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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 12/24/2021 at 7:58 PM, Kirito said:

Yes, there is definitely some stuff went on behind the scenes, but things have definitely changed. I have considered this type of thing before, like, perhaps The Gods (it's often plural, even in the Christian Bible btw) perhaps they actually were hoodwinked. I heard once that the connection between our incarnated selves, and our family in the unincarnated zones is kinda like a telephone call from the very early days of telecommunication, basically a lot of noise and the occasional piece of information gets through. It does seem to have changed though. Maybe because of the internet?


Much interference can be removed, line can be cleaned so that you can hear better. Inetnet, gaming, entertainment etc...

Basically, much distraction (by design) so that you don't do things like contemplation, listening etc.


On 12/24/2021 at 7:58 PM, Kirito said:

Maybe because of people like David Icke redpilling millions upon millions of people has made the signal to back home become so much stronger now, andThe Gods have a much clearer idea of what is going on. I dunno, but the Zeitgeist has changed for sure


Time is helping but still it only happens to people who are listening and it is much easier now.


On 12/24/2021 at 7:58 PM, Kirito said:


Another option as to why might be that 'our side' had been asleep for a while, in the Heavens, and now they are awakening. Maybe it is them that had to awaken and our awakening was the means of their awakening? Either way, there are more of us than there are of tptb, more of us here on Earth, and more of us in the Thereafter

In these matters, size doesn't matter i.e. more does not equate to effectiveness. More sleepers added, the more noise, idol chatter, blinds leading blinds for example. It only takes one person to get a clear answer rather than coming up with 100 questions which doesn't lead anywhere. I tend to go for the quality of things.

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23 hours ago, Macnamara said:


the trans atlantic slave trade is a small slice of history. For a large part of history people of all skin colours including white people were being traded as slaves

Yeah, I wasn't going to list all the slavery in the history upto now.

Sorry if you felt missed out by me not mentioning the child sex slave trade. duh!


23 hours ago, Macnamara said:

It was, in the end, white people who made the most effort to end the slave trade

Yes from white people's perspective. lol

You don't know what's gone behind the scene from the other camp, do you?

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20 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

I'm white. A very good friend of mine is black.


We were debating something one day. Not arguing, but a proper debate. I can't even recall what it was.


Anyway, he decided to play the race card and recite an example of when he suffered racial prejudice. His experience was a genuine one.


He didn't expect my reply.


"I really don't care. If you think you can play the race card to make me feel guilty for something that I didn't do you're talking to the wrong person."


Anyway, it didn't affect our friendship at all.


I think he appreciated my honestly.


He also knows that I am not interested in political correctness.


Good for you for speaking your mind and glad that it didn't affect your friendship.


You see, if you are not intending to racially attack someone but someone gets triggered, it is not your fault.

Too many people feeling bad for yourself just because the other party has not dealt with their own demon.

Of course, quite often people takes it the wrong way and think you are racially attacking but if both of you have sound minds, then like SOS's case, you should be able to debate and clear misunderstandings. If you can't then obviously that friendship isn't really not gonna serve you. You end up feeling like walking on eggshells or feeling like you always need to nanny your friend.


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4 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


If the MSM were looking to judge the mood of the nation, I think they have their answer.

I definitely think a lot of stories like this are punted purely for the likes of SPI- B  to gauge public opinion.There is an even more defined shift change in the Fails comments sections (i haven;t visited for a couple of weeks) and most of the provax comments seem to be bot or numeric/alphabet agency horseshit

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14 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


They can go to hell.


Comments on the site below the article are definitely not in favour.


Absolutely. I go there for the comments. 95%+ of the time, top rated post comments are very largely anti Covid. 

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Just now, DaleP said:


How are we supposed to convince anybody who are wearing a mask or two?

If we can't get through to them about vaxx being a poison, this is an equivalent of an alien invasion story. Jus sayin'


It's not just us members here my friend.....at any given time there's an average of 150-200 people reading the forum.....If a small percentage of those look into this or send it on to others who also look into it then my posting of it is justified in my eyes.

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5 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are the same person.....

It's hard to know how much of an authentic pre-Christian identity there can be behind Father Christmas.


Odin apparently did ride a magical horse as opposed to a reindeer, with eight legs called Sleipnir which means ‘The Sliding One’ because he slides across the sky at Yuletide and gives gifts to all the good children.


I think it must be a case that Father Christmas and Christmas itself if an amalgam of Saturnalia and Yule....there's very little of Christianity to it really, and saying Jesus was born on 25th December is just an attempt to join the party.....


Doesn't bother me. Christmas is still great.


Yule is a viking word though.

Oh as it happens, today is the Christmas day. haha lol

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15 hours ago, BlueSky said:

Is it my eyes or is she blue. They were handing out blue jelly beans to the injected at one point weren't they. That big O makes me think of a portal. 

Yes, O being the portal.

You'd have to ask why O in the middle is so boosted.

I see this written in runes actually. O is charging all the other runes on this poster such as N for destruction, W being opposite of intelligence/memory/Mind so this will read as a destruction of our intelligence, critical thinking, memory, minds.


The arrows being illumination but Kenaz is reversed so it reads non-illumination, not shedding light on matters.

They don't want you finding out. Go to sleep basically.

Sums it up to me.


Is there a version of this poster without the mustache?


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