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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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7 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Problem is (from what I've read on a footy forum) most of the population have been begging for the reinstatement of masks for months now, berating doris for not keeping them mandatory after 'freedom day' in July. The covid thread is clogged up with posts complaining at the lack of mask usage in public places.


Fucking braindead gimps.

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41 minutes ago, Mr M said:

Athletes really seem to be the canary in the coalmine right now. A sample group of healthy individuals showing something serious is probably up in the general population at large as well, a signal which is more difficult to decern amongst the general 'noise' of other illnesses.


I'd really like to know if all these athletes have been jabbed. I'm concerned that there may be another factor at work here, shedding is a possiblity as well as the possibility of some other factor (e.g. 5g, poisoning of air/food/water).


Most likely the jab but it's easy to get tunnel vision and miss other possibilities.


A canary in a coalmine and an elephant on the fooball field, which players are dribbling around, when they should kick the baw right in it's grey face!

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"This video of Wayne Smith, talking about the death of his father and his investigations into the Midazolam Murders in the UK. The information he cogently presents is an echo of the allegations made in the Midazolam Murders case, which is currently being prepared for laying in a Magistrates Court, following the coming forward of multiple eye witnesses to these heinous crimes.


However, after making his harrowing testimony public, Wayne Smith was subsequently found dead in somewhat suspicious circumstances last summer and his death has allegedly been recorded as a COVID-19 fatality. If you are a Midazolam Murders whistle-blower and wish to submit a witness statement in the aforementioned criminal case, please get in touch via one of the following platforms"


The platforms are listed in this video




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57 minutes ago, LongTimeComing said:

news outlets say otherwise.


"removed link"


The quote above is a single video on youtube that says he won but no evidence of this.


I hope he did win in court but there is no evidence yet.


My bad, wrong ling above

Just to cheer you up - similar case was won in Poland. Night Club owners went through hell to keep their business... They needed therapy and were on the edge - not only mental but also financial. To win the case they had to pay penalty upfront... This is how it 'works' in Poland. They had 7 days to collect the money. Luckily people like us helped them... GoFound me or something like this..

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4 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:

Switzerland has voted!


63 % vote in favour to keep covid law in place


where i live i have only seen placards against law


in Basel area where alot of Pharma are based voted 70% for covid law

Then the majority have spoken, they are more convinced by Covid than you.  But then if the news from Australia is correct, they are fading fast. After all you soon run out of people to vaccinate if they are all dead anyway.

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11 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Credit to Mr Cheswick. He's made some great anti Covid videos but Youtube

has censored nearly all his work.




I just saw "Mr Cheswick" joined the forum in September 2020!




"Howdy all, hope you're all managing to stay sane amidst all the insanity

I've decided to join the forum cos I've just about had enough now of the censorship on Youtube, I don't know if anyone here is familiar with my work or not, but over the 12 years I've been on Youtube, I've had about 5/6 different accounts shut down, and in total, probably well over 1000 videos deleted by the Youtube (or as I prefer to call them now WHOTUBE) Stasi censors, covering everything from false flags, hoaxes, paedophiles, 9/11, Flat Earth, and most recently the scamdemic


I've tried everything to not get censored, by being careful with my choice of words & videos I upload, etc, but as of late, they've now resorted to deleting & censoring my music & comedy, as that's how I thought I could still put out a positive message of truth without getting censored, but, it's just not the case, over the last 2/3 months, they've deleted 5 of my parody songs, I posted up a song yesterday "The Masks Don't Work" and that lasted about 12 hours before it was taken down and they gave me a strike

So anyway, why am I here? Well, I'm hoping to hang around and chip in with bits and bobs to the forum, but I was also looking for some advice on where I can upload my videos without them being censored, so any ideas folks?

So yeah, a bit about me, I'm 46 from Liverpool UK, a musician, and I like making videos/songs that make people laugh but think at the same time


Well, that's me folks, look forward to chatting with you all and throwing in a few ideas here and there, and if I can raise a cheap laugh at the expense of the tyrants in the process, all the better ha ha


Oh, and by the way, this is the last video I made that they censored and gave me a strike for..."The Masks Don't Work" I mean, come on, what the hell are they playing at, you know?"





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It does seem more are starting to realise they have been duped. I take no joy out of this as i could see it coming a mile off.


Hearing an elderly relative say "i think the news is just brainwashing, i have had enough I am listening to classical fm and ignoring it" cheered me up. 

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