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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after Taking COVID Vaccine This Year – Many Died


A report at goodlysciencing.com shows a list of athletes who took the COVID vaccine and later went under cardiac arrest.  The report shows that a majority of the athletes listed later died.







And another updated Nov15th


It looks like they need a booster 😋

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The passports are to keep the unjabbed safe from the jabbed... next level Orwellian gibberish.


'tis true though. Granted we can't go anywhere, but it will keep purebloods safe from being in closed courters with 100s/1000s of mRNA spike producing factories, sweating and breathing them all over us!~



She never fails.


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6 hours ago, Saved said:

You have to speak in code - sometimes just rearranging a word or inserting symbols - to get past the bots. Though once you are marked, expect all comments to be instantly deleted even if pro vax. They will pick up words like 'jab' 'jabbed' etc and delete your post instantly.


Happened to me a couple of days ago.


Use the term 'arm speared'

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5 hours ago, skitzorat said:

What a loss to the world.


Neocon WashPo Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxxers Dies Of 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest'


Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, a bloodthirsty neocon who used his position to shill America into the war in Iraq and push forced vaccines, died on Monday after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.


Hiatt, 66, "had sudden cardiac arrest on Nov. 24 while visiting his daughter in Brooklyn, said his wife, Margaret 'Pooh' Shapiro, and did not regain consciousness," the Post reported.


Though Hiatt was a rabid neocon when it came to American foreign policy, he was a radical leftist on domestic policy. He published endless editorials advocating for Big Tech censorship, hate speech laws, mass immigration, gun control, forced vaccines, covid tyranny, transgenderism, anti-white critical race theory, fake meat and so on.


Hiatt embodied the worst of the worst in America.




Hope it hurt.

God 1 Demon 0

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Not to be outdone by California, New York children as young as five now have to show vax pass.


New York Post:

Kids will soon get carded at New York City restaurants and movies — for proof that they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

“Vaccination works and vaccine mandates work,” de Blasio said during a remote press briefing on the latest mandate from City Hall.

De Blasio said he was taking the “very bold, aggressive action” in response to the lockdown in Germany and other restrictions returning across the globe amid the new Omicron variant — even though the city’s only seen seven cases of it and the overall COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates here are among the lowest in the nation.

Children ages 5 to 11 must show proof of one vaccination dose to eat out, see a show, go to a movie theater, visit a fitness facility, or attend indoor entertainment venues by Dec. 14.

Kids over age 12 must have two doses by Dec. 27 unless they received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

De Blasio first launched the “Key to NYC” vaccine mandate for adults at all public indoor venues in August.

Mayor de Blasio Announces Forced Vaccines for All Private Companies and Forced Vaccines for All Children Ages 5-11 if They Want to Eat Out




The thing that is so shocking about this is that no one ever could have predicted it. /s

No doubt BLM will demand special privileges for blacks otherwise they'll threaten to riot. And they will get them, for only the blacks, and then they'll riot anyway. The media will spin some new police/hate hoaxes [against blacks] and that crazy new unelected Governor Kathy Hochul will unleash them upon the whites.





Black Lives Matter Militants Tell White Diners to ‘Get the F-ck Out of New York,’ Declare White Owned Taquerias ‘Not Welcome’





They're literally chanting it - when they say "communist" - they really mean Bolshevik.


By January, New Yorkers are going to have a lot bigger problems than not being legally allowed to work.

Socialist utopians aren’t free and they aren’t cheap.

It must be paid for in blood and constructed from children’s bones.

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3 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Good spot that actually made me howl laughing


As we very well know, they can change the goal posts at anytime.  For example, in Italy on the 19th September they extended the "freedom" with the green pass for those double jabbed from 9 months to 12 months to make it more enticing to get the jab. However, yesterday, 11th December freedom was reduced back to 9 months, which fits nicely to get the early uptakers to get their first booster now, to keep their "freedom" privileges. It is penceiled in to start the 2nd booster/4th jab in May/June 2022, so expect the freedom pass to get reduced to 6 months.😄

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Rumble He has seen more blood clots deaths this year than the whole of his career. He is seeing people getting sick and dying. This is a heartfelt and desperate plea from John.


Update from John O'Looney




He lists the main cause of deaths are heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms. I lost my uncle and a friend in the

summer, the former from an aneurysm and the latter from a massive heart attack. Although not young at

85 and 70 years of age, they were both in good health and both double jabbed😢

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So it goes on. It's not misinformation. They are lying and they know it.






























































































































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Forged vaccine passport: Father kills family for fear of prison

Anna C.By Anna C.December 7, 20212 Mins Read
The police found five bodies on Saturday in a single-family house in Senzig, Brandenburg, south of Berlin: father, mother, and three daughters.

The father of the family, Devid R. (40), is said to have killed his wife, and his three children aged four, eight, and ten. All of them were found with gunshot wounds.

According to a suicide letter left behind, the 40-year-old forged a vaccination certificate for his wife. After the employer found out, the couple was afraid of imprisonment and that the children would be taken away from them, the Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told the German Press Agency on Tuesday. He did not provide any further details. The investigators found the letter in the family home.

Königs Wusterhausen is located south-east of Berlin in the Brandenburg district of Dahme-Spreewald and has almost 40,000 inhabitants. Senzig is a district of Königs Wusterhausen and was an independent municipality until a municipal area reform in the early 2000s.

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On 12/4/2021 at 8:20 PM, Doc said:

That video is a banger Dale. Needed a refresher. We are dealing with a sick bunch.. the cattle are stirring.


Glad there are people who understands this and willing to put time into it. I reckon it will be the difference between sink or float.


well well..... THIS made my day.

It is worth studying the law for sure. I know nothing as of December 2021 but I am already seeing a glimpse of where it can take me. If anybody crosses me, steals me, copies me.....what sorta price shall I slap on? I'm a priceless kinda person, never really thought about how much I should price myself at. I could potentially write a will and give you who contact me with 1mil each.... We are all in this together. 🤪 🤩🤭


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Canadian woman organizes to secretly jab other people's kids without their knowledge. 

It's like a religion to these white woman.

They view it like Spanish priests viewed baptizing the children of Aztec savages, like it's their special calling and they're doing the Lords work.


Salty Cracker - Birthing Person Withholds Christmas Gifts Until Son Gets Fauci Jab



Children offered secret ride to vaccination clinic


Canadian vaccine advocates have sparked online controversy and reportedly faced threats, after offering to give teens whose parents are against inoculation for Covid-19 a ride to a vaccination site.


The row began on Friday, after a Saskatchewan community organizer named Julian Wotherspoon posted a Twitter message offering to assist any 13- to 17-year-olds who wanted to get vaccinated despite opposition from their parents. “I’m your ride to the clinic,” she said. “If anyone asks, I’m taking you and my kids to a movie. Let’s do this.”


According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, children aged 13 and older “who are able to understand the benefits and possible reactions” of a vaccine do not need a parent’s permission to be jabbed. Equally, teens can refuse immunization by giving “mature minor” consent to their health provider.

The authorities recommend families discuss the issue together with their children before they make the decision, however.

Wotherspoon’s tweet caused quite a stir online, eliciting both praise and outrage. She has since made her account private.


Another proponent of children’s vaccination, self-described “mommy blogger” Tenille Lafontaine, also of Saskatchewan, called Wotherspoon’s offer “amazing.” She added, “I’ve heard of a few teens getting the vaccine on their own because their parents are insane in the membrane. The kids are gonna be alright. Side note: I’m available to drive anytime.”

Other commenters pushed back, telling the two women to “stay away from other people’s children.” Some went as far as to liken their secret transport offer to kidnapping. 


Wotherspoon’s post had apparently been prompted by a news report on Wednesday that Saskatchewan’s government was requiring parents or guardians to accompany children aged 12 and younger for their Covid-19 vaccination. “We don’t want to ever give the perception we’re giving Covid-19 vaccine behind parents’ backs,” Health Minister Paul Merriman told CBC News. 


Lafontaine said that, following her offer to help children defy the wishes of their parents, she had received multiple threats of violence from “conservatives.” One of the messages she cited was a tweet saying, “Good way to get yourself shot.” 









And of course nothing happens. Kidnapping peoples children is ok because it's "for the greater good" - Welcome to the new-normal; the chemists are jabbing your kids "accidently" with the wrong shot, the State is luring your kids into stadiums with ice-cream while storm troopers stop adults protesting outside and then you have a legion of creepers in the community broadcasting their eagerness to kidnap them.



"Can I offer you a ride? I've got lollipops"

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