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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


I'm getting on man.....as you grow older it's harder and harder to get an unbroken night's sleep, due to arthritic pain waking you constantly.

I do a lot of daytime napping to make up for it.

Ageing is not for wimps, I can tell you.


But if someone's spending more time asleep  than they do awake, the first area to look at is blood sugar.

If you've become diabetic without it being diagnosed, non stop sleeping is one of the first symptoms, along with bad thirsts.  Blood sugar needs to be checked.


Then again, the jab would probably be well capable of making someone kip constantly as it ravaged their body.


I suggest exocism. You'd fee a whole lot better. 😉 Not kidding.


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4 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:



I've seen lots of videos especially from Milan over the last few weeks with men in plain clothes

taking protestors away. So yeah undercover cops


What even more scary for people, is that people just allow these people to pull people away.

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7 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


Some good news


I've heard of Doctor Sam, but didn't know about this until today.

Dr. Sam White Has Won His High Court Appeal Against the General Medical Council

"Dr. Sam White was suspended by the National Health Service (“NHS”) in June 2021 for raising concerns about the safety of the Covid injection and informed consent. He is very concerned about the “vaccination” of children. “One child’s vaccine injury or death is one too many,”





His Twitter account is still under restrictions but it's great to hear some good news even if Twitter don't agree with the high court verdict.

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1 hour ago, CrowintheSnow said:

This figures. It's just what I always felt; that Faucet is a reincarnated Nazi "doctor".

Poor little Souls. Someone needs to be put down a.s.a.p. and not the poor monkeys.

The first time I saw him, with his sunken eyes, I likened him to a sadistic sort. This actor was cast as Joseph Goebbels in Downfall purely for his skeletal, inhuman face with those same  sunken eyes.






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Have we, the red-pilled been sold a wet kipper when it comes to the whole "Mrna spike protein* stuff?


The following 5 minute video, combined with the recent apparent  murder of Mr Broach, after talking about graphene hydroxide should perhaps give us pause for thought




It could of course be a combination of both, though I do remember listening to Stefan Lanka  a few months ago suggesting that the entire DNA/RNA stuff is far from cast in stone.


Meanwhile, the presence of the nano razors in the "national clottery" shots ( are you feeling lucky ?) seems to be beyond any reasonable scientific doubt ( if we are talking real science) and would be a very likely outcome for thrombosis, Heart failure, Aneurisms etc.

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Ain't seen that which MarcusOmouse posted yet, but I wanna post this next to it as a good find today I made... (thanks to poster of vaccine animal testing abuse I came to be on this following website>>)  

One shocker here, like we can still BE shocked even now??  

Check it... 

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Lambs to the slaughter?




Apologies for posting from Billy's Bribed Cowards (formerly the Jimmy Savile Fan Club),  but reading the piece I sense an air of desperation.


This is really a nonsensical pseudo-religious cult - if these fools survive they will need deprogramming.


The 'Chief Nurse' sounds like she's 'a penny short of a shilling'.

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We are fucked. It's only a matter of time. Still gonna fight till the end for the hell of it but GO/GH in our food, water, NPCs are busy smearing nano gel everywhere. How are we supposed to survive? Not many people have a garden to grow your pwn food, UK can't grow food during the winter anyway.

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