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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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The Case For Compulsory Vaccinations Is Dead... Omicron Just Killed It

by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 03, 2021 - 11:00 PM


The current narrative is that:

  • The vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.
  • What beneficial effect they do have wears off, they don’t know when.
  • They probably don’t protect against new variants or mutations.
  • The vaccines have unknown longterm side effects.


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7 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


Reminds me of Maggie De Block, the HEALTH MINISTER in Belgium. I bet she's promoting Big Macs in exchange for the injection.


First coronavirus vaccine expected in March: Belgian health minister –  POLITICO



Is she Slitheen?


Looks exactly like the actress who played one in Dr Who. For those unfamiliar with Dr Who, the Slitheen are highly unpleasant green aliens who conceal themselves within the bodies of top politicians. They plan to depopulate the earth in order to break it up and sell it off as rocket fuel.


This whole manufactured crisis is basically fiction - but Dr Who is looking more and more like fact.

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1 hour ago, Celticdevil said:

My wife has gone she’s full on in there mind set 

it’s so sad 

I’m done with this bill shit lol 

she’s thinking about getting her 3rd jag ffs 

these peeps are fckd 

sorry for rant 


Have you had any side effects being around/intimate with her?


Also can you check if she is magnetic?

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11 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

I wouldn't claim to be a solid citizen by any of your measures.


But I yesterday I did receive a government letter.


The envelope indicated that it contained an important health message inside.


No idea of its contents.


It was the ideal size for my shredder.


Good idea. As Spike Milligan said, never open a government letter.


'Last time I did, six weeks later I was in a hole in the sand being shot at by Germans.'

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2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

Don't let this one bring you down guys, it is just the worlds most untalented so-called 'comedian' after all.
No great surprise that this unfunny turd is part of the 'anti-vax' push for the agenda.

Sellout lego man haired One-Trick-Pony Unfunny Cunt Jimmy Carr (nt)  - being true to form when he says "slap yourself in the fucking face" to the only person in the audience who owns up to not having the jab.







The Kaiser chiefs of comedians, another agenda dick rider. No agenda, no tv, if they can break Boyle, then a twat like this is easy.

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11 hours ago, pete675 said:


Thanks..not my measures though, more those of the rotting system.


I had the idea that some sort of 'social credit' score was being used to determine who gets pestered to be 'vaccinated'.


Maybe this score is also used to decide what they get in their arm if they are foolish enough to attend the jab centre.


T4 or just tea, know what I mean?

Exactly that things was exposed by former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston as being in the filed patents by these drug criminals.


I didn't make a note of the patent number.


But I have previously looked it up and there are track and trace technology patents filed with the vaccines. So if you go to high risk venues, such as a church service, you will be automatically notified that you need to come in for a booster.

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Inveterate bullshitter spouts the usual bullshit, yawn:




Corrected the headline there. 


But - 'top scientist' - I've never heard of him!


A 'top scientist' with a credit card bill and an expensive mortgage, perchance?


The Wellcome Trust - Bill 'n' Melinda yet again!


Money makes the world go around - or stop - and Bill's got plenty of it!!



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9 hours ago, Morpheus said:

At some point, there'll still be a line and the gates are still open currently. Keep your eyes on the Maxwell case and ignore the noise. Some big people are going to be named and when they do, await the backlash. 


As one of the cartel said (can't remember which one, I think Kissinger) if the public were aware of what we'd done, we wouldn't be able to walk the streets. That day is coming. 

I don't thinkany big names are going to come out of the Maxwell case.


It's a massive cover up.


1. The prosecutor is Comey's daughter.

2. The presiding judge has just accepted an appointment to a superior court.

3. Media access has been denied.

4. The prosecutor is focusing on Epstein and his conduct with 16 year olds.

5. The judge has blocked reporting of anything 'distressing'.


It's a whitewash.

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24 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:


The Kaiser chiefs of comedians, another agenda dick rider. No agenda, no tv, if they can break Boyle, then a twat like this is easy.

Shot 1: Threatened with prosecution for using mobile phone while driving...


Jimmy Carr has escaped a conviction for talking on his phone while driving - because he said he was using it to dictate a joke...


Shot 2: Exposed for tax avoidance...


TEARFUL Jimmy Carr has opened up about his tax avoidance shame — saying he thought he was about to “lose it all”.


Within weeks of which he was presenting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee gig.


I wonder what shot 3 would've been.

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Psychopath Trudeau Releases Video Telling 4-Year-Olds to Make Vax Appointment on Fifth Birthday
"You're gonna be able to get your vaccine as soon as you turn five. I know you're excited, I know you're eager..."
A year into unimaginable death and maiming from these injections there's no denying now - These people are genociding children/us on purpose.


After saying “I know you’re excited and I know you’re eager,” he touches his nose (recall how often Bill does that in interviews?)


One of the most basic things you learn in studying body language is that when a child tells a lie, he will immediately cover his mouth, as if to prevent any more untruths from coming out, or to stuff the lie back into their mouth. This is because humans naturally want to be good and tell the truth. As people age, they stop completely covering their mouth, but the instinct changes to simply touching the face, usually making the exact nose-scratch gesture Trudeau made above.

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Australian Premier Says US White Supremacists are Tricking Aborigines Into Not Taking the Vax.


Keep in mind these same Leaders are force injecting and taking the aborigines away to camps in army trucks.
How is this real?

These people will just say anything.

Never forget that during the 2020 BLM riots, several government officials and media outlets came out and said that the looters were all white supremacists in rubber masks.



The premier of Western Australia has suggested US-based “white supremacist groups” may be to blame for low Covid vaccination rates among Aboriginals, claiming the Indigenous community has been targeted with anti-vaxx propaganda.

“There’s been some misinformation provided to Aboriginal people from people who do not have their best interests at heart,” Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told reporters on Thursday, adding that he had “heard from one Aboriginal person who said white supremacist groups are sending information to Aboriginal people that they shouldn’t get vaccinated.”

“Now, the suspicion is these white supremacist groups out of America wouldn’t be unhappy if bad outcomes occurred to the health of Aboriginal people in Australia. That’s the problem we face.”

McGowan warned that “white supremacists” were seeking “to harm Aboriginal people,” and urged the Indigenous community to “listen to the experts” when it came to vaccines.

Some 75% of West Australia’s population of 2.6 million is fully vaccinated, according to local media, though rates among Aboriginals continue to lag in the 30% range.

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