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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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35 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:

‘Porn about to be crazy’: Prototype of lickable TV raises eyebrows





Next : Sex with Robot !!! someone that have been Jabbed for the  6th time!


Hang on a sec ....................... just checking it's not April 1st today!




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After seeing all the people just continuing to line up for their jabs and the sea of muzzled muppets here in australia, is it wrong that I feel that by 2030 people will “own nothing and be happy” and that most of these people deserve it? Will that wake them up maybe? 
It does my head in trying to explain to people what’s coming when they mention to me what their plans are “after covid”. 
Little do they realize they’re about to be stripped of all their rights and everything they own including their properties over the next decade. Just keep complying it’s really working well

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️ USA 🇺🇸‼ ️

《Merck's new “miracle” covid drug causes cancer mutations in hamster experiments! 》

The so-called “miracle” drug, which we reported was really just a rip-off of ivermectin, was used on hamster cells over the course of 32 days. During this time it was discovered that the drug induced mutations in DNA

Study authors wrote that the mutations they observed "could contribute to the development of cancer or cause birth defects either in a developing fetus or through incorporation into sperm progenitor cells."


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So I see a few of us have shared experiences with the walking dead. Well, I've just had such an experience to which I am actually quite devastated about. 


So anyway, I was supposed to be seeing a life long friend over Xmas and it was arranged he would come to mine for some drinks etc. He lives well out of town but his parents are still local to me, not that I've seen them in 2 years but you'll probably understand why. 


So I get a call last night and it went as follows:


Mate: Hiya mate, how are you?


Me: all good mate. What can I do for you?


Mate: I'm really sorry to say this mate but I can't come to yours on xx date. 


Me: how come mate?


Mate: unfortunately, my mum thinks it's too many households mixing and she's worried about catching anything. 


Now before I deliver the punchline I just want to point out that was quite taken aback at this point but what came next is fuckin shocking.


Mate: however, she has said we're ok to meet in the pub, therefore fancy meeting at xx venue for some drinks?


Me: I'm not sure mate, let me have a think about it and I'll get back to you. 


Mate: (here comes the emotional blackmail) alright mate, it would be really good to see you, I know it's not ideal but we can still make the most of it.......


Me: I'll have a think and come back to you.


So I've known my friend since I was a baby, literally. We grew up together, may as well have been my brother. Nursery, school, high school, college and the most of lives together. So I'm devastated by these demands. 


He also asked if I was jabbed and I'll explain why, but I lied and said I was double and awaiting the 3rd. He proudly declared he was triple jabbered and fuck Omicron! He was bullet proof supposedly, but somehow the pub is more sanitary than my house were only my immediate family would be, but sharing the pub with 50 or more strangers is not. 


Go fuckin figure and to be honest not only is my mind blown by that whole conversation, but I think I've now come to terms with the fact that I've just lost my best mate to this absolute clown world shit show. I'm devastated.


So why did I lie? He is a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic and I'll be damned if I'm responsible for sending him over the edge with my pure blood non-believing refusenik ideologues. So I kept my mouth shut for his sake, not mine. But I'm done, I'm not meeting him in the pub, his mum can fuck off, psycho bitch. Love ya mate, but we're done, I'm not jumping these hoops to see. 😢☹️

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20 hours ago, Frankieboy said:

To all those who have not been vaccinated;
What you've done this year ❤️
If you understand what is going on and have not taken the poison, then you have survived the greatest psychological campaign in human history.
Do you realize how much time, energy, money and effort they put into? They tried to manipulate you, wash your brain and force you.
 They tried to scare you, make you feel guilty, bribe you with gifts. They tried to mess you up and question your reality and your sanity as well.
They tried to get you to betray your principles, your morals, and your words. They even managed to turn your friends and the people you love against you.
Almost everyone fell over. But not you. You never gave up on yourself. You stood up for yourself. Against all odds. You rose to your full strength like a phoenix in the night. Carry on like this



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3 minutes ago, JJ73 said:

Apologies if this has already been posted.


Has anyone seen this?



Yeah and the fact checkers have already come out and claimed it as fake news because he has a problem with pronouncing children. Allegedly. Fuckin arseholes, it's really quite clear what he's says. 

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