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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, Saved said:

I haven't been in a physical bank for 21 months but had cause to go into Lloyd's the other week because I needed to do change my address. A stern looking woman in heels, black mask and matching business suit walked straight towards me and said:


"Hello sir. Might I ask if you usually wear a mask?"


"I don't" came my reply


"So you are exempt?"


"Yes I am"



During the first mask mandate I got my bank trained by waving my arms and yelling "I'm hearing impaired and I can't see your lips, so I can't hear you" (all true) - that way neither of us ended wearing masks.

4 hours ago, Saved said:



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3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


also what role do various forms of kabbalah play?


For example is LURIANIC KABBALAH a supremacist doctrine and if so then why shouldn't it be ok to call that out?


Both the sabbateans and chabad lubavich are lurianic kabbalists

Not the place to discuss religion, but I'd say it isn't. It doesn't matter what your race or religion is as long as you have a genuine desire to be closer to the Creator (and there's a lot of being nice to other people in Kabbalah that I find very hard).

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1 hour ago, Saved said:

Comes across as artificial, whether laughing like a demented hyena or raging at a referee from the touchline. There is something very off about him.

Isn't everything and everyone promoted like that these days? 


Lampard should have knocked him out on the touchline. Cant stand klopp either. 

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2 hours ago, Saved said:

Klopp was quoted earlier - 100% behind the propaganda and insistent that only experts should be listened to, saying that whatever you hear on social media platforms (if not from an expert) should be discounted as disinformation. Official sources only for Mr Klopp, which is why he announced that he has already had his first booster.

poor deluded fool...but so so many of them...what a powerful tool the old Prop is...wonder why its never worked on us ?

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Talking of football that matt le tissier seems like a decent chap. I am too young to remember him playing but always liked his punditry. Although i do remember seeing him play but not vividly.


Its why i posted that livestream youtuber who does football livestream blogs. Whether you think its nonsense or not if people in that depart start to speak out its a good thing. As an ex football fan this is good to see. 


If they do postpone the footy its probably a good thing in the long run. Although as ziggy pointed out its probably covering up the jabbed dropping like flies. 


The mood is definately shifting. I just think more propaganda and another lockdown /postponing of matches will be a good thing in the long run. I know its easy for me to say and suicides will occur, i just think it will push the semi sentient normies over the edge and people will iust ignore it. 


As for the majority waking up its not going to happen and i have no desire for that to be the case. The majority will always go with the herd. 

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4 hours ago, Nonononono said:

He wasn't and science isn't a religion, it's a method. The most logical and unbiased way of finding truth and facts. Have some scientist dragged it into the mud by lying and fabricating stuff for gain? Sure.

However they are not scientists then but liars and greedy sods.

Darwin came up with a beautiful and working theory that can be observed and recreated. He was a genious.

I think there are a lot of people here that don't understand what a lot of things mean and mix that with the closest mindset of medieval prasantry and stubbornness to learn, I am close of giving up on here.


Science is a method, a method has no opinion or belief. It is a way of looking at evidence and then either reproducing it or calling it an error. Adjusting it with new findings. You lot are talking on this website because of science, not made up mambo jumbo. Belive what you want, I'm only an evil retired scientist. ūüôĄ

i absolve you from your sins....go in peace my brother and pray that the sheep may be awakened by science or common sense(long buried under the weight of Bullshit)

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On 12/15/2021 at 8:00 PM, Craigstah said:

Totally agree, "The you know what", "Just a coincidence", "That thing we cant talk about", "Cognitive dissonance", any ideas on using NLP to reverse engineer their programming?

   Only downside is if you interact with someone for 15 to 30 mins once or twice a week, could you have much effect if they sat in front of msm 3 to 5 hours a day?

  I believe so but persistance is key. c



You can if you know how to. Time, size....irrelevant.


On 12/15/2021 at 9:23 PM, BossCrow said:

Prince Philip was Greek. He wanted to become a virus when he died. Died April 2021, then the next month all variants of 'interest and concern' became 'Greek' when they were assigned letters. Probably faked his death, he seemed to be planning his own funeral for the best part of a decade.


He could be in Pfizer vials....hence they are not disclosing the ingredients for another 75 years!!


9 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

Criminal organisation mate, the nuts and bolts of their control is the scariest part for me.


He who holds the keys owns the kingdom…


Let's snatch the keys then. ūüėČ Ariana showed it to us in her video.


8 hours ago, wingwang said:


Or to keep hush players keep having 'chest pains'! No games means no players collapsing or fans collapsing in the stands...


I see fantasy football coming back. All in metaverse. lol


4 hours ago, Morpheus said:

So what's the all seeing eye doing in the middle of it then?


Hamza has an eye in the middle to combat evil eye which people throw at you. Same thing as Turkish blue glass eye.


9 minutes ago, soulalways said:

i,m still getting calls....all blocked...and letters from neil fergusons mob at imperial college...straight into bin unopened


Imperial college is keen. They keep sending me a letter. I think we are ear marked.

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1 minute ago, DaleP said:




He could be in Pfizer vials....hence they are not disclosing the ingredients for another 75 years!!



Let's snatch the keys then. ūüėČ Ariana showed it to us in her video.



I see fantasy football coming back. All in metaverse. lol



Hamza has an eye in the middle to combat evil eye which people throw at you. Same thing as Turkish blue glass eye.



Imperial college is keen. They keep sending me a letter. I think we are ear marked.

the fuckers are relentless...1 a week for 6 months...lands on the mat every thursday morning......what a waste of money...lol...but they,ve got plenty of that to throw around!

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10 hours ago, Morpheus said:


Yes, but I hope that they weren't solely thinking about saving cash. Dropping the attendance capacity a little bit for those clubs with gates marginally over 10,000, instead of jumping through hoops and potentially lowering their attendance to below 10,000 as a consequence regardless, would make economic sense. Either way, whether it is down to defying government or saving cash, it shows that they don't really believe in a deadly virus!




9 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

Why are we currently on the brink of war with Russia and China yet our ‚Äúgreatest ally‚ÄĚ has been in bed with them for years?


I don't believe Israel to be genuinely allied with China, regardless of any deals they strike, but the answer is that the Israeli mafia want there to be a large conflict. While Israel just sits on the sidelines of course, as you know.




6 hours ago, Shy Talk said:

They've really turned it up a few notches today - Whitty saying 2023, the football likely to be suspended, interest rates going up. It seems dire; however the fact they're throwing so much fuel on the fire at once is a sign of panic imo.


Just another move designed to squeeze folks financially and deflate them mentally at the hardest time. It will affect 2 million mortgage borrowers immediately.





'How the interest rate rise affects you.'





3 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

It looks so staged for the cameras, like the specially laid on theatricals with the convoy of army trucks in Bergamo, Italy, in early 2020.


Perish the thought! I wonder whether we are still 2 weeks behind northern Italy.




3 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Looks like the footy is down the shitter again in the UK and will be called off soon.¬†ūü§£ Fans of Liverpool on the witch hunt as 3 players have tested positive, follows news of 35% of prem players have not been jabbed.¬† Shouts of 'They should be kicked out of the squad' and¬†¬†'I knew footballers were dumb' .Then turns out that the 3 players getting all the grief are double jabbed.... Lovely.¬†


A couple of months ago Klopp stated that '99% of the squad have been fully vaccinated'. There are 28 players in Liverpool's first team squad. So, unless he means only one player hasn't been fully vaccinated, then I think he is talking bollocks. Probably 'a few' haven't been fully vaccinated, which in his mind equates to '1%'. He should stick to the dental flossing.




2 hours ago, zarkov said:

Didn't UKColumn mention on their last newsreel that one of the booster vax sites that appeared to have a queue stretching around the block on the first day following omnichronic fear mongery. The queue was absent the following day!


I saw a clip of a long queue on Day One of the recent 'Big Push' on local TV news. The next day, they also showed a clip of a queue, but they didn't point the camera back very far, which suggests to me it wasn't a long queue.

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4 minutes ago, soulalways said:

the fuckers are relentless...1 a week for 6 months...lands on the mat every thursday morning......what a waste of money...lol...but they,ve got plenty of that to throw around!

It sounds as though they are more keen on you than I. ūü§≠

yeah just bin it.

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1 hour ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

I never have had a problem with jewish people in general but I think its a multi layered problem. 

I believe in freedom to practice whatever you like as a faith or culture ONLY if it does not impede on anyone else.


Through the multiple levels of judaism, much of the core belief system is supremacist in nature. It seems the higher you go up the levels of understanding and interpretation (torah to the talmud to the zohar) the more malevolent and corrupt the belief system becomes.

From subverting nations to conquering the entire planet, so many prophecies and so much sorcery involved.


Is it possible for jewish people to go against the grain and stop the zionist oppression on the planet? Do they want to? How much does the average jew know about all this?

Hmm, can't comment on the average jew to be honest because im not even sure what that means.  Theres so many different types of us that I wouldnt even know when to start.  Hassidic jews and secular jews are obviously different creatures.  Then those are super divided as well, based on type of hassidic jew, region where they live etc.  Most secular jews look at hassidic jews like aliens.  I think it really depends on a case to case basis.  For example, a Russian Jew will see the BS with all these mandates and government policies just because of a background living in the Soviet Union or family stories from there.  We escaped the Soviet Union and now we are seeing another one being formed right here in the US.  Most American Jews will probably buy in the whole thing because they don't know any better.  I doubt the zionist oppression will be stopped by just jews, but by open minded people who have done the research and have an innate feeling something is wrong with this world.  For example, I felt this all my life.  But as soon as the news of Covid spread I had a feeling like this is the beginning of the end, and not due to the disease.  My sister is completely brainwashed and a microbiologist so she thinks she knows.  I dont bother arguing with her because she is very stubborn.  All her kids are triple jabbed and her as well.  I think the average jew, has no freaken idea what their ancestors have done.  Also you have to remember it is a tiny percent of Jewish people, may 0.0001% that hold the power and run the cabal.   I want to fight this coming war but have a son coming and not sure what to do.  Ive been browsing this forum for years now, and havent contributed much.  Hopefully I can now.  Thanks for keeping an open dialogue and looking forward to many more.  God Bless us all. 

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3 hours ago, numnuts said:

The sick thing was that G.P.'s didn't get paid £12 for only administering one jab. They got paid £24 for administering two jabs and £0 for only administering one jab. So, anyone who had one jab and who wasn't keen on getting the second jab, for whatever reason, would probably have gotten 'extra chasing up'.


That is absolutely appalling. I was in the doctor's surgery this morning as I have regular treatment. I saw something which frankly made me shudder. It's a small thing however it still made me shudder.


A woman walked in with a gift for one of the doctors. The receptionist told her she would take it. The woman said "I was told she would be here today. I wanted to give it to her myself." The receptionist said that she might be coming in later but she wasn't there at the moment. The woman looked disappointed but gave the gift to the receptionist, thanked her and wished everyone at the surgery a Happy Christmas and New Year. 


The receptionist then walked down the corridor, knocked on a door and voila, there was the doctor who wasn't there at the moment. I was horrified by that. This doctor by the way was the one who called me up and acknowledged that her phone calls were stressful to me, that she knew of my medical history (I'd had a near fatal pulmonary embolism which by the way is the first thing you see on the screen with my details when I'm being seen by the staff over there) but was still trying to get me jabbed as she didn't want me to go down on the system as a 'refusal.' That's nice of her.


Anyhow and bearing in mind I am sitting in the waiting room just 30 or so feet away she said so I could hear it "I just did a naughty thing. I lied to the woman who brought you a gift and told her you weren't here.  It looks to be alcohol and nibbles (then both women laughed) before standing there chatting and they were still doing so when I walked past them and into the treatment rooms.


They aren't even bothered anymore to hide the fact they hold us in the greatest contempt. It appears to be all about money. 


Before all this happened a man was standing at the desk asking if the paperwork had gone through so he could register with the surgery. He was told to show his card showing he had been fully vaccinated which he did. He was then told it would take a few hours before he was on the system. He even said himself "I know I can't register at a new surgery without these" to which the same receptionist nodded. We have genuine medical apartheid and no one seems to notice or care.  The man's name was Simon. In my mind I was saying "Simple Simon met a Pieman going to the fair." The state of this country and by extension the world, really frightens me.

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