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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, owen said:

Im just recovering from the worst virus of my life this last 11 days. No temperature, just achy bones initially then no energy, helpless. Luckily my wife stayed home to care care of me otherwise I dont know what I would have done. My wife and son were both sick also but not nearly as bad as me. Only when I started on penicillin in the last 2 days did I feel recovery coming on. My wife took a test which was negative. Shes on board with the nonsense, being a teacher she kinda felt she had to. I never have and never will take one. Im 56 but very fit and strong for my age, dunno how I woulda coped if I wasnt. Like many, I have little enough social interaction these days, so presume maybe its a virus my son brought home from school. I dont know what this virus is but I have never experienced anything like this before. It would surely kill many an elderly or less healthy person. God help anyone who lives alone trying to cope with something like this. 


Before all this covid thing there was something called FLU  and it's really a shocking virus to get.... I've had it about 3 or 4 times and takes weeks to get over and is deadly ,in fact once I genuinely thought I was going to die from flu whilst watching Jeremy Kyle!.... 

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20 minutes ago, Human10 said:

How they worked out this chart? WTF¬†ūü§≠¬†They had 10 cases yesterday but already could draw chart how it spreads... How do they know my jabbed friend is not Nu variant or some other BS variant. Do they check every person with runny nose for new variants? ANd what about asymptomatic variants?¬†

Asymptomatic spread or asymptomatic variants have never been proven. Sorry i dont believe its even possible.

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1 hour ago, kilowon said:

you cannot catch disease from someone else. Think about it, if viruses exist and is infectious and pathogenic, why is there no pandemic in wild animal? They have no vaccine, no doctor, no pills, no antibiotics etc and yet there is never a great die off of any type of wild animals. 


Animals also die from microbes, rabies in stray dogs, cougars, etc. Great die offs happen. Some years back there was a great die off of saiga antelopes in Central Asia.

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The big problem facing the criminal scum was how to convince the vaxxed that the clot shots no longer work while at the same time convincing the unvaxxed that the clot shots work.


Of course a nice new dangerous monster Kung Flu mutation that has sprung up out of somewhere scary and remote fits the bill nicely. 


What a surprising coincidence that exactly that has occurred in Botswana.


And I do congratulate government on the speed with which its virologists were able to track down and identify the infection rate and lethality of this mega Kung Flu variant after only a handful of cases.


Remarkable work!

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1 hour ago, SoundOfSilence said:

When the named this new variant I think they more had in mind:


Oh My Cron!


AKA Cronus, the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Saturn. Often symbolized as the grim reaper.

Good call, AKA Satan, the failed Son/Sun, think electric universe.

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3 minutes ago, bobb said:

Good call, AKA Satan, the failed Son/Sun, think electric universe.

As most posters will know, it is the symbolism behind the old Soviet flag.


The sickle representing Saturn and the hammer representing reshaping the world in his image.


The same symbolism is seen behind the Fabian Society.


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29 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Whitty now says the Botswana strain is less of a threat than Delta...




Is he making enemies here?

Whitty has just said 'he is worried how the public would react to new restrictions' Translation means the scumbags are going to pull simular stunts as last christmas.

Something interesting here, Icke and many others have stated that the 'virus' has not been isolated anywhere in the world

The claims of this 'latest varient in africa, the african doctors, state that they have 'seen' it by sequencing the geno pool.

I was quizing a consultant in my local hospital recently and he claimed this is how they spotted the 'virus' when i challenged him. So whats going on is there any truth in this. Or is it total bullshit?

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5 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

I too am highly skeptical of the germ theory of viruses.


But what we are really debating is the delivery system.


As you know, a virus is genetic material in a protein coat. And yes, there is no evidence of infection from one person to another. For any virus.


It may well be that viruses are an exfection, rather than an infection. That is the genetic material in a protein is merely toxins expressed by the cells.


However, a bioweapon can also cause the body to expel genetic material in a protein shell. And a bioweapon can be delivered by drone. Say using nanoparticles to penetrate the skin and deliver the toxin. Or the same substance can be smeared onto a bannister in a public space - say a shopping mall.


So I don't doubt that in isolated places people are getting sick. Such as Italy and New York at the start of the Kung Flu hoax where a bioweapon may have been delivered.


Before all this began the ex royal navy microwaves expert barrier trower was saying that he had been warned by a whistleblower that microwaves can be used to trigger dormant viruses so when this whole covid thing kicked off i started to think ''ok here we go the 5G is coming online and they are using it to trigger viruses that have maybe already been pre-seeded for example through chemtrailing''


I'm still open to that as a possibility but the all cause mortality for 2020 was not disturbing. The all cause mortality for 2021 i think is going to be bad and i expect 2022 to be even worse because of all the people who have been jabbed


re germ theory v's terrain theory i think that if you live as if terrain theory is true then it will actually promote good health. There is that meme going around of two fish tanks representing the two schools of thought . The water in the tanks is dirty and the voice bubble for one tank says 'i should give the fish antibiotics to help it fight infection' and the speech bubble for the other tank says 'i should change the water in the tank so that that its clean'


So regardless of which school is scientifically correct i think that if you do live your life trying to minimise exposure to environmental toxins it will be good for you. Prevention is better than cure and all that. We want to keep the water clean, literally and metaphorically

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