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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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22 minutes ago, SoundOfSilence said:

Ashkenazi aren't even Jewish.


They decided to embrace Judaism as it was the only religion that allowed parasitic bankers to charge interest for lending out money that doesn't belong to them.


The Ashkenazi do not have the Jewish DNA marker.

Synagogue of Satan - say they are Jews but are not.

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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:

Calling anti-vaxxers misinformation I find that offensive. You want to see misinformation? 



It's going to be a tough sell.


Trying to convince the public that the Unicorn Variant is an escape variant while at the same time blaming the unvaxxed.


Oh, what am I talking about?


Of course the sheep will lap it up.

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1 hour ago, BossCrow said:

I think you only need to do it for a one week or so for a detox from what I heard but not entirely sure. After that you can use it occasionally (maybe once a week? or month). Sorry I can't tell you more, I need to research it more myself. 


I think it's best to start with a small amount and build up the dose. Something like a quarter teaspoon I think in a glass of water. And you have to drink more water than normal when using it, as it can make you constipated. My friend mixes it with bottled sparkling mineral water.




I think Dr Carrie Madej uses this detox. But she recommends it in a detox bath.


Dr Carrie Madej - Hot Detox Bath To Remove Nano-Tech, Parasites, Radiation Poisoning, Heavy Metals (bitchute.com) 

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12 hours ago, SimonTV said:


The triple vaxxers are freaking out because they are unprotected against the new strain (haha) now pfizer said it will take them 100 days to get their new mRNA cocktail through their bought and paid for approval process. These triple boosters vaxxers will need another three mRNA boosters hahaha. So now they are all unvaccinated again and can't travel. It is too funny this. 


I saw a comment on the DM, one said, I am still recovering from the second, I am not having any more. 


I see uptake of the booster is very low. People probably still sick from the previous two and not keen on any more. How they going push a new set of triple boosters on to people? Will vaccine passports work when even vaccinated are no longer considered protected. hahahaha

if these sad dickheads had an ounce of brain, surely deep in that head an alarm bell should be going off ?

are these sheep really that stupid or is it the big fear factor ?....its beyond me why people accept the conclusion first ?

i used to take the piss out of them but i feel sorry for the pathetic sods.

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Just now, soulalways said:

i used to take the piss out of them but i feel sorry for the pathetic sods.

They are under sentence of death. Their lives have been shortened. They don't yet know it and they may never attribute their last illness to the shot, but it is going to kill them. The more they have, the sooner the end. They will never believe the elite would contrive their death by means of a spiked protein and a poisoned injection. They can never, ever conceive of such a notion. They don't even raise an eyebrow when they hear about teenagers having heart attacks or professional athletes collapsing any dying. Nothing registers except what they hear on the news or read in the lugenpresse. We must look to ourselves now and say goodbye to those we have tried to help. We're in a war and they are casualties.

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42 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Once winter really kicks in the ADE will skyrocket - this is why they need the new scaryient. (as well as for a new booster and ruin Christmas - these scaryients are very convenient.)


If you believe in viruses the natural "mutation" is actually to get weaker - more transmissible yeah, but weaker as they don't want to kill their host, they want to spread to more bodies. However, non-sterilizing "leaky" vaccines can make disease worse - and cause bigger mutations ie the normal flu jab. No doubt the normal corona viruses might be affected, but its more likely the years of masks, anti-social distancing and constant hand sanitizing that would cause that...

Omicron is nothing but a vehicle for blaming vax damage on a new variant. 




It is 6million times more contageous than other variants ONLY because all the vax damaged people are now going to start dropping like flies, no matter how well they hide Omicron is going to NAIL THEM as they cower in their homes to "avoid omicron" while the vax finishes it's dirty work under that name.


No loss of smell, no fever, no NOTHING. Just intense fatigue and high pulse rate while your body struggles to function while being eaten alive by your immune system from the inside out, and attempts to push blood through 100 thousand RNA induced micro clots. Until the big one happens.

The symptoms they are listing don't match what they advertised for Covid at all, they match vax damage - Loss of taste and smell are not symptoms of the new "covid" which obviously means it's not Covid. Smallpox without the pox is NOT smallpox. We are now in for a load of fun.



They included young people of different backgrounds and ethnicities with intense fatigue and a six-year-old child with a very high pulse rate, she said. None suffered from a loss of taste or smell.

“Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” said Dr Coetzee, a GP for 33 years who chairs the South African Medical Association alongside running her practice.

On November 18, when four family members all tested positive for Covid-19 with complete exhaustion, 


She said, in total, about two dozen of her patients have tested positive for Covid-19 with symptoms of the new variant. They were mostly healthy men who turned up “feeling so tired”. About half of them were unvaccinated.


“We had one very interesting case, a kid, about six years old, with a temperature and a very high pulse rate, and I wondered if I should admit her. But when I followed up two days later, she was so much better,” Dr Coetzee says.



What are the symptoms of the omicron variant?

Fatigue and high pulse are among "unusual" symptoms spotted by Dr Angelique Coetzee, who had patients with muscle aches, "scratchy throat" and dry cough. A few had a high temperature

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8 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:


Which links right back to my post this morning about the metal barriers going up in Tesco...


"That could never happen here!" ....


Hmmmm.... Give it 6 to 12 months. :-/


Edited by soulalways
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11 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Perhaps men's football teams will be made to have at least one female player in the side in the near future.

Nothing would surprise me in Clown World.


The men play like fucking women now anyway. No difference. All tippy-tappy rubbish on super smooth pitches, like some computer game. Just a few more ponytails in the women's matches. But about the same number of tattoos.

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4 hours ago, SimonTV said:


They do not help and dirty face masks spread throat and chest infection bacteria and lead to long term negative health effects. My god, are we living in a perpetual twilight zone episode


Perpetual Twilight! and its dragging with all this Omnicrap variant malarkey.

No one ever mentions the masks and gloves littering the streets either. If it were a genuine disease!


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