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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:

What a loss to the world.


Neocon WashPo Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxxers Dies Of 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest'


Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, a bloodthirsty neocon who used his position to shill America into the war in Iraq and push forced vaccines, died on Monday after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.


Hiatt, 66, "had sudden cardiac arrest on Nov. 24 while visiting his daughter in Brooklyn, said his wife, Margaret 'Pooh' Shapiro, and did not regain consciousness," the Post reported.


Though Hiatt was a rabid neocon when it came to American foreign policy, he was a radical leftist on domestic policy. He published endless editorials advocating for Big Tech censorship, hate speech laws, mass immigration, gun control, forced vaccines, covid tyranny, transgenderism, anti-white critical race theory, fake meat and so on.


Hiatt embodied the worst of the worst in America.




Cardiac arrest? Perhaps he was foolish enough to try out a dose of Dr Bill's Miracle Serum?

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2 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


A great piece of work.  I love the small print, regarding the six months worth of freedoms!* "*Freedoms not available in all areas and subject to change."  How true.


If you have to be 'given' freedoms, then you are not free, you are enslaved.


According to many thinkers, enslavement is the logical end result of 'democracy'.


'Democracy' always decays into the rule of money and media.

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4 hours ago, epsom said:

Dangerous link. Tried to download a 'Firefox Update'.

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Biden Says Fauci is President, Claims US Must Vaccinate Entire Planet, Vows to Vax Kids



Lord Fauci isn’t simply President of America. He is in fact the total shaper of reality.

He rules over all, and with his words, he can change the nature of the universe itself.

He is what many call “god.”


President Joe Biden has vowed to not force the nation into yet another lockdown as the new Covid-19 strain spreads. Apart from encouraging vaccination at home, Biden said the US “must vaccinate the world.”

Biden outlined his coronavirus policy for the upcoming months in an op-ed published at USA Today on Thursday. In the piece, the president said that the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant, which has already spilled over to the US, “is a cause of concern,” but not “for panic.”

In an apparent bid to alleviate fears that the new strain could bring economic recovery to a grinding halt, Biden claimed that he was not considering any sweeping restrictions.

We are going to fight Covid-19 not with shutdowns or lockdowns – but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more,” he wrote. Some of these measures will see vaccination times extended into nights and weekends and more walk-in vaccination sites open.

Americans can expect to be spammed by pharmacies who will be “spreading the word” about the availability of vaccines, sending “millions of texts and emails to remind their customers.” The administration, in the meantime, will reach out to some 60 million Americans on Medicare, Biden revealed.

As part of his plan to keep schools open, Biden said that the government would step up its vaccination campaign targeting children as young as five, as well as open “hundreds of new family vaccination clinics.” The president also said he would require private insurers to cover the cost of at-home rapid tests, noting that the tests would be readily available for free at “thousands of sites nationwide” for those who lack insurance.

This is all safe!

The vaccine is safe!

It’s even effective!

We’re going to vax infants to protect them from these viruses!

It’s about health.

It’s about safety.

This doesn’t have anything to do with anything else at all.


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Australian Prof. John Skerritt admitting children are being used as human shields.

“Even though (kids) don’t get as sick as adults they have a pretty strong role in spreading it back to family members... Of course that can include parents and also of greater concern the grandparents “



These monsters make me ill.

He looks like he's fond of children



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So, after being double jabbed and then having a booster and flu jab, at the same time, even although it’s ‘efficacy’ wanes after a couple of months, you also require a Lateral Flow Test to leave the country and a PCR test upon your return and quarantine in a mask, for good measure.


It appears Covid is indestructible!   


Is anyone truly still buying this?

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Imagine my shock!

Victoria's pandemic bill officially becomes law after Governor Linda Dessau gives royal assent to legislation

Premier Daniel Andrews is expected to declare a pandemic, after the State of Emergency expires next week, under new legislation that is now law.


Victoria's controversial pandemic legislation has become law after it was given royal assent by the state's Governor Linda Dessau on Tuesday.

Premier Daniel Andrews will likely declared a pandemic under the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021, as the State of Emergency powers expire on December 15.


Victoria will be the first state in Australia to have pandemic-specific legislation, giving the government in power the legal framework it needs to manage health emergencies, including vaccine mandates and face mask rules.

The bill gives Victoria's Premier and Health Minister power to declare a pandemic three months at a time and enforce restrictions.


The legislation was passed in state parliament after months of debate over amendments and clauses to the bill in hopes of finding more support to get it across the line.

Four crossbenchers - Greens' Samantha Ratnam, Reason Party Fiona Patten, Animal Justice Party Andy Meddick and Transport Matters MP Rod Barton - helped the bill pass 20 votes to 18 after a marathon 21-hour debate in in the upper house on Tuesday.

A deal was finally struck after the Andrews government agreed to make a number of amendments to the legislation to "curb the powers" of Mr Andrews.


The most significant amendment to the new powers was the establishment of an independent panel which would review all detention orders.

The amendments also included the provision of a new Parliamentary joint committee to review pandemic orders which will be given the authority to make disallowance motions, but these would need to be passed by a two-thirds majority in Parliament.


The six new changes agreed to by Mr Barton include:

  • Establish a new joint committee, the Pandemic Declaration Accountability and Oversight Committee (PDAOC), which would be chaired by a non-government MP and would have a majority of members who are not from the government, to make recommendations about health
  • Health directions could be disallowed on the advice of the PDAOC if supported by a majority joint sitting of both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council'
  • The pandemic-specified legislation would need to be reviewed independently by health and law experts, beginning 18 months after the laws commence and reporting after two years
  • A detention appeal panel makes binding decisions within 72 hours of an appeal application, after taking advice from the chief health officer
  • Clarifies complaints about detention orders can be investigated by the Ombudsman. Parliament or a committee can also refer matters to the Ombudsman
  • Aggravated offences have been removed from the bill. Breaches of the bill can no longer carry a prison term, however, fines for failing to comply can still attract a $10,904 fine.

Mr Andrews and Health Minister Martin Foley spruiked the bill will protect accountability and transparency with clearer framework to help manage the next phase of the coronavirus and future pandemics.


Further protests against the pandemic bill and vaccine mandates are expected in coming weeks with organisers vowing to rally "every day" to cause disruption across Victoria.

Thousands HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS have been protesting the last couple of months calling for the sacking of Mr Andrews and to "kill" the pandemic bill.


The Opposition vowed in October they will ditch the legislation if they were voted in at the next election.

“I give an absolute guarantee: when we come back to government in this state, we will repeal this law because it is fundamentally right to do so,” he said.

“This is a democracy. People fought and died for this democracy. The separation of the judiciary and this parliament is so important."

Tens of thousands of protesters have been demonstrating each week against the pandemic bill and vaccine mandates. Picture : NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie

Tens of thousands of protesters have been demonstrating each week against the pandemic bill and vaccine mandates. Picture : NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie


Despite growing frustration with Mr Andrews, he remains on track for a third term based on Newspoll data from late November.

The Labor Party lead the Coalition 58 per cent to 42 per cent on a two-party preferred basis with under just one year till the next state election.



NZ and AU media ALWAYS use a pic with a Trump flag! lol - always! - because he got nothing but negative press here - regurgitated straight out of CNN/MSNBC - literally same talking points. Orange Man Bad - so his name is "tainted" in the minds of the sheeple, so when they see that flag at our protests readers automatically put the protesters in the same BAD category in their minds - without them even realizing.... the media realizes though...

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OTTOWA, Canada.

Shovelling snow linked to risks including heart attack, paramedics warn after two calls within an hour

Snow shovelling can be linked to health risks, from back injuries to heart attacks, paramedics warned after tackling two emergency calls within an hour as Ottawa dug out Monday morning.

The mix of cold temperatures and physical exertion increases the workload on the heart, which for some may increase the risk of a heart attack, the Ottawa Paramedic Service said in a public service announcement Monday.




Global Warming can't come fast enough for Canada it would seem.


Reminds me of these from the other day






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1 hour ago, pete675 said:

According to many thinkers, enslavement is the logical end result of 'democracy'.


'Democracy' always decays into the rule of money and media.

Democracy, otherwise known as the tyranny of the majority. I love the way US politicians bang on about ;our democracy' when America has always been a constitutional republic, with the rights of the minority guaranteed. At least that's the theory but the constitution isn't being used much any more.

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Something I posted a while ago from TCW website but which I think is even more relevant now after 2 years of conditioning ...

Which way will we lab rats jump?

July 3, 2021

PSYCHOLOGISTS study learning in a laboratory. This means that many important variables influencing behaviour can be excluded or controlled.


Learning is defined as an adaptive change in observable behaviour. If you fall from the top of the Eiffel Tower, your behaviour when you reach the ground will have changed from your behaviour on the viewing platform, but you haven’t learned anything (well, you might have – but too late).


Learning also requires that the adaptive change is contingent upon certain stimuli in one’s environment.


I won’t go on about defining the term learning, but it’s important to agree on what we are talking about to make sure things can’t slip past unintended.


Learning falls into two categories, classical conditioning and operant conditioning.


In classical conditioning, as pioneered by Pavlov and his dogs, a stimulus (a bell) is followed by another stimulus (food). Soon, when the bell is rung, saliva begins to flow. The dog has been conditioned to associate the sound of the bell with the presentation of food. It has learned.

However, you will notice that the dog has not had to do anything to achieve this learning. The dog’s autonomic nervous system has done the learning for him. This is an important observation. You can learn without wishing to learn. Circumstances can dictate.


In operant conditioning, pioneered by B F Skinner, the organism under observation is required to do something: to operate on its environment in some way. The simplest way to achieve this is to get it to press a lever. The lever can be wired to an electric switch, which can deliver a reward – a food pellet, or access to a sexually receptive mate, or a punishment such as an electric shock. This result of the initial behaviour is contingent upon it. It won’t happen unless the behaviour happens first. This is an important distinction from classical conditioning, in which the stimulus happens first, and the behaviour in response occurs afterwards.


If the rat is motivated, by being hungry for example, and presses the lever and receives a food pellet, the probability of it pressing the lever increases. After only a short time the rat will eagerly press the lever. Its behaviour has adapted. It has learned.


So far so good. We have cracked the laws that govern learning; now what?


A series of experiments by Seligman and Maier led to the coining of the term ‘learned helplessness’. In one of my psychology lectures the following experiment was described:

A large tank is half filled with water. In the centre of the tank is a raised platform atop a slim pole, which cannot be climbed up or down. At one end of the tank is a broad shelf, divided into two compartments. Each compartment is fronted with a drop-down flap, which can be locked shut. One flap is painted in black and white stripes, the other in black and white dots, to be perceptually distinguishable.


A rat which has been previously conditioned to this experimental set-up is positioned on the platform. Food pellets are placed behind the striped flap. The dotted flap is locked. The rat has already been trained to leap. If it leaps at the unlocked flap, the flap drops back and the rat gains food pellets and freedom. If it leaps at the dotted flap, it smacks its nose and falls into the water. This occurrence is called a negative reinforcement. The rat quickly learns to leap only at the striped flap.


Then the locks are swapped. The striped flap is now locked and the dotted flap is unlocked. After a few unsuccessful leaps, the rat switches to the dotted flap.


For the next run of the experiment, both flaps are locked. The rat leaps at one then the other. The result is always a dunking. Eventually the rat refuses to jump and remains motionless on the platform. In order to force a leap, a blast of cold air is directed at the rat. The experiment is run until behavioural breakdown occurs.  Whenever the rat is placed on the platform, it leaps off randomly in all directions, always ending in the water.


Now comes the clever part. Both flaps are removed. The food pellets and the path to escape are clearly visible. But the breakdown of the rat’s behaviour is ineradicable. When placed on the platform the rat freezes. Even the jet of air won’t budge it. If it does eventually leap, it will not be to the escape shelf. Only by lifting the rat from the platform and manually placing it on the shelf can the dysfunctional behaviour gradually be extinguished.


Conclusion: When faced by a chaotic, unpredictable, random environment, wherein the rules are constantly changing, and whatever the rat does makes no difference, the rat will be ‘broken’ and will cease to be able to behave adaptively. An unkind experiment, but revealing.


So, in my humble opinion, since this whole Plandemic is about control and subservience, me must understand the methods being employed by these psychological 'Nudge' teams in order to truly fins a way to fight back.






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Anyone speak German and could confirm the story (or have links to any news site)


Couple kills their 3 children and themselves after being ordered into quarantine, near Berlin




Update .... this may not be as I thought (or saw as reported)

From a translated news page:


Father is said to have killed his wife, 3 children and then himself


According to the results of the investigation team, the father of the family in Brandenburg is said to have killed his wife and the three children and then himself. The family man apparently also wrote the farewell letter found, as the Berliner Tagesspiegel reports. What is in it is still unknown.

The shock among the neighbors, classmates and classmates in the Senzig district in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin is great. Many have brought candles, plush toys and heartbreaking messages written by children to the house of the family of five, which was found dead there.

The two 40-year-old adults and the three children aged four, eight and ten are said to have been in Corona quarantine. They did not live in their house in the suburb of the capital for long.

According to the Cottbus public prosecutor and the South Police Department, the bodies had gunshot and stab injuries. None of the people in the household had a gun license.

The district administrator of Dahme-Spreewald Stephan Loge said, according to RBB, that the news of the family's death had made him "unfaced and sad. (...) The SPD politician said: "Questions remain unanswered, for the family members and for the small and large friends of the family of five. Whether tomorrow at work, at school or in the daycare center, the big and sad gap that has been tearing the news since Saturday becomes apparent ".



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Ahead of COVID jabs: Can hypnosis help kids overcome fear of needles?


(Jerusalem Post) As many countries get ready to approve experimental COVID vaccines for the 5-11 age group, “trusted experts” have been offering advice on how to get children to overcome their natural and healthy aversion to these vaccines — and one of those “experts” — a Jewish psychiatrist in Israel — advocates the use of hypnotism on these vaccine-hesitant children:


While vaccine hesitancy can be associated with many reasons, one might have not taken into consideration enough: trypanophobia – fear of needles.  According to a survey conducted on some 15,000 adults in the UK by Oxford University, trypanophobia accounted for about 10% of the cases of vaccine hesitancy, and offering treatment for the problem could give an important boost to the inoculation drive in the country.


Different studies suggest that around 20% of the adult population suffer from the condition, and as many as 50% of children and adolescents, according to psychiatrist Dr. Alex Aviv. Aviv, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, is the director of the Hypnosis Advisory Committee to the Health Ministry. Hypnosis offers an important opportunity to treat trypanophobia, as well as other anxiety disorders, including those caused by the pandemic itself.


“Hypnosis can be described as an altered state of consciousness or awareness during which people are more open to receive suggestions and therefore more open to listen to the advice of their physician or therapist,” he said.


Israel has one of the most comprehensive laws on the subject in the world, allowing the technique to be used only for medical purposes by qualified professionals, and never as a form of entertainment. “The only reason to use hypnosis is for the sake of people’s health, to help reduce pain, to cure physical or a mental problem,” Aviv said. “It should never be employed or abused for a performance in front of a crowd….”


We usually don’t address trypanophobia because we take it for granted the children fear needles,” Aviv noted. “However, as we prepare to vaccinate them against COVID, we must be aware of the issue.” Israel is expected to approve COVID inoculation for the 5-11 cohort on Wednesday.


The reason why fear of needles is so common is connected to evolution,” Aviv said. “From early childhood, like all primates or other mammals, a child learns that pain equals danger. Being punctured is very common among all mammals, and they try to avoid it because it can lead to very serious injuries and even death.”


The expert noted that trypanophobia is not just a minor fear or preference but rather a full anxiety issue.
“The fear of needles can lead to full anxiety attacks when someone gets vaccinated, causing the heartbeat to accelerate, high blood pressure, feeling dizzy or nauseous, faint, sweating, shaking, difficulty in breathing and insomnia,” he said.


“For this reason, children might really want to avoid getting inoculated and parents might allow it, either because they empathize with them or because they suffer from trypanophobia themselves,” he added. “Research has shown that someone can experience the phenomenon even when they hold a child getting a shot.”


Hypnosis, however, can help overcome the condition. “We first explore where the fear comes from, and especially if the child is not so young, we can explain to them the evolutionary reason behind it, adding that they now have the mental ability to understand that vaccinations are good,” Aviv remarked.


“In addition, our most effective tool is what we call exposure therapy,” he added. “We show the child some syringes without needles. We give the child the syringe to hold them and through hypnosis. We work to reduce the symptoms of trypanophobia that they start to experience. Eventually, the child can hold the syringe with the needle and play with the needle.” Through this treatment, patients gradually become less fearful and stop experiencing anxiety symptoms. “The problem can be overcome in very few sessions, between three and six,” Aviv said….





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3 minutes ago, ink said:

Anyone speak German and could confirm the story (or have links to any news site)


Couple kills their 3 children and themselves after being ordered into quarantine, near Berlin





From my post, just above yours ...



9 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

Conclusion: When faced by a chaotic, unpredictable, random environment, wherein the rules are constantly changing, and whatever the rat does makes no difference, the rat will be ‘broken’ and will cease to be able to behave adaptively. An unkind experiment, but revealing.


See a connection here?




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3 minutes ago, ink said:

Anyone speak German and could confirm the story (or have links to any news site)


Couple kills their 3 children and themselves after being ordered into quarantine, near Berlin




Use the subtitles 😁


Looks like the SS is rounding up Germans and putting them in the camps, too.

Just for the ethnic Germans though, I'm sure the "new" Germans are still free to rape and stab at will.

I saw a clip of the polizei pepper spraying Grannies and Grandads who were protesting the other day... zogbots are really keen to stick it to the Germans.


More than a dozen people have been forcibly placed in government isolation facilities in Germany while hundreds of people have been held in similar Australian centers as Western countries continue to ramp up the use of forced quarantine centers in the name of stopping COVID-19.

A recent survey by German newspaper Welt am Sonntag found that at least 15 people have been taken to quarantine facilities in Germany’s 10 largest cities since the beginning of the year.

The 15 individuals, who allegedly violated at-home isolation requirements for COVID-19, include 11 in Munich, two in Stuttgart, and one each in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, Welt am Sonntag reported. The full number of cases is likely higher, as authorities Berlin and Leipzig did not provide figures to the paper.

Some of the quarantine facilities were located within prisons, according to Welt. “Most of the federal states have closed areas in hospitals or prisons for quarantine breakers,” the outlet noted. “In Eisenhüttenstadt, Brandenburg, refusals were last housed in a former deportation detention center, in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, in a Solingen clinic.”

Germany has long allowed forcible quarantine of people suspected of having infectious diseases and who refuse to submit to other isolation measures. The German Infection Protection Act of 2000 specifically authorizes “placement in a locked hospital” or “locked facility” to that effect. “The fundamental right to freedom of the person can be restricted in this respect,” the law states.

With hundreds of thousands of Germans subject to domestic quarantine orders at any given time, city authorities typically “check” residents “if there is a specific suspicion,” according to Welt. In Stuttgart, officials rely on “special tipsters,” including “neighbors, acquaintances and relatives.”

“A city spokesman emphasized that contact with alleged quarantine breakers took place immediately.”

The 10 largest cities in Germany have also initiated more than 250 fine proceedings for quarantine violations, the newspaper noted. Fines ranged between 250-1,000 euros, though they can run up to 25,000 euros.



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32 minutes ago, Velma said:

So, after being double jabbed and then having a booster and flu jab, at the same time


I know someone who just had the booster and flu at the same time .... They are now (a few days later) currently very unwell and are isolating in one room of their home because they have covid (they had a test and came back positive) or so the wife tells me.

The wife also told me that it was a "good" thing they had the booster otherwise (yes you guessed it) "They would be very much worse and may be in hospital"



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