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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Thing is, they seem to be asking for money to undo the hack...Why else would they be offering it back if they're contacted?......It would be nicer if they were doing it  for the cause.

Perhaps they are but are using financial gain as a cover for their motive.

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29 minutes ago, Jackunjill said:



taken from twitter. 


It's the rich that has the fun, and the poor that gets the blame according to the old saying.


Likewise - as with paying taxes - Covid/Convid is just for the 'little people'.


But no-one should be annoyed by the politicians ignoring newly imposed rules, they should be annoyed with themselves for obeying them.


In the event of a real pandemic, the politicians would be down in their bunkers faster than you could say: 'Bribed by Bill Gates'. Partying on means they know something the masses don't - that the coronavirus yarn is a gigantic hoax.


Come on now - a virus that can't be defeated by masks, mass house arrest, anti-social distancing,vaccine 1, vaccine 2, booster 1, booster 2 etc..what a remarkable little beastie!


It's so remarkable that the only possible explanation is that it is a fictional construct. An extremely profitable one, too.


Wake up everyone! By now, you'd have to be thicker than Terry Fuckwitt to believe in the convoluted and confusing coronavirus saga.



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14 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

To add to my comment.


It is indeed one step closer to dictatorship.


The courts are supposed to (but often don't) act as a check on the usurpation of power by a runaway government.


The big obstacle to them operating as such is that the politicians appoint the judiciary. Either directly or through other appointees. So they are going to appoint some empty shell keen to feather their nest by furthering the agenda.


Then there are a number of compromised judges who are rather fond of starring in home movies.


So the intelligence services drop a brown envelope across such judge's desk indicating the outcome they desire.


That way all the globalist scum need to do to secure a favorable outcome is to control the case allocation. They don't need to corrupt every judge. Astonishingly there are still some good ones.


But it seems that even this deck stacking is not enough.


Unfortunately, parliament has the power to override judge made law. The theory being that parliament is accountable to the people.


That may work a little bit with a public that is semi awake.


But with a public that spends its time masturbating over sport or seeking self gratification through celebrity culture the chances of these political tyrants being held to account are slim.


Exactly but I'm not sure about the BOLD bit.

One could argue that if the govt is a corporation, a LTD, there is only interest for themselves, for their gain.


The justice system is almost as good as gone but this is a nail in the coffin!

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41 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


and they are now claiming that the 'variant' 'omicron' causes all the symptoms that we know the jabs cause ie cardiac arrest, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, inflammation etc


we don't need everyone to wake up but we do need enough to wake up


How dreadful that the braindead think this is genuine.

I am seething.

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3 hours ago, ink said:



Brazil: Hackers take down Ministry of Health website

Group that claimed responsibility for attack confirmed it to be ransomware; Minister promised punishment

Gabriel Toueg   |10.12.2021


The websites of Brazil’s Health Ministry and the ConectaSUS platform, which centralizes vaccination data and other health information for Brazilians, were taken down by hackers in the early hours of Friday.

Both platforms were still down as of Friday noon in Brazil after the attack.

Early in the morning, when trying to access the ministry website, users only saw a black screen with a message which read “The internal data of the systems were copied and deleted. 50 Tb of data is in our hands. Contact us if you want the data back,” followed by an email address and a link to a Telegram channel.

This kind of attack is known as ransomware, a type of virus that hijacks access to system data by encrypting it. Usually hackers promise to release access after receiving a ransom. No information on ransom was released, though.

Hours later, the message was taken down, but the ministry's website was still inaccessible. The platform with vaccination data was also inaccessible, preventing Brazilians from issuing their vaccination certificates.

The Ministry of Health said in a note that “some systems were compromised” and that it called on the Federal Police and the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic to investigate the case.

The Health Minister, Marcelo Queiroga, said that whoever is found responsible for the attack will be “exemplarily punished”.

“It’s being investigated, and once someone is found guilty, they will be exemplarily punished,” he said, calling the attack “a criminal attitude”.

“Today, [our] full efforts are on making this data available as soon as possible,” Queiroga said.

A group known as the Lapsus$ Group claimed responsibility for the attack but did not elaborate on what had motivated it.

The attack takes place in the wake of a controversy involving the Brazilian government’s decision not to demand the so-called “vaccine passport” from travelers arriving in the country, going against the recommendation by the country’s health authority, Anvisa. The decision has drawn criticism from the scientific community.

Last Wednesday, when making the announcement about the decision not to require proof of vaccination from tourists visiting Brazil, Queiroga said that, “according to President Jair Bolsonaro, ‘losing your life is better than losing your freedom’," which drew a lot of criticism. Earlier, Bolsonaro lashed Anvisa’s recommendation saying that the vaccination passport would be a “leash” around people’s necks.




I just read the 'hacker' bit.

Unfortunately, not got a long enough concentration/focus to read the whole of what you have posted.

Does it say, the govt health website was hacked and replayced with facts and the truth?

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2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


well here is a post made by muir who was a mod on the previous iteration of this forum dated to: Dec 6 2012 and muirs predecessor on the pirate council made a thread in 2018 on the old DI forum titled 'disease x' about a coming global pandemic so some people around here HAVE been discussing these matters for a long time:


Look into the Club of Rome (set up by the Rockefellers, who also played a large role in creating the UN) and their publication 'the limits to growth'

If you look into this you'll find that they are very concerned about the size of the human population. If they were reasonable human beings they would say publically to the people of the world: 'ok folks we need to act sustainably here, lets all get together and find a solution, for example the stop at one campaign'. They would create a public forum that would bring everyone into the decision making process; but they don't want to do that because that would mean sharing power

They want to control everything so what they do is they hold secret meetings behind closed doors that the press and the public are not invited to and they come up with dishonest and sly ways to impose their controls. For example they have teamed up with Bill Gates to create 'vaccines' which damage the human immune system and they push these vaccines out onto people around the world as a way to cull the population

Recently declassified papers in the UK released under the freedom of information act have found vaccines to be harmful and that governments have been covering up:




Then, there was Madonna's pandemic performance with her X and crown in 2019 in Is-Ra-El.

'X' means to cross.....it's a spell. This is why INDIVIDUALLY, you have to uncross yourself. Because all disease, mentally or physically, are implanted in the astral world and no protests will uncross it.


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11 hours ago, alexa said:


Yes, they've certainly concocted something to represent the AC, I reckon they have taken the DNA of Nimrod to create this living robot/clone.

Remember when I quoted that the head of Nimrod resides in a jar in the Vatican ?






Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.


They have been planning this covid hoax for decades.



The above describes of a spell. Just as you can breath a life to an entity called servitors or eggregors which are kept alive by masses praying/believing etc. If we collectively stop paying attnetion to eggregors, it will diminsh or 'die' out but this is unlikely because there are so many believers all around the world. As for you being this 'image' controlled by IT, funnily, the image can take a life of its own, at least this is the case with servitors. So there is hope. lol

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10 hours ago, Saved said:

I commented on this yesterday morning:





Interesting. Do you know what material this statue was made of?

Imagine one of the wings break off......that is all that is needed.

I'd make it even more dramatic. Put up an electrical conductor on top of the wings so the lightning strikes it and the whole thing collapses..... Nobody vandalised it.🤭


Talk about symbolism....


Amazon has collapsed!!



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2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

the moronic variant is expected to off 75,000 by next April. I cannot believe people are still falling for this bullshit.


That will be the jabs themselves, not any moronic 'variant' although the vast majority of morons we're surrounded by cannot and will not ever see things as they actually are. Too busy sat on their couch watching Netflix and living in debt slavery. By 2030, they too will 'own nothing but be happy.' That's the only pay off really. That they will eventually lose everything as well. They just can't see it yet. Their eyes won't be opened until the last minute.

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2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Of course the estimated death toll keeps rising. Our wonderful computer modellers (sorry, scientists) are saying that the moronic variant is expected to off 75,000 by next April. I cannot believe people are still falling for this bullshit.





1600 people die PER DAY in England Wales and Northrn Ireland on average....this figure existed pre plandemic and exists during the plandemic,this is all causes of death .....This figure is never EVER mentioned in relation to the convid....whats the betting natural deaths are about to be rebranded by april? (and all the unnatural deaths from clotshottery)

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