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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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32 minutes ago, wingwang said:

JINGLE HELLS Cops WILL enter homes and break-up Christmas family gatherings if they break lockdown rules, warns police chief:






Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas - you're nicked. 

In the article another photo of non-essential items cordoned off in Wales.



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I hope there are Christmas lockdowns tbh. People don't seek to care about their basic human rights and bodily autonomy but from working in retail in the past I know that by God do they care about Christmas. I've never been the hugest fan of it so I don't mind if it's cancelled, but I think it would be the final straw for many, many people.


If we have a pre Christmas lockdown, an opening up and then another one in January it might keep the masses placated for now. Better to get the ball rolling on the Great Awakening sooner rather than later. 

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The world is mad and not becoming better. I don't like this PCR test being given to people, it is just a very bad detection for RNA which is also the same for RNA fragment that is old dead virus. This means people who have had sars-2 in the body and created antibody for this (fragments virus) are being positive for covid19 when they are healthy.


My advice to all members who wish to make some difference is to post the link to friends and family I show below from Dr Michael Yeadon  -




I apologise if this is posted before. It is a very detailed explanation and makes a strong argument for stopping no more lock downs. On my personal level, I wish to watch live football once more and am angry this is stopped.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, Doctor What said:

My advice to all members who wish to make some difference is to post the link to friends and family I show below from Dr Michael Yeadon  -


Perhaps listening to an interview might be easier for some? 



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The man who broke his own lockdown rules twice in early May, during the height of the COVID-1984 pandemic, is back with his opinions and Mystic Meg predictions. 


National lockdown scientist says England will be suffering 'high levels' of Covid well into 2021

By Daniel Smith

10:52, 28 OCT 2020

Prof Neil Ferguson claims the tiered restrictions approach will be ineffective in the short term

The scientist behind the UK-wide lockdown in March says the tiered restrictions approach being used in England will be ineffective in the short term.

Prof Neil Ferguson, whose modelling prompted the nation shut down, told the PA news agency that measures in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas are “unlikely to cause daily cases and deaths to fall rapidly”.

He said that modelling suggests that this could leave the country with 'high levels' of Covid cases, demand on health care and deaths "until spring 2021".


Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London,

Prof Ferguson, from Imperial College London, said: “The concern at the moment is that even if the measures adopted in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas slow spread in the next few weeks, they are unlikely to cause daily cases and deaths to fall rapidly.

“Modelling from all the academic groups informing Sage suggests that this could leave the country with high levels of Covid circulation, healthcare demand and mortality for several months, at least until spring 2021.”


Full article here https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/national-lockdown-scientist-says-england-19178680

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Myanmar is a country of nearly 54 million people.

It has had 1,000 COVID-19 deaths.

It has been subject to a severe lockdown.

“People are eating rats and snakes,” one resident said. “Without an income, they need to eat like that to feed their children.”

Meanwhile, the panic that feeds into anti-life decisions like lockdowns in Myanmar continues apace.

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Here we go with Germany & Switzerland starting lockdown procedures and France on the cusp of very tight wartime lockdown restrictions.


Europe is facing a new wave of national lockdowns as Angela Merkel's government reach a deal with local authorities in all 16 federal states to impose a partial lockdown from November 2.

The lockdown will see all bars and restaurants closed until at least November 30, while shops may remain open provided they meet a new condition of a maximum of one person per ten square metres in order to respect social distancing.

France is also preparing for new nationwide restrictions. Emmanuel Macron will address the nation at 8pm local time this evening, when he is expected to announce a four week national stay-at-home directive.

While the details of that announcement are not currently known publicly, it is expected that French residents will not be allowed to leave their home except for essential reasons, such as work, exercise or food shopping.

Switzerland, too, has imposed tighter restrictions, ordering dance clubs to be closed from Thursday, halting in-person university classes starting early next month, and placing new limits on sporting and leisure activities. These measures will last indefinitely.


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30 minutes ago, AndyJ said:

Can anyone explain how you can test for and have dogs sniff out a virus that still hasn't been proven to exist? 

They must be looking for the flu which has vanished off the face of the earth this year I have no idea why,thats the only explanation I can give.

As There has been a 98% plummet in flu infections this year.


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When is enough going to be enough for these tyrannical c**ts. The mainstream media was and still are complicit in this nonsense. I saw that hideous little creature kay burley with her stupid little annoying voice in a snippet asking for more lockdowns. 


Then you get the pure gaslighting "so we should let it rip". You know what if i put myself into the patadigm of the official narrative. Yes. Let the effing thing rip. Its not a plague. Its not killing people it is supposedly killing elderly 85+ and already dying old people. 


So we should just let them die? 


YES. The normies have been gaslighted into thinking its their job to save peoples lives and THE HEALTH SERVICE. If it was killing people left right and centre then we could all sort of understand it. 


And i will call them normies and sheep because if they have not realised something is off at this point they are worthless to us. 


Let them call us granny killers i dont answer morally to these virtue signalling spastics. 



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3 minutes ago, MR-E said:

These types you mean ..... sheep beyond help !!ElLvHsuX0AY1prD?format=jpg&name=medium

Exactly what they are like. They are the orthodox Branch. The type with rainbow flags in their windows cowering behind the mainstream media seeing what level restrictions their postcode is. Absolutely state of em. 

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6 hours ago, Illmatic said:


Absolutely. Being in my late 20s I don't entirely agree with that. Most millenials still want to go out and live, breath, laugh, sing, dance, have sex, etc... but the social justice narritive has been getting hammered into people's heads for the last decade or so and no there is an awful culture of virtue signalling and being righteous so people won't think you are horrible. Young people are willing to depress themselves because it's "the right thing"


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1 hour ago, AndyJ said:

Can anyone explain how you can test for and have dogs sniff out a virus that still hasn't been proven to exist? 


dogs can sniff out cancer


some researchers have proven that dogs can detect prostate cancer by simply smelling patients’ urine. Dogs may also be able to sniff out the presence of cancerous cells through a human’s breath.


if someone is ill, their body will be attempting to heal and will be excreting toxins. the common excretion of a cold is sneeze, runny nose or cough. even the breath will be loaded with toxins exiting the body


it is entirely plausible that a sniffer dog can identify these toxins specific to 'coronaviruses'


maybe even low levels of toxins which the people dont even realise occur on a daily basis

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I am sure that, earlier in the thread, a link was posted (possibly by Odds?) to FOI responses from Local Authorities to questions surrounding cases of Covid-19 amongst their staff. I can't for the life of me find it now.


I have come across some similar responses from some police forces and 1 NHS trust below. All of the responses state that there have been zero deaths from Covid-19, miniscule numbers of hospitalisations and small numbers of staff officially diagnosed with the disease.


West Midlands Police






Suffolk and Norfolk Constabularies






Leicestershire Police




East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust



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