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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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I have to also say....like this is the weirdest pandemic ever... 


During the first one, granted, I did know a few people that fell a bit ill with bad flu and stuff...


This time around. I don't know anyone who has even been ill! If I never switched on the tv I would never know anything was up....


Execept everyone walking around dressed up as dogs

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A more accurate representation of true unvaxxed numbers in the UK?


Right boys 'n' girls ('n' others too!), I needed to do this calculation myself as I haven't been entirely convinced by the wide-ranging figures (around 10 to 24 million supposedly unvaxxed in England alone!) touted by other sites.


So, I've painstakingly gathered together, from OFFICIAL sources, the figures I need to calculate the number of UnVaxxed people in the UK.


Firstly, what do we mean by UnVaxxed? My belief is that anyone in the Eligible Group, ie. 12 years old or more, that has had NO INJECTIONS or ONLY ONE INJECTION is, in the eyes of the Government, currently UnVaxxed.


My method then is to first calculate the size of the Eligible Group by subtracting all of those under the age of 12 from the Total UK Population. Let's do that now -


I am using figures from https://www.statista.com/statistics/281174/uk-population-by-age/ to determine how many are under 12 years of age.




Ok, so 9.5 million of the current UK Population are under 12 and therefore not (yet?) eligible for vaccination.


This gives -




    68,407,231 (Current UK Total Population)
   -  9,573,110 (Not eligible, <12 years old)
    58,834,121 Eligible for Vax


Next, I use the official UK Gov figures for 1st and 2nd doses from https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/vaccinations


UK 1-dose   = 51,463,255

UK 2-doses = 47,009,608






Therefore, people Eligible, but have received NO VAX is -


     7,370,866  0-doses, UNVAXXED


Because the 2nd dose group are within the 1st dose group (ie. you cannot have a 2nd dose until you have had the 1st), then we must subtract the 2nd dose group from the 1st dose group to get a true figure for those who have had only one dose -


Eligible, and only received one dose:


     4,453,647  1-dose, NOT FULLY VAXXED


Finally, (thank feck for that, I hear you say!), we can add the 0-dose and 1-dose figures together to get a true representation of the number of UK citizens that are eligible for vaccination, but who have not been fully vaccinated (ie. only 0 or 1 doses) -


Total Eligible but only received one or less Vax


   + 4,453,647
      11,824,513 Total UNVAXXED (0 or 1-dose)


That's nearly 12 MILLION people who are ELIGIBLE but have not been FULLY VAXXED (ie. 2 vaccinations or more adheringto Government rules) acording to my best estimation usng official Government figures.


Even if you don't include the ones who have only had one vax (and I can't see why you would do this) it still leaves around 7.4 MILLION UnVaxxed, which is a good deal higher than the 5 Million stated by the MSM.


There may well be more than this if they have been lying about the official numbers of vaccinations, but then again, would they do that? 😋






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7 hours ago, jack121 said:


It's simply because of lack of experience. I have been involved first hand in things like exorcism, and i can tell you with absolute certainty that demons do exist, there is another world, a spirutal world, an occult world, most will never see never experience so never believe in. I mean take a look at alistar crowley, a well known devil worshipper, but who exactly is he worshipping? Who exactly are the elites worshipping with all their symbols, sometimes you have to peel back the superficial layer and open your mind.

Sorry, guess we will have to agree to disagree if you cannot see my point




Ive seen some crazy shit too.

But to say "dont get vaccinated" and then in the same breath talk about demons and your eye witness account of the devil. But Its less likely to be taken seriously by somone starting to learn about covid corruption.



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On 12/19/2021 at 12:49 AM, SoundOfSilence said:

And I would also agree regarding 1960s counter culture being used to break up societal cohesion. Completely engineered.


Like the 'Mods v Rockers' narrative was engineered by Tavistock.




On 12/19/2021 at 1:09 AM, Macnamara said:

I'd say that the top of the pyramid isn't in this physical dimension. But consider if a garden variety satanist involved in various levels of the satanic hierarchy is ever going to have the same kind of sway as say the rothschilds who are not only networked with other sabbateans through their secret societies, covens, business interests but are actually intermarried with them to form what is essentially one giant crime family. That sabbatean network however will want to encourage garden variety satanism because to have lots of people pursuing that will help fuel the sabbateans own grand scheme


Well, this is the thing. It all boils down to minority tyranny. It's always the very few of any particular 'group', with virtually all of the pie. As Orwell put it, the 'Party' and the 'Inner Party'. This is why I continually question why some on this forum seem to continually emphasise a certain 'group'; rather than the minority within that 'group', who, no doubt, don't give a flying fook about anyone else within their 'group'. It's all just pretend. 




On 12/19/2021 at 1:24 AM, Macnamara said:

because they would want to destroy certain things that conservatives uphold that represent a barrier to the advancement of the conspiracy. if they can kill off conservative people then they kill off the people who would uphold gun ownership, freedom of speech, the constitution, the nation state, the family and the christian religion.


But like i say i don't know for sure that certain batches of vials were dispatched to red states. I just scanned an article about it a while back without paying too much focus to it


In theory, nothing to do with elections that are already fully rigged in the U.S., I would agree that the PTB would want to get rid of more folks of a republican mindset. However, I don't see much logic in the PTB targeting states with a higher republican demographic. The results would be pretty negligible, in the grand scheme of things. Sounds like more 'Divide and conquer' to me. 




On 12/19/2021 at 4:25 AM, RobSS said:

Christian Freemasons are being misled, which is why so many Christians have left the craft. There are even societies for Christians who have disavowed Freemasonry, after discovering that the inner portico of the Temple is Luciferian. Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity, and this can be confirmed by various Masonic sources.


Anyone, who isn't as thick as two very short planks, knows full well that freemasonry is about as unchristian as you can get.




On 12/19/2021 at 8:24 AM, Saved said:

I considered going to this protest but have been on a couple, remembering what happened in London and wondering what would be so different this time. Stand around at the meeting point, march through traffic as weekend shopper gimps and tourists stare at you, assemble outside a building that does not contain any people because they don't work on a Saturday, stand aside as darkness begins to fall as the agent provocateurs shout at their colleagues wearing helmets and the press get into position ready for their headline images.


Getting 'out there' is always good, but everyone who does so should always be taking a few good leaflets along with them, so as to hand them out to members of the public.

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Excellent 2004 documentary explaining the HIV/AIDS scam. It was in many ways a trial run for Covid 19. No solid evidence to show HIV was a likely potential cause for AIDS symptoms.


Includes many interview clips with scientists on both sides of the fence, incl. Kary Mullis.


Also interviews US/Canada parents who were forced by "health authorities" and police to give their HIV Negative  children the dangerous experimental AIDS medication AZT, or have them taken into care.

The Other Side of Aids - Christine Maggiore

https://www.bitchute.com/video/1KfxR5Wh3aAq/  (HQ)


also on YT-





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1 hour ago, Mr H said:

Of course you could be right.


My take on that. Is the role Labour are playing in this pantomime freak show is they are playing the role of public opinion, seemingly wanting more restrictions...................

Either way, whether it's tories, labour, new global type they will try to achieve what there paymaster want to achieve.

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On 12/19/2021 at 8:28 AM, alexa said:

Lets hope not

PETER HITCHENS: A return for Tony Blair? That really is my nightmare before Christmas 

PETER HITCHENS: A nightmare haunts my dreams, that the Blair Creature will return to rule us again. I very much fear that the country and the Labour Party will soon be ready for this moment.


The notion of Blair returning to high public office was called out even before the Covid scam kicked off. And it is only a marginally worse notion, than having to put up with the drivel of Peter 'Deep State Dickhead' Hitchens for another winter.




On 12/19/2021 at 11:33 AM, Brad the lad said:

That is exactly why they was chosen first as a venue for the pass. Along with nightclubs of course. Tell me an 18 year old who gives a flying hoot what gets put into their body. At that age almost all of them clubbing will be experimenting with drugs in the club anyway.


Any leaf in town. Those were the days. 😀 However, I think that some of them have been thinking more, when it comes to the vaccine.




On 12/19/2021 at 12:23 PM, Itsa said:

Heres the interview. If you skip to 4:50 he starts talking about vaccination figures at around 5:50 he makes the danger to society comment.




Did anyone else notice all of Javid's 'Umming' and 'Erring'? He 'knows' he is talking total bullshit.




On 12/19/2021 at 1:08 PM, factJack said:

The interviewer put the words into his mouth for him when asked about the unvax numbers. Crafty, this way they can back track out of it when there true number emerges rabid can say "the interviewer said it and I was just repeating back what he said."


In the final analysis, there won't be anywhere left for them to hide. Every outright lie and little bit of deceit will be fully exposed.





21 hours ago, KingKitty said:

In a chilling display of authoritarianism, Varadkar nonchalantly explained that the government may grant people occasional breaks from lockdowns or “periods of freedom” in the midst of ongoing confinement. While the future course of the pandemic is difficult to predict, Varadkar said, Ireland is facing a “long war” that could go on for several more years.




Irish Minister Threatens ‘Several Years’ of Lockdowns with Only ‘Periods of Freedom’


Who the fook does this muppet remind me of? It will come to me soon. Pre-Brexit, he kept on parroting the line about the E.U. having a 'bigger and better team', when it came to the negotiations.



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The poor Trumpet. A fool who was elected for a second term as US president in 2020 with the most votes ever in history, a total landslide, but bitched out like a bitch in order to please people who want to kill him,. Suddenly he's come crawling out to explain to the world why he allowed Anthony Fauci to run his government.


Speaking at a confused, frumpy Fox News television host, the trumpet explained that if he’d have fired Fauci, it would have made the Democrats angry and sad.😥


Apparently, he was extremely concerned about this. He didn’t explain why, but I suspect it’s because he didn’t want to hurt Chuck Schumer’s feelings, as he's the only democrat that appears to still have his faculties.


And although looks like a kindly, gentle elderly man as he waves a rainbow flag 



 he's extremely sinister.



and I doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion.🇺🇸




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Just got an email from church. Apparently, one of the second service people has tested positive using a 'rapid test' kit. I didn't hang about after the first service so did not come into contact with the person (not that I really give a toss). Their symptoms are supposedly mild but I await the fallout. The Bishop will probably need to be told and who knows what he will do.


Edit: Thanks @SimonTV

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Just now, skitzorat said:

The poor Trumpet. A fool who was elected for a second term as US president in 2020 with the most votes ever in history, a total landslide, but bitched out like a bitch in order to please people who want to kill him,. Suddenly he's come crawling out to explain to the world why he allowed Anthony Fauci to run his government.

There you have it in a nutshell. Same reason he didn't have Hillary Clinton arrested. Trump was surrounded by dual citizens whose allegiance wasn't always to the red, white, and blue. He should have sent Fauci to Guantanamo Bay or some other facility where the truth about his links to China and Wuhan could be revealed.

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8 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Just got an email from church. Apparently, one of the second service people has tested positive using a 'rapid test' kit. I didn't hang about after the first service so did not come into contact with the person (not that I really give a toss). Symptoms are supposedly mild but I await the fallout. The Bishop will probably need to be told and who knows what he will do.


If you have no symptoms why are you getting tested? it makes no sense and never has. 

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Saw a very elderly woman with shopping trolley today so said to her that I only live around the corner and would she like me to get her shopping. She had a mask and steamed up visor on! I thought she'll get knocked down cos she can't see! She cuttingly said "I'm perfectly capable of getting my own shopping thank you!" So that was me told. 🤣

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Latin America, former stomping ground of the CIA and its front organizations such as United Fruit (see Confessions of an Economic Hit Man). Now the drug cartels - the pharmaceutical drug cartels - are putting the squeeze on Latin America. Pfizer wants countries to benefits from its wonderful safe and effective Covid vaccine. They're happy to supply it but for a very steep price. They are willing to bully, coerce, and terrify Latin American countries into getting their people vaccinated in return for access to national assets. Where's the philanthropy that Gates and Soros are so big on? Read this article and you'll understand that Pfizer isn't just a drug manufacturer, it's an arm of the American gangster state, imposing conditions that the CIA could only dream of.



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