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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Kenya Restricts Access for Unvaccinated to Boost Inoculations

Kenya will require people seeking government services to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus from Dec. 21 as authorities move to increase inoculation before the year-end holiday season.

The government will restrict in-person services at the revenue, transport, ports, immigration and education agencies, Health Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said. The state will also limit access to hospitals, prisons, game parks as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and businesses that attend to 50 people or more in a day, Kagwe said in a statement.


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5 minutes ago, Mr H said:

1 celeb speaking out....




More jabs = more cases. The COVID Fantasy Test League (UK Divison) for months has been running at a million cases a month. There were 2.5 million cases in 2020, by the weekend we will be hitting 10 million, 7.5 million for 2021 with over a month to go until the end of the year.



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10 hours ago, skitzorat said:



Although it's not a gulag like Melbourne- because most people have been so revoltingly compliant- the sinister nature of NZs transformation has been more subtle - like what I wrote in the post.... and this...


these people ? have really lost it m8!


note the emphasis at end... "everyone WILL."


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6 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Call me an old fart (which I am) but I know my two daughters would never have acted like that thank God.

Whores of Babylon.


That's nothing - they're 'Strayan, maite. You should see all the shelas on 'Straya day.


but in all fairness, they're at their finest on Melbourne Cup Day - dressed to the nines and all class.



I experienced it first hand one year - the best bits were when all the girls had corks on their heels so they wouldn't stab into the grass and then trying to balance when drunk AF - ending up lying past out on the ground, skirts up, surrounded by mountains of trash.. its a sight to behold. They put the guest on Jeremy Kyle to shame!

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3 hours ago, skitzorat said:


Jackie laaaaaaaaaaambi - Senator from Tassie.


Feral trash - Yeah she's "bogan" ass maite.

Kath and Kim style bogan. Or C.U.B - cashed up bogan. 

image.jpeg.af00b777fd7159a8340565677fec56ca.jpegimage.jpeg.4189200c2c30d427333014dcdce813ae.jpegimage.jpeg.77213b45f7f773f5545312001c59ad73.jpegKath And Kim" Moments That Accurately Describe You Working From Home



A few months ago a leaked zoom call of her berating the vax injury reporting and compensations and calling attention to it during a senate hearing....


Beginning of June.

Australian Senate meeting head of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Brendan Murphy with Senator Jacqui Lambie (Ex ADF) grilling him... Why is there no compensation to victims of covid reactions.


then she did a complete 180 and threatened unjabed Australians on the news, turning citizens against each other..


Beginning of Sept.



My initial thoughts is she's obviously been given 30 pieces of silver - but then I thought there must be a darker skeleton in her closet - blackmail is the tool the elites use to control their puppets - because she never used to be like this (from me occasionally seeing her on the tele) - perhaps its the whole demonic possession thing again!!!


Its such an obvious case of "something got to her" or, given shes so passionate about her hate now - Evil consumed her.



It's blackmail 110%.  









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2 minutes ago, soulalways said:

note the emphasis at end... "everyone WILL."

yeah that inflection is terrifying, isn't it.

He's not a very bright boy, but that emphasis put a chill down my spine.

They've already 'normalized' taking people from their homes last year...

Here's their legalisation enabling them to do it.





Isn't the vax considered a "preventive treatment"?!


Its not as defined as some Aussie states ones - who openly declare and state in writing police can underdress you and inject you.. going so far as to break down the "responsibilities" of the police during the process to ensure edicate such as having woman cops undress woman and probably refer to the "patient" by their preferred pronouns!


(I'm being silly with the pronoun bit, but im serious about the rest!)

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56 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Looks like OZ trying to outfascist Austria in the fascist stakes.....



Guess how many people have died in the Northern Territory from covid over the past two years? ZERO. Not a single fatality. This is absolutely bat shit crazy. Btw NT is 60% aboriginal. These are going to be great headlines in years to come. Remember when Australia sent the indigenous population to concentration camps in 2021?



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14 minutes ago, Observed said:

Guess how many people have died in the Northern Territory from covid over the past two years? ZERO. Not a single fatality. This is absolutely bat shit crazy. Btw NT is 60% aboriginal. These are going to be great headlines in years to come. Remember when Australia sent the indigenous population to concentration camps in 2021?



They've already started the extermination process, offering up to $500 a shot to the teens too.


Australian Media Convinces Aboriginal Tribal Elder to Lead by Example and Get Jabbed. He Died Six Days Later.



And not a word about it in the press.

Australian Media Convinces Aboriginal Tribal Elder to Lead by Example and Get Jabbed. He Died Six Days Later.

A 65-year-old elder of the Aboriginal Australian Wakkawakka ethnic tribe in the state of Queensland, died after receiving a second mRNA shot. The tribal elder, Bevan Costello had been persuaded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to promote the jab in his community – by taking it himself.


Costello, from Cherbourg, died six days after getting the second experimental Covid injection, believing he was doing the right thing for his people. ABC and government health officials had convinced Costello to talk vaccine hesitant Aborigines into taking the shot. ABC announced that he had taken it “to protect himself and his community”, repeating the usual scripted vaccine sales pitch from the government.


In the televised interview, Costello recounted how he had become “more confident” because of being fully vaccinated. He explained that he was a diabetic and that the vaccine would protect him against contracting Covid-19. According to ABC, the residents of Cherbourg have a particularly low vaccination rate, at only 4,6 percent fully-vaccinated as of September 9. Officials blamed “vaccine myths”.


Known as “Uncle Bevan” in his community, he received his second Pfizer mRNA injection around September 9 at a local pop-up vaccination station, according to ABC. He told the journalists that many of his fellow Wakkawakka tribe members were too afraid to take the jab due to “misunderstanding of the information, mostly on social media”. Officials even accused the Wakkawakka tribe of allowing “a lot of false information to fly around”.

But it appears as if the tribal elder had instead misunderstood the intentions of the media and Australian government in having him promote an experimental and in his case deadly jab. ABC quickly dropped the promotional clip featuring the Aboriginal leader after he died from the shot.


As we’ve grown accustomed to in recent months, this story is getting dropped in the memory hole faster than Dunkaccino. ABC has distanced themselves from the story and even the community itself. Nobody in mainstream media reported on the story in or out of Australia. Free West Media continued:


Details about Uncle Bevan’s passing in the media are scant. The Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Facebook page posted two announcements six hours apart about his death on September 14 and 15. The first noted his “sudden passing” while the second described it as a “sudden death”.


Aboriginal elders speak out against government Covid criminals


Across Australia Indigenous communities are being coerced and bribed into taking experimental covid injections.

The corporate Australian governance has sent police and military into these communities to administer these injections.

This is a warning message from four Indigenous Australian leaders to all Original peoples around the world.



Edited by skitzorat
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1 hour ago, Mr H said:

Looks like OZ trying to outfascist Austria in the fascist stakes.....



Not just in the NT.. Military rolling out in the far north of QLD too.


Military Police exercise with police unsettling Charters Towers residents


by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Armed Military Police and Queensland police could have started their vaxx passport warm-up exercises with road blocks in Charters Towers (west of Townsville) today stopping vehicles and checking driver’s licences and doing breath analysis tests.

m113as4-armoured-personnel-carrier-1.jpg Charters Towers people have become unnerved about a large military and police presence in their town, in light of a megalomaniacal Queensland socialist Premier and a hopelessly inept Prime Minister

Two M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers are positioned on York Street, one facing east at 30 degrees towards Townsville and the other west towards Hughenden at the same angle.

Police and  Alpha Company 1st Military Police Battalion are pulling over passing vehicles and directing them into the cricket centre presumably for ID checks and breath tests.

Local residents have been ringing local Member of Parliament Robbie Katter and complaining about the MP’s carrying rifles with regular cops on the beat, claiming such an exercise for a week in a country town is unacceptable.

Residents have been warned of urban warfare exercises and gunfire in the surrounding hills and countryside tonight.

mps-towers.jpg?w=1024 Operation ‘Stability’ is being conducted in the North Queensland Town of Charters Towers. Residents have been asking what needs to be stabilised?

Military sources said it was unusual for MP’s to become involved in traffic duties with police and unheard of for MP’s to be doing breath analyses of civilians.

The Military ran a small article in the Townsville Bulletin and Charters Towers local newspaper warning of the exercise a week ago, which it seems few residents have read.

A spokesman for the ADF said the activities will help soldiers prepare to support the civil community within a “stability” environment should they ever be required and all involved are grateful to the Charters Towers community for its support and understanding.

Other military sources said the exercise could be a warm-up for checking vaccine status of all motorists after the Queensland Premier’s planned lock down of un-vaxxed people on December 18.

Specifications of APC M113AS4

Weight: 18,000 kilograms 
Length: 6.00 metres 
Width: 2.69 metres 
Height: 2.61 metres 
Crew: Two – with up to ten passengers

Engine: MTU 6 V 199 TE 20 
Speed: 66 kilometres per hour 
Operational range: 550 kilometres 
Armament: 12.7 millimetre M2HB QCB Machine Gun


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2 hours ago, Sheepy said:

When you have finished wiping each other from the planet what then? Post stringing each other up of course. 


Surely you don't think this is all going to end with a handshake and no bloodshed?


The cabal are MURDERING people en-masse and will never stop. Their own lives depend on following the orders of the Elites to the letter. They're never going to back down.


It's us or them and that's the only outcome.




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I see the sloth as the people who are choosing to be blind to the lies, discrimination and downright

criminal measures of the Governments and media worldwide. But once returned to the "tree of life",

the sloth was thankful!


"The tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree, and are portrayed in various religions and philosophies as the same tree"



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21 hours ago, skitzorat said:

"Those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered."



They've got some balls though, the likes of Australia announcing - proud as punch - their "camps".


Not sure where the space is for them across Europe? No doubt they'll have facilities the likes of what's being built in the UK ... the USA has had FEMA camps (and the coffins) at the ready for decades and I've seen clips of them building more - they even have ads up asking for staff! lol ...


oh I didn't think - all the Military camps!


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