keen on that. Also the disabled, the elderly and so on. If there are any newbies viewing - forget about Bill Gates, the Illuminati etc - ask yourself: in your opinion, do the present government have good or ill intentions towards these groups? If your answer is 'ill intentions' what does that tell us about these 'vaccines'?


Big Brother loves them all, on occasion. The biggest giveaway has to be the 50,000 plus, old, vulnerable folks, who can die in cold winters because of fuel poverty. Did the government renationalise the profiteering gas supply industry in response? No. To protect these old, vulnerable folks from Covid, though, they will happily trash the entire economy! One might belatedly argue that a renationalised gas supply industry wouldn't have made much of a difference 'this year', due to the exceptionally high wholesale gas price (manipulated to some degree), but there are other things the government could have done instead. For example, issuing a second winter fuel payment in January. Thankfully, it doesn't look like being a cold winter, but the government weren't to know that for sure.  




On 12/23/2021 at 1:50 PM, Macnamara said:

a fourth jab! Well who could have seen this coming? Well us actually. How can we 'conspiracy theorists' be crazy if we keep getting it right? So i'll make another prediction: as they are currently jabbing children from age 5-11 who are 'immunosuppressed', i predict that they will soon be offering the jabs to ALL children aged 5-11

Britain considers FOURTH Covid vaccination: Experts will examine evidence on rolling out ANOTHER jab after Israel and Germany announced second booster to tackle Omicron threat

  • The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is weighing up whether to introduce fourth doses
  • Israel and Germany have announced an extra round of boosters to ward off an Omicron surge
  • The fourth jab would likely come four months after the third if it gets the green light from health experts



Yes, all 5 to 11 year olds next. And don't the sheeple ever wake up, when it is always Israel we keep hearing about on the news? Does anyone know whether Israeli hospitals, say from October onwards, are having the same extra influx of heart attack and stroke patients as U.K hospitals?




On 12/23/2021 at 2:21 PM, Macnamara said:

no i completely diagree. you are ignoring all of the news stories i'm sharing with you showing that behind the scenes there are many collaborations between the deep state and china


Like you never ignore 'news stories'? I will reply to you on my 'Israeli sheeple are awakening' thread, where you have already presented the same position. Not that the discussion is off-topic, in terms of the Coronavirus.

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15 minutes ago, Kirito said:

Oi you goys, stop doing your own research!!!



Ethan Siegel from early life: "Siegel was born in 1978 to "a Jewish postal worker"and grew up in the Bronx." He's an astrophysicist (theoretical). Not sure about Zimmerman as there are a couple of them and I don't want to attribute blame erroneously.

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2 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Ethan Siegel from early life: "Siegel was born in 1978 to "a Jewish postal worker"and grew up in the Bronx." He's an astrophysicist (theoretical). Not sure about Zimmerman as there are a couple of them and I don't want to attribute blame erroneously.


>Every. Fucking. Time.




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3 minutes ago, RobSS said:


The chevron is an occult symbol. It's a very masculine symbol when pointing upwards like that and means war.




It's not Occulted, blade up is masculine, blade down is feminine, the six pointed star is the union of them both.

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On 12/25/2021 at 9:55 PM, Ziggy Sawdust said:



What a durty biaatch. Confessing to beastiality live on the internet. These people have no shame, telling us about their weird bedroom habits - what a bitch- i don't want to hear about your perversion, just fuck off and take your covid bullshit with you, back to the acting agency that hired you.

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