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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs

December 20, 2021

By Daily Veracity

In January 2021, tech giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, and MITRE Corporation announced their launch of the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) in partnership with healthcare companies.

On their website, the VCI describes itself as an alliance of private and public organizations dedicated to the development of the ‘issuance of verifiable health credentials’ bound to an individual digital identity.

The VCI idea depends upon a common platform from which digital wallets can be created, and on the VCI website they call for “participating organizations to commit to implementing, testing, and refining the SMART Health Cards Framework within their sphere of influence.”

According to VCI, their ‘SMART Health Cards’ are meant to “work across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries.”

SMART health cards as of now include a person’s name, gender, birth date, phone number, and email address, as well as vaccination status. Developers hope, however, that these cards will eventually become all-encompassing universal digital identities that reside within a universal digital wallet.


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''with our new digital smart app we can help you hand over all of your wealth and freedoms to the government. Time for your 20th booster jab? We can help you get there. Ready for your barcode tattoo? We will book an appointment for you. Been selected for ritual sacrifice? We can help your transition into death go as smoothly as possible...''




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On 12/17/2021 at 11:54 PM, SoundOfSilence said:

Like anything, Kabala can be used for good or for evil.


There are certainly those using it for sinister purposes.


But it doesn't have to be used that way.


That's true. I know someone uses it to get criminals arrested and be charged.

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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:

But we all know that in our modern age where Marxist/PC/Woke culture has been allowed to rise to the top by being peculated through our institutions for decades and thus dominate, daring to speak pure facts backed with undeniable evidences - from mass third world immigration into the West and the Hot-war on Europeans and Christendom, race-realism,  truth about some religio-ethnic co-conspirators, WuFlu and vaccine/abortion industries or even the fucking "celebration" of the pedo-tranzsexualisation of children, "hurt feelings" are considered the virtue badges of honour the devotees wear with pride while proselytizing their new "faith" across the frequency waves.


I'm feeling very exhausted with all this. I can feel my ancestors collective horror rise up in my blood at the state of things lol


Forgot to add "Rainbow" is their new flag and cross to bear.






*Tolerance is a virtue*

*Diversity is our strength*

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2 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

Like if you want to research whether 5G is destroying bees no one is going to be interested.


there was a study being done in dundee on the effects of pesticides on bees but all the hives were stolen

Dundee University research bees stolen

9 May 2011

The study was investigating the potential effect of pesticides on bee learning and health.

The scientist added: "This is very important research given the decline in honeybee numbers so I would urge anyone with information to get in touch with the police."


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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


so many stories now EVERY single day of people just dropping dead since the jab roll out


people in the 20's upto their 80's and everything in between


how long will the world continue to turn a blind eye?


World is a big place, most people in the world dont care about Detroit. Until their neighbors start dropping dead, who cares.

Who cares about the Detroit pussycats coach? MEOW MEOW!

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Dear lawd, could this woman have cram any more "white liberal woman" tropes into her twitter bio?!



Someone needs to remind this extremely educated Latina that the term "latinx" is insulting to 98.5% of her Hispanic brethren recently polled, so much so that they also said in the same survey they would not vote for someone who used that term! lol


Offtopic, but re hispanic rejection. DemonRats are fucked. - it's Ok though, Kristin Urquiza will still vote blue.

(first 1min of Tucker)



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9 hours ago, Mr H said:

Wtf is this. Archbishop declaring unvaxxed immoral. Getting vaxxed is what Jesus would have done. Fk off!



He, he. The Archbishops first name happens to be Justin. Aka just in Jesus, me thinks not. He can go do one. 

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55 minutes ago, DaleP said:



Fish hat and Shepherd crook  

The church is managing the changing of ages. Aries to Pisces to Aquarius.

Shepherd's to fisherman to water carriers

The technocrats will be sporting this symbol soon


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