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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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27 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Satanic eyeballs.

Klaus Schwabs puppet, her qualifications are suspect , dangerous woman who is pushing for Mandatory vaccines in Scotland, she sits in her room with her Superman Poster on the wall talking bollocks enjoying every minute of attention she can get. 

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15 hours ago, mrspotatohead said:

Covid tests contaminated with cancer-causing chemical:




Someone needs to blow the whistle on this, the tests need to stop IMMEDIATELY, can this not be picked up by some media outlet sympathetic to the cause...

...or does such a unicorn not exist?


No such creatures. There are a few gatekeeper media outlets but they don't touch certain things.

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14 hours ago, Athenry04 said:


i always use the large stores as a way of reading where things are going. If you see staff in large conglomerate owned stores suddenly don masks en masse, it means shit is in the pipeline. I expect shenanigans a plenty before Xmas.

I noticed masks galore in Sainsbury's (UK) just two days ago. I don't shop in these places any longer but was in there because I needed a beard trimmer from Argos and for some reason they've moved their store inside Sainsbury's.


There was a looped message on the tannoy that was the same as the one being played during the first lockdown.


"Please observe social distancing guidelines, please use cards to pay where possible, please wear a mask if you are not exempt"


Because I haven't been on here much and am on leave for a month (no radio in the works van) and refuse to watch any news on the wretched television (my wife's main idol) I thought that we had gone back to March 2020 mandates.



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14 hours ago, Made in Wales said:

I think sadly this is the start now of a massive increase in sudden deaths on an industrial scale like we've never seen before for the vaxed up with the winter colds and flu flying about and infecting their severely weakened and damaged immune systems just like all the mRNA animal studies where the animals all died when exposed to a cold or the flu.  





That's where I am at in my thinking. I don't think that millions will drop dead because I don't think that a large number of people really took part in the experiment. I do think that the dead will be spread out - certain batch numbers per town, per county, per nation.


That would still be tens or even hundreds of thousands dying within a short time after 1,2 or 3 jabs.


It's already incredibly suss that so many are dying, let alone millions. I am sure that many who had the jab/s are scouring places like this. Not because they are searching for truth but because they are even more fearful now than they were when their fear caused them to have the jab in the first place. 


They'll still not believe, but they might secretly say to themselves 'enough' with the jabs - just in case the conspiracy nuts are right.

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What a load of Zionist traitors in the UK Governmnet whether left of right.


Big Pharma has a vastly disproportinate amount of Jewish or Zionist owners and CEOS,who no

doubt are Freemasons


I know that statement is controversial because it's the truth.


When will you wake up? Boris versus Starmer makes no difference because both support the Zionist New World Order




Boris sees ratings slump to lowest EVER level in poll amid Tory civil war over sleaze, social care, rail and bizarre CBI speech as Keir Starmer goads 'is everything OK?' at PMQs - and 'a dozen' Tories write no-confidence letters




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16 minutes ago, Saved said:

That's where I am at in my thinking. I don't think that millions will drop dead because I don't think that a large number of people really took part in the experiment. I do think that the dead will be spread out - certain batch numbers per town, per county, per nation.



The vaccines can release their poison at a set point: days, months or years from being vaxxed... It's in the patent. 






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12 hours ago, Made in Wales said:

Well all the covid skeptic Drs said that the first large wave of deaths from the jab would really kick in at about 6 months so we are approaching that time frame now. 


I'm hoping that Fauci, Gates and Big Pharma have really misjudged the deadly consequences of their poisonous invention and only expected modest deaths after 6 months which they could sweep under the carpet deflect onto the unjabbed and slowly continue their genocide without it being obvious... The slow kill. 


If the death count so soon after being jabbed is suspiciously high which a lot of experts not on the Big Pharma payroll have predicted then this will be what derails everything for the elites and wakes people up to the obvious dangerous and deadly side effects of this experimental gene therapy.


The governments ludricous attempts to disguise the high vaxed fatality rate as being mostly unvaxed will just not wash and people will clearly see the jab is dangerous and the demands for the immunisation programme to be halted will be impossible to ignore. 


I can't wait to see how the msm and covid cheerleading celebrities manage to backtrack, deflect and weasle their way out of any culpability for the many thousands of poor souls who died as a result of believing their biased pro vax views. 



I would absolutely love to witness that, though I think they've gone too far, too soon, too widely to ever permit the truth to permeate the whole world.


I still suspect that a REAL deadly disease will be unleashed upon the masses if it's impossible to hide the truth any longer. 


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10 hours ago, alexa said:


Thanks-I am going to order some for my sister who has CBD before they decide to ban it in the UK.

It's disgusting that this should be banned in the US.:classic_angry:


With recent revelations of the efficacy of NAC in possibly treating and being highly effective as a component in drastically improving immune health, the FDA has decided to ban its sale as a supplement. ... NAC is an essential amino acid, we must consume it via supplementation because our body cannot create it naturally

Just this hour ordered some. I got mine 50% off Black Friday code with myprotein - I used them for zinc and vit D around 22 months ago when the shitshow began.

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