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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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21 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

Think it was 55 years not 75, Boss. (but what's 20 years when you're trying to cover up mass murder?)

Just found this-

Disclosing Pfizer vaccine data ‘may take until 2096’


The US Food and Drug Administration is cooperating with a Freedom of Information Act request for clinical data associated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, but may require 75 years to do so – even longer than a prior estimate.

The FDA has insisted it cannot commit to a faster release of the medical data associated with the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, according to a legal brief filed on Tuesday in response to the FOIA request. The agency reiterated that after processing 12,000 pages in about a two-month period, it will only be able to process 500 pages per month going forward. With tens of thousands of additional files up for review, plaintiffs fear the process may drag on two decades longer than the previous 55-year estimate.

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26 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

Think it was 55 years not 75, Boss. (but what's 20 years when you're trying to cover up mass murder?)




Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the data, which the FDA at first said would take 55 years to produce at 500 pages per month for the entire 329,000 page cache of documents.

Now the FDA is asking a judge to give it 75 years to produce the data, saying there’s over 59,000 more pages than weren’t mentioned in the first request. That would take the full release to 2096, wrote Aaron Siri, a lawyer working on the case.

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More fucking bullshit from Doris and Shitty, typical of the BBC's Laura Funny mouth Cuntsberg speaking to Johnson saying there should be more restrictions this Christmas, it's always the same media whores at these press meetings , Cuntsberg and the Woody Alen lookalike Robert Peston it's all Bollocks.

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20 hours ago, Anders said:

Where is Cromwell when you need him ?


Cromwell has a lot to answer for....he allowed the sabbateans to move their base of operations from amsterdam to london, and here we are, hundreds of years later being jabbed with death shots....

Cromwell and the Jews

2006 marks the 350th anniversary of the re-admission of the Jews into England. They were expelled in 1290 in the reign of King Edward Ist. Their re-admission in 1656 under the Cromwellian Protectorate is interpreted by some as evidence of Cromwell’s toleration and compassion. This is open to challenge on several points.

Although the Jewish community at the end of the 19th century highlighted the anniversary, and linked it particularly to the mission of an Amsterdam based Rabbi, Menasseh ben Israel, there is evidence of an established Jewish community in London before 1655. Fearful of persecution they did not declare their identity, living as Spanish merchants. Whilst their commercial affairs were public their religion was private.

There was interest in Jewish matters in the leadership of the Commonwealth and Protectorate for two reasons, one pragmatic and the other doctrinal. The pragmatic reason was that based on the international trade and commercial connections of the Amsterdam Jewish community it was recognised that a strong Jewish presence in London would be advantageous. With flourishing links to the East and West Indies and to the New World Jewish traders in London could make the city to Amsterdam as a commercial centre.

The doctrinal reason was the belief amongst godly Protestants, including Cromwell, that the conversion of the Jews to Christianity was essential before Christ would return to reign on earth. 1656 was thought by some to be the actual year in which this would happen.

The key figure for the celebrants of the 250th anniversary in 1906 was that of Menasseh ben Israel. He was born in Lisbon in 1604 settled in Amsterdam and became a Rabbi. He was a polymath: author, printer, publisher, bookseller and scholar who cultivated links with the new Commonwealth regime in England. It was his belief that the Jewish Messiah would only appear when the Jewish people had spread throughout the world. Establishing communities in England would help to bring about that second coming. Menassen ben Israel published a pamphlet in 1651 appealing to Cromwell see http://cf.uba.uva.nl/en/collections/rosenthaliana/menasseh/

In September 1655 Menasseh ben Israel arrived in London with a delegation and members of his family and personally petitioned Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews. Cromwell met with him and a committee of the Council of State, and it was agreed that a conference should be convened to discuss the issues. The petition requested citizenship, freedom of worship, burial grounds, freedom to trade and the withdrawal of all laws against Jews.

The conference met several times in December 1655 but was, in the end, inconclusive. There was no formal decision to allow readmission but it was soon evident that the presence of Jews would be more openly tolerated. Cromwell permitted Jews to worship in private as they had done prior to the petitioning, and within months a synagogue and burial ground were allowed.
The significance of the mission by Menasseh ben Israel in achieving the level of toleration reached in 1656 is a continuing discussion. Similarly Cromwell’s motives for debating the issue openly may not have been the result of any desire for liberty of conscience as understood in the late 19th century or today, but it did lead to a significant advance in Anglo-Jewish relations.

For these reasons marking the 350th anniversary is appropriate, even if there may be an element of overstatement, both of Cromwell’s and Menasseh ben Israel’s roles.

For more information about this episode in Cromwellian history click here to download a .pdf file of an article by Barbara Coulton of Lancaster University (all rights reserved) Cromwell and the ‘readmission’ of the Jews to England, 1656. This article first appeared in the 2001 issue of the journal of the Cromwell Association Cromwelliana.

For more information about Menasseh Ben Israel see http://cf.uba.uva.nl/en/collections/rosenthaliana/menasseh


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3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

i never mentioned jab or vax thats a fact.

maybe its cos i labelled those in the stands as neandethals lol


what have you got against neanderthals? Some of my ancestors were neanderthals and if you think neanderthals were simple brutes then you are much mistaken

Neanderthal Gene Cluster More Common in Europeans

Neanderthals are not entirely gone. Their DNA lives on within us, but more in some people than others. People of European ancestry are much more likely to have inherited a bundle of Neanderthal variants in their genome as compared to those of Asian or African descent.
The genes responsible for the breakdown of lipids (fats, fat soluble vitamins and sterols among others) are particularly likely to come from Neanderthals – presumably because they were good at it, and offspring with these genes were likely to benefit. Dr Philipp Khaitovich of the Max Plank Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology compared genes in this area from 11 human populations with varying ancestry to those from the Neanderthal genome, sequenced in last December.
Adapted to cold climates, Neanderthals overlapped with modern humans for long periods in Europe before being wiped out, and it appears interbreeding occurred. This has resulted in a substantially higher number of Neanderthal sequences in the DNA of people of European than African descent. 
With a range that extended well into the Middle East and Central Asia the presence of Neanderthal genes in Asian populations is more intriguing. Khaitovich's paper in Nature.html reports, “While the genome-wide frequency of Neanderthal-like sites is approximately constant across all contemporary out-of-Africa populations, genes involved in lipid catabolism contain more than threefold excess of such sites in contemporary humans of European descent.”
"These sequences show signs of recent positive selection,” Khaitovich says. He found that the Neanderthal variants appear to be associated with changes in lipid concentration and the expression of metabolic enzymes in the brains of people of European origin. "We don't know what these lipid concentration changes do to the brain, but the fact that Neanderthal variants might have changed our brain composition has interesting implications," says Khaitovich. 
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6 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


Yes, was just about to post this too.

Triple jabbed!


Was it Covid or the smoking?



I'm surprised that they reported that he had the 'booster' , and not double jabbed but didn't yet have the booster. So he died of 'covid' after being 'fully vaccinated' against it. Wow, it does work!

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18 hours ago, Longtermlurker said:

Food shortages, power cuts, people dropping like flies from vaccine side effects or "covid" as the cult call it. Any other things we have to look forward to? Climate change? Surely that's gotta be all?


I would suggest that an earthquake, of at least magnitude 6, is a distinct possibility.




18 hours ago, BossCrow said:



Are they accepting pre-orders of the 'Omega Variant' on Amazon yet?




16 hours ago, soulalways said:

Carlson on the psychopaths imposing global fascism





If Tucker Carlson isn't a shill, then he is mind controlled to the nth degree.




15 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

It's all the intelligence agencies. They run everything. They do not work for governments. They work for a little cabal of globalists. I have no idea who any of the people at the top are. Their currency is pedophilia and child trafficking. you want to move up? Join their club. But to get in you have to star in some rather compromising home video. This is what Epstein and Maxwell were doing. That is why the politicians and judges are so easily controlled.


Surely, this is done covertly in most cases, at least to begin with. Maybe some do willingly engage in more deviant shit on film, after they have already been compromised, to move up the ladder.




14 hours ago, BossCrow said:

It was actually near his flat not country house, I was wrong. But 2 were found nearby apparently. And another I think was found on the grounds of a hospital in Leeds Savile frequented.


Two of the Ripper's victims were found near Savile's home in Leeds, and Sutcliffe even named Savile in police interviews.article-2229786-15EA9F41000005DC-214_634x445.jpg.418f2980c6372073b999095e6c7c38d6.jpg




Now, just imagine if that was Brueckner's pad and the site of Maddie's 'abduction'. The masonic mass media would have been all over it in a flash, from Day One.




9 hours ago, jack121 said:

They are all the same, every tv celeb, every movie celeb, every radio dj: all satanists. What to know who the devil worshippers are? Just turn on the tv, turn on the radio, watch a movie and the devil worshippers are there grinning away at you.


We are on a slow 'trajectory' to ultimately reach that dire destination, but things aren't that bad quite yet.

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6 hours ago, spideysensei said:

Jabbed (and Boris Boosted):



"The comedy star was double-jabbed and had received a booster vaccination, Sky News understands."


the jabs doing exactly what they are supposed to do

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5 hours ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

German raids on Covid extremists...


'Far-right anti-vaccination activists' no less...


They were all plotting away, eh. I have a feeling that they wouldn't have been sated, until they had resurrected Himmler himself, the true power behind the Third Reich.




5 hours ago, ar55 said:

It’s mental. Even the prominent Twitter accounts which have been on the pulse throughout haven’t looked at it this way.


Forget the staff at Number 10. I have said, from Day One of this bullshit, that you can't fake fear or trepidation. None of the politicians, scientists or journalopes, who we regularly see on TV, have given any genuine indication that they really believe we are in the situation we have been told. As for Ferguson, look at what he did just weeks in to the first lockdown! And yet they still have the cheek to wheel him out, so as to air more of his 'predictions'!




5 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

aguero retires from football to protect his health raid the bbc comments section 90% in denial "its not the jab"




Didn't you notice just how many comments were getting 'deleted' and just how many shills were about? Insane!




4 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

The handover has already been done. Behind the scenes.

But it is now King Charles. Also a breed of dog.


I believe that the PTB wanted William in, as he would have 'willingly', pardon the pun, laid all of the necessary groundwork for the abolition of the monarchy.




4 hours ago, ar55 said:

Apparently the hospitals are ‘overwhelmed’ again. Why not re-open all the emergency hospitals again? Is it because they were never used, and them lying empty once more would give the game away? Scotland also went into 2021 with its lowest amount of beds this century. 


I know, it is a total joke. All of the Nightingale hospitals were set up in anticipation of the Brexit reversal riots. The PTB then backed down at the end of 2020, but that was only a temporary retreat. 




1 hour ago, Sexpistol50 said:

More fucking bullshit from Doris and Shitty, typical of the BBC's Laura Funny mouth Cuntsberg speaking to Johnson saying there should be more restrictions this Christmas, it's always the same media whores at these press meetings , Cuntsberg and the Woody Alen lookalike Robert Peston it's all Bollocks.


Whitty said that 'More Covid records will be broken'. I think that he must have been talking about how many lying freemasons the BBC can cram on our TV screens in one day. Robert Peston comes across like he has a bad crack habit nowadays.





'More Covid records will be broken, warns Whitty.'

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For footy fans disgusted with the sheep within the fanbase. Skip to 26 mins. I hate football but I must confess I do like Lee gunner on the left and occasionally watch his streams. Some of them are still based. 


Skip to 25 mins

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23 hours ago, DaleP said:



Never heard of her? 🤨

She used to go out with Hugh who was double dipping with a prostitute called devine or something rather.

Anyway, judging by the photo, she appears be promoting the vax but really wanted to show off her abdoman.... how sad it that?


Having said the above, replies are funny.

Danny goes on to say have you booked in for No.4?

Tell her that it helps age acceleration. 😂


EDIT: Oh I get it. The classic old technique. SEX sells.....got it.

And she's a dude.

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