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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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8 hours ago, Itsa said:

I remember when psycho Stuart Pearce got his new contract in the 80's. £2000 a week and that was seen as a top wage he more than deserved to match what the bigger clubs would pay him.

That was a good wage back then but look how retarded footballers are now, not taking the vaccine and scared to speak out because of the money they get. I have no interest in these overpaid pussies anymore.


As for forums this is the only one I bother with now. What I noticed is if you go against the covid narrative it really triggers people that someone would dare to have a different opinion. They will never read the articles or watch the videos you post but seem to already know the contents, sometimes just seconds later LOL


If you won't take the bait and rise to the tag team trolling these weirdos like to engage in it offends them and spoils their fun. It won't be too long then till they accuse you of something so they can ban you especially if some of the other members are starting to listen.


Bunches of thick twats I can tolerate to a certain degree but it's the ones who think they are smart that are the most dangerous, David used to call them repeaters and that's what they are.

That's what happened to me on a Wolves forum called molineux mix. I was banned (eventually) for RACISM. It was only for a month but I decided not to go back because it was every bit a virtue signaller's paradise. A lot of decent posters also left as anything right of Corbyn was considered far right. 


The racism charge was over me sharing the meme below - many jumped on me in my absence from the forum.






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17 minutes ago, wingwang said:


Yeah, I hear ya. He's open minded enough to acknowledge there's a problem with vaxx. He's got no idea about the overall agenda. Perhaps in another 18 months he'll get there... A slow burner, if you will...


I believe he knows more about Convid than he would ever admit..   Another destined for Nuremberg. 

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13 minutes ago, zarkov said:

If "mumbo jumbo" just saves one life then its gotta be worth it - init!

Insipid twats in the twat gallery twatting on.


Dr Shitkneck69's response




They do not help and dirty face masks spread throat and chest infection bacteria and lead to long term negative health effects. My god, are we living in a perpetual twilight zone episode

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14 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


I believe he knows more about Convid than he would ever admit..   Another destined for Nuremberg. 


You may be right there. It's funny how his channel keeps popping up on YouTube, others have said the same. I've never searched for him and tend to watch covid related videos on other platforms.




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2 minutes ago, giorgos said:

me never wear a mask  embargo the mask  and never have self-test done  


That works until you want to travel then they force you to wear a mask and do the test. 


It is all about control. The mask is a weapon and they use it to gain control over the population. These idealist extremists behind this agenda want to bring in global government and taking control over global borders is a gateway to achieve that. They start taking over the travel institutions with their patriot act legislation, which treated everyone was potential terrorists and for the first time the same travel policies were forced upon all the nations. These nations just need to make their own policies and this problem goes away. That is why the WHO is working hard at making countries all comply with their health policies. The more countries that refuse this dictate the more likely we will defeat this agenda. 

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If you ain't smart enough to read a box and you ain't smart enough to notice the vaccine doesn't do what it says on the bottle, it is tough titty then. But then if you think the rest of us are going to put up with it because they have destroyed your mental health, you need a checkup from the neck up pretty quickly. 

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7 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

I never thought this would ever be discussion in New Zealand, let alone read it in a headline. But here we are.

(and yes, I realize it's done to shitstir)

May be an image of text that says "Newshub. 30 November 2021 HOME NEW ZEALAND Podcasts Listen to Newshub's latest podcasts WORLD POLITICS LIVESTREAM SPORT The AM Show ENTERTAINMENT TRAVEL HAVE YOUR SAY LIFES Have Your Say: Should the Government deny free medical treatment to unvaccinated COVID patients?"



86% seem to know what they want.

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