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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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54 minutes ago, BossCrow said:

"I'll be back" is also a favourite line of the TV licensing goons here in the UK (even if you let them in to see for themselves you have no TV, which you should never do anyway as it's pointless, they're never happy until you agree to buy a license or they see you prosecuted)



Ah, that's who's been knockin' on my door. Glad I didn't answer.

Been going around the house yelling, "Where's the beef!" recently.

I guess that means it hasn't gone public domain yet. I should have checked first.


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3 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

Ah, that's who's been knockin' on my door. Glad I didn't answer.

Been going around the house yelling, "Where's the beef!" recently.

I guess that means it hasn't gone public domain yet. I should have checked first.



The last time I had a knock on my door from a capita goon was about 2014. Since then I have moved several times. I still receive the monthly newsletter telling me how I should pay them money or I could get fined. 

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17 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

They know we know it's not working, yet they are still barreling along with the plan.


yup and with the full appreciation of a large portion of the population


17 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

It has to be something they can't put in our food or water. It has to be an injection.



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The case-demic continues:




Are people still really that dumb/scared? Do they not think they could have spun every flu season the same way? Where are the extra deaths, the extra hospitalisations? Do they not question why they're talking cases and not deaths? Two years into this and they're still getting away with it. So frustrating.

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Man, it's bigger than the Beatles 🙀

From Breitbart:

Report: Omicron Spreads Coast to Coast to at Least Five States

From the article:

The coronavirus omicron variant has reportedly spread coast to coast to at least five states in total.

The newly mutated variant has now been detected in California, New York, Colorado, Minnesota, and Hawaii, USA Today reported.

“Let me be clear: This is not cause for alarm. We knew this variant was coming and we have the tools to stop the spread,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted. “Get your vaccine. Get your booster. Wear your mask.”


From King Kitty:

So New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted. “Get your vaccine. Get your booster. Wear your mask.”

Okay. First on your list for me is, "Get my vaccine." Okay. Next on your list of things I need to do is, "Get my booster."...wait, hold on...I just got my vaccine. You just had me get a vaccine, now you want me to get the booster!?! You lost me there, Kat. Should we even address this nonsense of still wearing my mask after getting the vaccine, AND the booster, Kitten?


Tell me we aren't living in Idiocracy at this point, kids.


Okay, back to the story from Breitbart:

The variant reportedly spread to Minnesota from a man who attended a convention in New York City, the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Dave Chokshi, said. Minnesota health officials, meanwhile, noted the man had not traveled overseas. “It’s most likely that transmission of the virus happened at the convention,” USA Today said.


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz stated Thursday the news of the variant reaching the midwest is “concerning” but not a “surprise.”

“Today, those tools detected a case of the Omicron variant in Minnesota,” Walz said. “This news is concerning, but it is not a surprise. We know that this virus is highly infectious and moves quickly throughout the world.”


The variant also reached Colorado on Thursday, the Denver Post reported. State health officials said the case occurred in a vaccinated woman who had traveled to South Africa. The woman reportedly has mild systems and is recovering.


Hawaii News Now reported the variant has reached the middle of the Pacific Ocean on Thursday. The variant reportedly infected an unvaccinated resident who “has no history of travel outside the state.”


The variant was thought to be first discovered in South Africa, but European health officials stated this week it was present in Europe before being identified in South Africa.


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do you trust convicted criminals to inject an unknown substance into you?


what if those convicted criminals had previously been handed a record fine for their criminality?

Pfizer hit with record fine after hiking price of NHS epilepsy drug by 2,600pc - costing taxpayer millions

By Press Association 7 December 2016 • 8:45am
Drug firms Pfizer and Flynn Pharma have been fined nearly £90m for "excessive and unfair" pricing to the NHS after hiking the cost of an anti-epilepsy drug by up to 2,600pc overnight....
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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


Revenge for what? My ancestors fought the nazis


No this issue goes back way before the nazis

I now think of Jew-suits (not suit but suet), you know Jew+Jesuit.


But honestly, bearing in mind we have nowhere to find certified, genuine truth we don't really know who is behind this.


My best bet? A seriously fucked-up, narcissistic angel/emanation, so pissed off at NOT being the creator that he/she and I mean a he-she wants to fuck us all up. Cos he/she can't just be who he/she should be.

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32 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

We use their tools if we can.

This is a brilliant tactic.

Let's think of more!


I like this idea too Nobby. 

Anyone got a link or PDF of the WEF "Welcome to 2030" article? I can't find it for toffee now. I'm sure if you printed that out and put it through enough doors people would soon wake up. Use their own words and methods against them.  If only that article was still online. A QR code linked to that would be awesome coz people would see it as being authentic. Their website is very professional 🤣🤣

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21 minutes ago, giorgos said:

hello how do you this can? i need one for this qr code😎


4 minutes ago, Pierre-Luc said:

i tried to find some QR for the page but could't. But @wingwang make a good one. any ways here the link of the short clip i took screenshots of---> https://t.me/new_no_more/1419


2 minutes ago, Critilo said:

Does anyone know where and how QR codes are produced? Because I never saw a QR code generator. 


In Chrome if you right click (PC) a menu will come up and give you the option to 'Create a QR code for this page'.


Hit that and a QR will get generated for whatever page you're on.


Do what ya like with said QR code!

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