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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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13 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

 EVERYTHING taught to us has been a lie? From growing up, you know..



We are the livestock we were useful like the horse

division of labour was used to harness the energy of people 


the famers are taking stock of some shiny new tractors 

they don't require as many horses/people as they used to


it's very hard for some folk to accept this reality it plays havoc with their delusions of grandeur


robots don't require wages or sick pay we are doomed 

the majority of people are a biological antiquated resource drain and must be eradicated 



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I've already posted about this in the 'Come Together by Region?' thread in the Solutions forum.   But now here is the advert for the big event on the 29th August. It would be great if as ma

I started a new job not so long ago and quit after three weeks, I refused to wear a stupid mask all day at all, laughed at the managers and their covid terror.. I could see it wasn't going to end well

Summary meeting with MP.   Big sign on door saying have to wear a mask. Reptilian brain nearly kicked in and panicked - temptation to go to the store and buy one. Managed to keep it together

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4 hours ago, Rolandson said:



It is in German. Masks will never go away.  

I think face covering is intended to remain to remind us peons of our subservience.


Even Herr Johnson(whose eyes twinkle with duping delight when he 'regretfully' turns the screw tighter) with a wicked malice made the shop muzzle mandate a full ten days earlier than it's enforcement on July 24th.


Get it yet?


Ho!Ho! July 24....24/7...I get it!


Talk about in your face,or rather on your face!

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3 hours ago, Artmuzz said:

The disturbing thing is this could be fact. Not only that but the government have advised people to keep windows open over the winter months to curb this coronavirus bullshit. So we will be freezing in our homes while we won’t be able to buy clothes because they are non essential according to the clown government.


The cult don't want us wearing clothes, call it sheep shearing.

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If we forget for a moment that there is any pandemic present (and many know that there is no such beast or at worst suspect that it is a vastly overblown over reaction) and actually look at what has occured, both locally and globally.


What obvious consequences can be observed and what conclusions can be drawn?


  • Globally and locally, locking down economy's will cause disaster to the national and international supply chains.
  • The consequence of this according to the UN is an extra 130 mllion children directly at risk from starvation. (approx 1% of these will likely die by year end. Currently 842 million people are at risk from starvation and 7-9 million of these poor people expire annually)
  • Locking down has caused all manner of illness and disease to be ignored.
  • The consequence of this has resulted in a massive rise of postponed treatments the fallout of which is projected to result in a doubling of deaths from cancer, diabetes, hearth disease, strokes mental health, suicides etc.
  • The standard of living is going to fall for almost all outside of the priviliged classes.

[Please add to this list so we might possibly create a picture that overtly clarifies what the consequences of locking down economies might or will be]


Overall, it is clear that millions if not 10's of millions of extra deaths are are going to result from the lockdown actions globally. 

This cannot have been an oversight!  Too many smart people are involved for this oversight to have occured.


Even if the 1 million+  mortality attributed to c19 are to be believed then why was the decision to create historically unprecedented lockdowns considered, when even a layman such as myself can identify that supply chains would be grossly disrupted effecting additional millions of people. 


The impact on supply chains is the most dangerous and holds the greatest potential for long term damage globally and locally.


Removing our ability to provide for ourselves creates dependancy.


Dependancy, especialy where conditions have to be met, is slavery.


Lockdowns, masks, distancing, kerfews and any other measures cause direct economic damage and kills people globally.


Ditch your  mask and get back to work - it saves lives.






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How many deaths are caused by locking down in the manner that we have been forced to do globally,


  • 1 million to 10 million ?




  • with no lockdowns (and drawing from non lockdown countries such as sweden) there may have been no significant discernable difference to the current mortality outcome.



Lockdown has already caused untold death and misery.


Excess death has been covered by UK column from the outset and imho should be focused on as the arguments are difficult to refute is terms of absurdity!




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Something is going on beneath the surface,and joining the dots from what happened at the recent protests there is a link which I almost hesitate to mention for being labelled as paranoid but I will put it out there for consideration.


The section of 'police' who are antagonistic to the protesters and waging violence included many who did not speak English.


During the National Lockdown when the 5g cables were being laid I overheard some of the workmen in conversation.They were not speaking English.


I mentioned this to a friend who said that where he lived the workmen were housed tightly together and again seemed not to be from this country.


Couple this with the obviously planned illegal invasion,ie all single males with no ties,a secret army who would not hesitate to use force against us and it feels like a net is surrounding us ready to be drawn in.


Maybe its crazy but with the 2020 fast becoming a year of infamy...nothing is beyond the realms of possibility with a government that has sold it's people out for a handful of silver.



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Welsh Stazi Communist Government goes damage control on refusing to sell period pads.


I find this hilarious, just read the second comment, they were specifically told not to sell them and yet the Welsh National Socialist party lies right to their people's faces.


Go read the comments and give it a dislike, fucking cretins deserve every ounce of shit flung in their direction


Minor sidenote: I think the dragon has some significance, they seem to be forcing Revelation prophecy at us and the dragon plays a key role in that. Might be a reach but i'm suspicious of it all nowadays.


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Things are getting stepped up in Slovakia, they are attempting to do a mass testing program by 8th Nov, if you refuse then you must stay at home otherwise you get fined. I imagine they will happily go along with it because so many people have been conditioned so much...


in the article it talks about some biochemist called Luke O’Neil from Trinity College Dublin who says that this is the only way forward, so he seems like a clever one... once again this is another college/ university to be funded by bill gates... in November 2018, $230,000 to raise public awareness about decisive moments in global health, in the topic of: vaccine development - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/as-covid-sweeps-europe-one-country-tries-a-new-tactic-test-the-entire-population-11603462995 - so it’s likely this O’Neil is another useful indoctrinated idiot to Gates, like Neil Ferguson 


The bottom line of this really is that the elite are confident the public are conditioned/ brain washed/ dumbed down enough for all of their agendas, that or they are desperate to get it all done for some reason 


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This is the Daily BS Express, but they are reporting a London NHS health trust will get a delivery of the vaccine next week for frontline nurses and doctors, being stored until it gets the go ahead by the government to be used.





Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough: UK hospital on alert for deliveries NEXT WEEK

HEALTH officials in London are on standby to take delivery of a new coronavirus vaccine from next week.

PUBLISHED: 09:39, Mon, Oct 26, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:08, Mon, Oct 26, 2020
A major hospital trust in London has been informed they should prepare to receive the first batches of the Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine from the "week commencing the 2 November". Frontline doctors and nurses will be vaccinated at the hospital as soon as the Government gives the green light. There are security fears over potential anti-vaccination protests and so the hospital is planning to organise extra security measures.


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31 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:


go to the website on the selling page and theres pop ups every few seconds saying "so and so from wherever bought one an hour ago


You mean like on the Argos website?


Definitely a scam! 😆

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7 hours ago, Niknik said:

I think face covering is intended to remain to remind us peons of our subservience.


Even Herr Johnson(whose eyes twinkle with duping delight when he 'regretfully' turns the screw tighter) with a wicked malice made the shop muzzle mandate a full ten days earlier than it's enforcement on July 24th.


Get it yet?


Ho!Ho! July 24....24/7...I get it!


Talk about in your face,or rather on your face!

You people who don't wear masks will be the reason why covidvis still there. Nazi Germany all over again

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