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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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17 hours ago, webtrekker said:

Interesting poll on Telegram ...



I just wonder when people will come to terms with the fact that our civiilization is already at war.


It's us versus our govnts, who are dictated to by their globalist overlords, who are dictated to by the death cult.


Exactly who or what the death cult are remains the only real mystery to me ( in this particular scenario). Though It seems obvious to me that these people are clearly not human.

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so THAT is how the psychopaths are going to spin it in order to explain why young and fit people you know who have been JABBED are now dropping dead or having strokes.....so nothing to do with the experimental covid jabs then you SICK BASTARDS?

Losing your temper or working out too hard at the gym may be contributing factors in up to one in 11 strokes, study suggests

  • One in 11 stroke survivors experienced anger or upset in the hour leading up to it 
  • Research also found one in 20 patients had engaged in heavy physical exertion 
  • The suspected triggers were identified as part of the global Interstroke study 

By Joe Davies For Mailonline

Published: 13:59 GMT, 2 December 2021 | Updated: 13:37 GMT, 3 December 2021


and also because they are stressed out!

Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians

By Elly Blake
23 hours ago
Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.

This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim.

Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19.


He fears this could result in a dramatic rise in physical health issues, such as coronary heart failure, if cases are not detected or treated early.


Mr Rayner said: “PPSD is a very real problem on a massive scale. As well as the condition itself with all its immediate problems, one of the biggest collateral issues is the affect it can have on heart health.


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Covid vaccine effects - martial arts world champion to amputee



Stamford man Dave Mears, who lost his leg after first Astra Zeneca jab, tells his story.




Here's the local newspaper story from May;


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They will JAB you until you die:

Boosters forever? Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup says Brits 'probably will' have to get jabbed against coronavirus EVERY YEAR

  • Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup said UK 'probably will' need annual booster jab
  • She said latest vaccine purchases mean the UK will be 'prepared for future years'
  • Comes after the boss of Pfizer said annual booster jabs are 'likely to be needed'

By Jack Maidment, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

Published: 09:04 GMT, 3 December 2021 | Updated: 09:31 GMT, 3 December 2021 

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup has told Brits they 'probably will' have to get a coronavirus booster jab every year. 

Ms Throup pointed to the Government's latest vaccine purchase of 114million new doses which are due to be delivered in 2022 and 2023 as she said 'it would be wrong of us not to be prepared'. 

The comments on the BBC's Question Time programme came after the boss of Pfizer, Dr Albert Bourla, said annual vaccinations 'are likely to be needed'.   



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Biden reveals plan to ‘vaccinate the world’

3 Dec, 2021 03:27 / Updated 9 hours ago
President Joe Biden has vowed to not force the nation into yet another lockdown as the new Covid-19 strain spreads. Apart from encouraging vaccination at home, Biden said the US “must vaccinate the world.”

Biden outlined his coronavirus policy for the upcoming months in an op-ed published in USA Today on Thursday. In the piece, the president said that the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant, which has already spilled over to the US, “is a cause of concern,” but not “for panic.”

In an apparent bid to alleviate fears that the new strain could bring economic recovery to a grinding halt, Biden claimed that he was not considering any sweeping restrictions.

 “We are going to fight Covid-19 not with shutdowns or lockdowns – but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more,” he wrote. Some of these measures will see vaccination times extended into nights and weekends and more walk-in vaccination sites open.

Americans can expect to be spammed by pharmacies who will be “spreading the word” about the availability of vaccines, sending “millions of texts and emails to remind their customers.” The administration, in the meantime, will reach out to the 60 million Americans on Medicare, Biden revealed.


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Heart inflammation risk in Pfizer and Moderna jabs evaluated

3 Dec, 2021 14:41
The European Medicines Agency's safety committee has confirmed a “very rare” risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in individuals who've had the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Covid vaccines, having conducted large Europe-wide studies.

The data, released following the latest meeting of the European regulator’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), backed up previous concerns about the potential risk posed by the Covid vaccines.

Both myocarditis and pericarditis are deemed “very rare” in recipients of the Comirnaty jab, produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, and Spikevax, previously known as the Moderna vaccine.

The two conditions were previously added to the side-effects list of the vaccines.

While the research showed there was an increased risk of myocarditis in young males, overall it was assessed that cases are likely to only affect up to one in 10,000 vaccinated individuals.

The two conditions that can develop are both inflammatory conditions of the heart and can result in a range of symptoms, such as breathlessness, irregular heartbeat and chest pain.

Despite this confirmation of the low risk posed by taking the vaccine, the EMA remained confident that the benefits of all approved Covid vaccines outweigh the risks, including potential jab-related illnesses or complications. Regardless of the health concerns, officials were clear that the evidence shows taking the jab can reduce the risk of hospitalization or death from the virus.

The agency stated in a press release that it will continue to monitor the situation and will update citizens if there is a change in the risk assessment.


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 German virologist at Stellenbosch University near Cape Town. "We don’t have a culture of the virus yet."

Omicron is proving to be a bit unwieldy, explains virologist Alex Sigal of the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban. He says that even with tricks, it is difficult to "coax it out of the cells."

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3 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

So here’s something interesting, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed something that’s been happening locally where I live and wondered if it’s going on elsewhere in the UK...


Defibrillators appearing everywhere... parks, outside shops, railway stations, clubs, council buildings, you name it.


Maybe it’s to cope with the outbreak of sudden heart attacks, strokes and seizures that the media are telling us is completely normal and A COINCIDENCE. (Daily Fail)

Where i live they have been at train stations and outside a couple of places for a few years now.

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6 hours ago, numnuts said:




'Geneva places 2,000 people in quarantine after two Omicron cases.'


'Two thousand students and staff at a Swiss international school at Founex near Geneva have gone into quarantine after the discovery of two Omicron variant cases. The cases are linked to a family who recently returned from South Africa. There’s been a surge in Swiss hospital cases.'


Omicron has been to a Steps concert in Glasgow.


The Scots don't die from Covid anymore, but have coronavirus-linked deaths.




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1 minute ago, KingKitty said:

He also said, "I'll be back." How odd that seems to fit, as well.

This Covid is like the Terminator! It just won't go away!

"I'll be back" is also a favourite line of the TV licensing goons here in the UK (even if you let them in to see for themselves you have no TV, which you should never do anyway as it's pointless, they're never happy until you agree to buy a license or they see you prosecuted)



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From a couple of days ago from RT....

Successful vaccine rollouts have failed to stop Covid transmission, with new data showing the prevalence of the virus increasing in fully jabbed individuals, according to a medical study in The Lancet.

Examining new infections in Germany, researchers found that the rate of cases among fully vaccinated individuals aged 60 and older has risen from 16.9% in July to 58.9% in October.

Offering a clear assessment that fully vaccinated people are increasingly becoming the source of Covid transmission, the study identified a similar situation in the UK. Throughout Britain, the number of household contacts exposed to unvaccinated cases (23%) was slightly lower than the number exposed to vaccinated individuals (25%).

In the space of three weeks in Britain, 100 Covid cases were reported among individuals who are 60 or older. Out of those infections, 89.7% of people were fully vaccinated, while 3.4% were unvaccinated.

More concerning for researchers, in Israel, an outbreak that infected multiple healthcare workers and patients, as well as their family members, came from a fully vaccinated hospital patient.

Backing up the fears expressed in the study, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently lists four of the five areas across the US with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals as high transmission counties.

Researchers warned that decision makers must acknowledge the risk that is still posed by vaccinated individuals.

It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.

The research released in The Lancet comes as countries weigh imposing Covid vaccine mandates to help protect citizens from the spread of the omicron variant and a potential resurgence in case numbers. Greece became the first nation in the EU to implement a Covid vaccine requirement, threatening all over-60s who don’t get the jab with a monthly fine.

Mass vaccination fails to halt Covid transmission rates – study — RT World News


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