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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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I've already posted about this in the 'Come Together by Region?' thread in the Solutions forum.   But now here is the advert for the big event on the 29th August. It would be great if as ma

Summary meeting with MP.   Big sign on door saying have to wear a mask. Reptilian brain nearly kicked in and panicked - temptation to go to the store and buy one. Managed to keep it together

I purposely avoided watching any of the new (timely) 'Spitting Image' because they are using “comedy” to normalise the incompetence of our “leaders” in response to global affairs.   Let's 'a

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Was just about to sign off and have a shower before going to bed. Then I thought nah fuck it i really want to post one last thing tonight. BORIS JOHNSON, MATT HANCOCK, CHRIS WITTY, and that VALLANCE bloke are CUNTS. Now that feels good to get that off my chest. Good night.

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6 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

This is interesting, UK Government paying digital influencers to promote COVID19 discussions:




PSYOP anyone?

Talking of PSYOPS, how to get a Prime Minister to change his mind: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8901399/No-10-aide-health-bosses-told-PM-ice-rinks-used-mortuaries-Covid.html#article-8901399


I am not sure a few tens of thousands of bodies would really pose the state a problem. Look how they got rid of 10 million animals during foot and mouth.

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So they're asking us all to put ourselves on "lockdown" again? And they're asking business owners to close their places of trade? 

They're not telling us because they can't, they're asking us, they're suggesting it to us. It's a choice. Are they sending people out to close everyone's business are they? 


What is "lockdown"? Are a handful of tossers in Westminster going around "locking down" near on 70 million people? No they're not, because they can't.


We're free, and we have a universal inalienable right to freedom and to defend that freedom from those who would try to take it away. 


The government and their masters are the school bully asking for your lunch money. Tell them to fuck off.

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