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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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15 minutes ago, soulalways said:

i don't have respect for others opinions...well thats bloody obvious mr "i,m always correct"




do you respect the opinions of those that say you should get jabbed?


no you don't


why not? because they have not done as much research into the issue as you. That doesn't mean you understand EVERY single little fact or have every single little piece of the puzzle but it means that you might have a certain degree of perspective that they lack

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This one really has me beyond angry...

From The Gateway Pundit:

INEXCUSABLE: Man Dies of Cardiac Arrest After EMS Paramedics REFUSED to Enter the Building Due to California “Covid-19 Law”

From the article:

A shocking new video shows the moments EMS paramedics in Southern California refused to enter a healthcare facility to help a man who was dying of cardiac arrest because of “some Covid-19 law.”

Instead of doing their jobs, the paramedics stood outside the building and waited for the dying man to be wheeled outside to them when they responded to a 911 call last month.


Body camera footage that was obtained by Fox11 LA shows a Rialto Police Officer arriving at the Rialto Post Acute Care facility after staff had called 911 to report a man who was not breathing. As the officer arrives, two EMS paramedics are standing outside the open door and refusing to enter the building despite having masks on. 


“After a few moments, an unknown employee of the location yelled out to fire personnel ‘Please come help, he’s having cardiac arrest,’ the officer wrote. 


‘Fire personnel responded by insisting the patient had to be brought outside the facility before they could provide any sort of treatment… due to an unspecified COVID-19 law.’

After about a minute, the officer went inside himself and was almost immediately greeted by frantic hospital staff. 


‘They are not going to come in,’ the officer told the staff as he started to run to the room where the man was in cardiac arrest. ‘They’re saying it’s a state law that they cannot come in.’

The officer then encountered multiple staff members performing CPR and other life-saving measures on the patient.


The bed he was in did not have wheels, so the officer got behind the bed and pushed it. 

As the officer navigated the wheel-less bed through the hallways, they eventually came into view of the paramedics. 


‘Despite being in their line of sight, fire personnel still insisted on [redacted] being brought to them outside before they began life saving efforts and made no effort to assist me in getting [redacted] outside.'”


By the time the patient, 56-year-old Joseph Angulo, had finally been wheeled outside, loaded into the ambulance, and taken to the hospital – it was too late.


About 30 minutes after he was loaded into the ambulance, Angulo was pronounced dead.


Rialto Mayor Pro Tem Ed Scott called the video “difficult to watch” and said that he was made aware of the situation after he received a complaint from a staff member at the facility. He has since reported the incident to the City Attorney, who has officially opened an investigation and placed the paramedics who were involved on administrative leave pending the review.


From King Kitty:

I have no witty nor snarky remark for this one, folks. May there be a special place in Hell for this lot.

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22 minutes ago, soulalways said:

The italian mafia are not in charge of this conspiracy. They are just a small aspect of it.....


i never said that ...if you read my post again i said that they run italy..my opinion that you dont respect...even though i respect yours..got it ?


and what i'm saying to you is that italy is NOT independent of the conspiracy. It is not isolated and apart from cabal influence


what happened in the 2008 credit crunch when democracy was suspended in italy? Did they put the capo di tutti capi in charge of the italian economy or did they put the unelected ex-goldman sachs banker mario monti in charge?


right there is your answer as to who has their claws on the levers of power in italy and those events are not my 'opinion' they are objective FACT

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Also from The Gateway Pundit:

NEW EMAILS Show Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins Scheming Against Top Doctor’s Group that Challenged Their Failed and Deadly Policies

From the article:

In October 2020 top international epidemiologists Dr. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard, Dr. Sunetra Gupta from Oxford and Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya from Stanford joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle to announce their latest initiative to reopen society and resume life in the West for those who are not vulnerable to the coronavirus.


Dr. Kulldorff told Laura, “Most of my colleagues in infectious disease are in favor of risk-based strategy or an age-based strategy where we protect the elderly or other high-risk groups while the younger resume life more or less normally.”


Dr. Kulldorff then announced that his group put out a declaration this morning called “The Great Barrington Declaration” urging the medical community to initiate a plan of action that included “focused protection.”

Doctors Gupta and Bhattacharya echoed Dr. Kulldorff and explained how herd immunity should be the goal and could be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time where even the elderly and sickly would eventually be safe to come out of lockdown.


This “focused protection” plan went against Dr. Fauci’s diabolical plan for the world.

And so Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins decided to initiate a propaganda attack against the hundreds of international doctors who signed on to the declaration. And now there is proof.


Dr. Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins discussed a “quick and devastating take down” of the Barrington Declaration.

They even discussed in an email:



Dr. Bhattacharya responded to the news today.

So now I know what it feels like to be the subject of a propaganda attack by my own government. Discussion and engagement would have been a better path. pic.twitter.com/p5tqigdRgg

— Jay Bhattacharya (@DrJBhattacharya) December 17, 2021

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...meanwhile, back in Clown World, USA...

From Breitbart:

Joe Biden Teams Up with Jonas Brothers: A Cappella Group to Promote Coronavirus Vaccines and Boosters

From the article:

President Joe Biden teamed up with the Jonas Brothers to promote coronavirus vaccines, as his White House team filmed him holding a phone to record the one-time superstar boy band singers.


The team employs modern TikTok trends from the Coney Island’s Finest video, such as shouting the word “Byron” when asked “Who’s the president?” and the “bing bong” catchphrase.

“Bing bong. Are you vaccinated?” one of the stars asks, popping up from behind a large Christmas card.


After the team’s video is finished, they look up at Biden and ask, “Did we get it?”

“We got it,” Biden says while holding a smartphone with a grin.


The White House also filmed a video with the young Pentatonix a cappella group to promote vaccines.

“We can’t shout ‘get your booster’ from the rooftops of the White House, so we asked Pentatonix to do us one better,” the White House Instagram page read, as staffers shared the video.


The group sings the following lyrics:

Get your booster.
Just like a seat for a little kid
Just like the heat from a rocket ship
Sometimes all you need is a booster.


From King Kitty:


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Vatican court judge slams Gates & Soros for using Covid to impose ‘total control’


A German cardinal has sparked controversy by claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been used by the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates to create a global “surveillance state.”


The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked “chaos” and “turmoil” stemming not only from the “lacking knowledge” about the transmissibility and danger of the virus itself, but from the will of the super-rich to “snatch an opportunity to bring people in line,” Gerhard Ludwig Mueller said in an interview with Austria’s St. Boniface Institute last week. He is a high-ranking judge at the Vatican court.


The world’s financial elites are now using the pandemic and the measures governments take to fight the spread of the virus to subject people to “total control” and establish a global “surveillance state,” he added. The St. Boniface published a video showing a small part of the interview and the cardinal has since confirmed to the German dpa news agency that the footage is genuine.


“People, who sit on the throne of their wealth,” see an “opportunity to push through their agenda,” the cardinal said, naming Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, billionaire George Soros and the head of the Davos Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, among those behind the alleged global control scheme.


The cardinal then accused the global financial elites of an attempt to bring forth “a new man” created “in their own image and likeness,” adding that he would not wish such a fate on himself. “That has nothing to do with democracy,” the former Regensburg bishop, who once headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said.

The cardinal’s statements, which only recently surfaced in the media, sparked a wave of criticism from German media outlets, which quickly branded his words “conspiracy theories.”


Some experts invited by Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine and other media said his words can be interpreted as a comparison between the actions of the modern government and those of the Nazis, whose crimes are thus “played down.” They also said that a mere mention of Soros in such a context can be seen as anti-Semitic.


The Vatican has not commented on Mueller’s statements.


This is an agenda.

It’s a global agenda, and it isn’t going to stop.


The worst of is has been unleashed upon Australia, NZ, Canada, Austria, Lithuania etc, but it will be all be going to the USA (at least in the blue states first,) soon.


And there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of any single thing the Demonrats decide to do when they want to unleash it.


Speaking of global agenda and nothing standing in the way of the Demonrats, offtopic, but there has been over 2 MILLION illegals flood their southern border within the year and only NOW Texas gov Abbott has decided to use Texian tax money to restart the building of the wall.... he could have deployed the National Guard since it's an invasion, like what's happening in the UK (and Europe in 2015) but, he takes orders from a foreign country in the middle east.



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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


people CAN do these things. We CAN build castles like windsor and the cathedrals. They do however require SUPREME skill and geometry.


To view such works through the lens of the modern work environment is to view things incorrectly. Yes they only had horses but if you use pulleys for example to create 'Z' pulleys you can increase your ability to lift things drastically. Climbers know this because they learn how to rig these in order to rescue people. You might not be able to pull someone up on the end of a rope but if you rig up a z pulley then you CAN hoist them. It changes the ratios. They also used winch systems where people would walk in a giant wheel to lift loads (see clip below)


People did not expect to live as long in the past and carried out work practices that in the end often killed them for example sandstone was hand sawed which created a lot of dust which killed people with silicosis. That would never be allowed now and stone is often split with hydraulics.


Life was cheaper and labour was cheaper. Yes chisels were softer but they would be handed each day to the onsite blacksmith who would sharpen them and hand them back to the masons. This would be done every single day.


To prove that these projects are still possible today have a look at the castle that is being built in the heart of france:




They must have had one hell of pulley for the pyramids :classic_biggrin:

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14 hours ago, Made in Wales said:

Out of likes and particularly your reference to the Akashic record. 

There is no doubt that at this present time we are experiencing the mother of all sea changes in history that we will be able to look back on and be proud of ourselves for choosing the right path. 


Not everyone is on the same level in this life so it is only reasonable to think that we won't win the war outright but small battles which are relevant to individuals. It would be unjust if you've got the right info, know the truth and achieved many things in the world and a complete psychopath like Matt Handcock who haven't learned lessons will be uplifted. So, imo, you will be proud of your chosen path and what you have achieved during the battle. That's all there is too it. This is why I tend to focus on things and problems around me because the world is a fractal and what happens local to my environment will have an affect elsewhere in the bigger scale. No need to go after Bill Gates etc.....unless you happened to be very closeby. If that is the case, I would shred him into pieces and throw him where no light shines. 😆


Having said that, we are in a difficult situation and people are sick and exhausted. Do you think Nelson Mandela or Jullian Assange might be/have been sick and tired stuck in a cell for so many years? According to the Hermetic law, badder the ordeal, the gain is also greater. If you have gon through trials and tribulations, whether be it debt, stubborn illness, child abuse, divorce etc....., and survived, you've got muscles. Once you go through, no matter how dire the situation, you know even if you can't run, you just need to crawl and keep on moving because you know your time will come. But I am guessing that people have been living in comfort that they haven't got such strength. So they succumb to the satan's call. Then out you go, rinse and repeat.


I forgot to add this in my post yesterday.

"(Paraphrasing) People of the ancient time viewed demons as parasitic entities in the bloodstream."  according to one book I am currently reading. I suspect that nanobots injected into people are such entities. First they prick your aura, this is how voodoo doll works, they prick pins in so that aura is broken allowing negatives to breach your protective shield. Do you think history is repeating? 🤔



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6 hours ago, Frankieboy said:

Ok mate


one thing I’ce noticed about Swiss Referendums is that the Yes  and No Vote is  usually  confusing on what you are actually voting on or for ! Unless you really get yourself informed and take you vote seriously 


ie Vote on Vaccine mandates:

is it

Yes make vaccines mandatory ! 
is it

Yes keep vaccine non mandatory!


to the willy nilly voter  he has no idea on what he is voting for!



You are in a dangerous country there. The bald guy lives there and someone has said that the illuminatis and newly knighted Lewis Hamilton lives there..... You'd better join them to save your ass Frankie....and leak info. 🤭

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8 hours ago, jack121 said:

Two-week lockdown plans being drawn up due to threat of Omicron.




Usually you can take the 2 weeks with a very large pinch of salt


Bollocks to that. Just live  as you pleases.

You know what happened last time? They can't enforce this so long as you don't become violent, harass etc.

If they issue you a fine, good luck to them from going through.

Know your position, police can't issue you a fine.

If they lock you up in a cell, they can only hold you up to 24 hrs and they must let you go.



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4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:

"Mud floods" is the fucking dumbest thing since the "mountains are giant petrified trees" nonsense that doesn't understand that physical properties of structures, in particular its strength, don't scale linearly with changes in size.


You would say that if you don't know people/organic substance can be petrified in a second. This world is made up of more than the SCIENCE!

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Over the past almost two years now I've sat and waited and often wondered what to do about all this, I couldn't quite see a clear path forward, but over the past few days I've started to realise that the best course of action for me is to learn about growing food and becoming self sufficient. I have a tv and game consoles, a cupboard full of dvd's, etc. so I've been a part of the whole entertainment distraction loop, but no more, now is the time for work and focus and paying attention to what's real and necessary. 

It's time to come together and get back to nature. Nature isn't a tourist destination that we visit on occasion, we are a part of nature, we are supposed to live nature, not observe it from a distance on our couches watching it on the tele.  

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26 minutes ago, DaleP said:


You are in a dangerous country there. The bald guy lives there and someone has said that the illuminatis and newly knighted Lewis Hamilton lives there..... You'd better join them to save your ass Frankie....and leak info. 🤭

My wife and two adult daughters are strong 


We will not comply!!


keep getting asked why we did not get tested when 3 of us got ill fortnight ago!


They say you could have covid pass for a year without getting jabbed


we are strong!


we will not comply !!!


we dont want a covid pass 


if we cant go to restaurants etc than no problem


funny thing is both daughters work in restaurants but cant eat in other restaurants😆


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18 minutes ago, DaleP said:


Bollocks to that. Just live  as you pleases.

You know what happened last time? They can't enforce this so long as you don't become violent, harass etc.

If they issue you a fine, good luck to them from going through.

Know your position, police can't issue you a fine.

If they lock you up in a cell, they can only hold you up to 24 hrs and they must let you go.




"Draft regulations are being prepared which would ban meeting others indoors except for work purposes, and limit restaurants and pubs to outdoor service only, according to The Times"


I love nothing more than a pie and a pint sitting in freezing temperatures breathing in traffic fumes!


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14 minutes ago, DaleP said:


Interesting change.

Police aren't as forceful as before. They know tide is turning.



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