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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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11 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Negative tested people still put in quarantine




Absolutely astonishing but my first thought is "How did these people let this happen?"


Seriously, if this starts happening in the UK there's going to be hell to play and I for one wouldn't have even let it get to that point, they wouldn't have got near me, never mind apprehend me.

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21 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


Bumping this in case anyone missed it.


Can you repost this in "Vaccine injuries & Medics speaking out" please? 

This is important information and I think it's too important to be getting lost in the Megathread... 


Cheers. 👍

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So here’s something interesting, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed something that’s been happening locally where I live and wondered if it’s going on elsewhere in the UK...


Defibrillators appearing everywhere... parks, outside shops, railway stations, clubs, council buildings, you name it.


Maybe it’s to cope with the outbreak of sudden heart attacks, strokes and seizures that the media are telling us is completely normal and A COINCIDENCE. (Daily Fail)

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18 hours ago, Saved said:

Definitely go down the high anxiety line regarding masks. King David feigned madness when trapped in a cave and captured by his enemies - he went as far to dribble down his beard (1 Samuel 21: 10-15) so as to not appear to be any threat to those who sought after his life.


Being a Christian, I despise lies. However, there must be occasions when lying has a righteous purpose. The prostitute Rahab (book of Joshua) was commended for hiding two men during a scouting raid and sending their pursuers the wrong way.


Both examples are in a greater context that were war/battle scenarios and make no mistake (whether you believe these two accounts are true or not) we are at war. Be not ashamed to practice being highly stressed and slightly psychotic in front of a mirror. I have done so in the distant past to get what I thought I needed at the time and got rather good at it. When living in hostels for seven years back in the 1990's, I had to leave room in people's thinking that I might just be loony enough to kill them if ever they wanted to have a go at me. I was often surrounded by violence and saw some nasty shit, but it never came after me.


Nobody - especially in woke land - will want to be seen to be discriminating against somebody with mental health issues that are exacerbated by wearing a mask.


Neither you, me or anybody has been randomly born to experience the days we are in. The hairs of your head are numbered. We all have a purpose, though we often stumble about with emotions all over the place. When I read of people struggling, I pray for them and that is what I shall do for you @Pierre-Luc because I've known providence and grace when I've been the least deserving person imaginable.

Sorry, that did make me laugh a bit. When I was younger I used to think if I was ever attacked, my plan was to pretend I was having an epileptic fit. Also, if I was ever in a battle I'd play dead. 

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1 hour ago, Anders said:

I have just had a phone call from my local surgery asking me to come in to get a Shingles shot. WTF ! Nothing in my medical records refer to any need for such a shot.

Have you ever had chickenpox? If so, then you stand a chance of getting shingles. That's the latest wisdom from the leeches. They probably went through their patient roster checking for those who ticked the chickenpox box on the list of past diseases.

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The Con virus death figures have always been exaggerated from the get go and that's

what made most people afraid and compliant.


TOM UTLEY: What an absurdity for my wonderful mother-in-law's death at 99 to be included in the daily Covid toll

"She was painfully thin, tired, and only intermittently lucid. Though she was delighted to see her youngest daughter, she also made clear that she'd like to be left to sleep. I got the firm impression that she realised her time was up. She'd had enough — and I knew that this was the last time I'd see her alive.


True, Covid may possibly have shortened her life by a few days. But then a mild cold, or another fall, would almost certainly have had the same effect. 


Like so many of the very old, who appear as numbers in the daily Covid death toll, she would have died very soon anyway — with or without Covid. One day, after all, we're all going to die of something"




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32 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Have you ever had chickenpox? If so, then you stand a chance of getting shingles. That's the latest wisdom from the leeches. They probably went through their patient roster checking for those who ticked the chickenpox box on the list of past diseases.


Yes, could be. Thanks. Maybe I am just paranoid. :)

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5 hours ago, numnuts said:

Donald 'Biff' Trump was said to have excitedly exclaimed 'Oh, Macron!', when Emmanuel first whipped out his todger in front of him, at a masonic social. I reckon a pensive Whitty, sitting in the corner, just misheard and settled on it (in both senses). Cheers, Biff.





'Geneva places 2,000 people in quarantine after two Omicron cases.'


'Two thousand students and staff at a Swiss international school at Founex near Geneva have gone into quarantine after the discovery of two Omicron variant cases. The cases are linked to a family who recently returned from South Africa. There’s been a surge in Swiss hospital cases.'

Don't miss the quarantine photo Reuters' AI engine created: 



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20 hours ago, wingwang said:

This is so sad...



Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but...


I was noticing the eye lashes on the face. They go directly upwards. No curvature to them at all. Straight up.


So I thought, maybe the child is trying to emphasize, if even just on a sub conscience level, that she can see? Her mouth may be muzzled, but she can see what's going on. Her eyes are open to what's going on.


But, maybe I'm just reading too much into it? Too much catnip with my morning coffee, perhaps?

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