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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

The ‘Police’ Are The Enemy
by Robert Lynagh – 22nd October, 2021



That is the single most important point all those of us who are awake to the ‘globalist’ ‘New World Order’ (and we all know who is behind that) and its nefarious agenda must remember. Without the enforcers to put the boot in, the diabolical schemes of ‘politicians’ would remain only their fevered fantasies.

There are so many otherwise enlightened freedom fighters who persist in perpetuating the myth that the police are somehow ‘on our side’, just because many individuals with so-called ‘right-wing’ sympathies can in some countries be found within their ranks. Even if this were true – why, then, has the Covid-1984 scam persisted for nearly two years? Why have the police not refused to secure the tyranny we are all living under? The answer is simple: because three groups of people benefit from the present states of affairs, namely the police, politicians and the overlords of both – those who belong to a certain evil blood-cult masquerading as a ‘religion’, the identity of which we all know even without having to say it.

The latter group benefits for obvious reasons. It is now implementing its world-control plans on a scale previously only imagined in our worst nightmares; flooding white nations with Arabs and negroes, spreading filth, degeneracy, child-murder, miscegenation and ‘homosexual’ propaganda and filling the eyes and minds of children with pornography, all the while creating a docile underclass of ‘Netflix’- and ‘smartphone’- addicted slaves who welcome their own vassalage.

Politicians, similarly, benefit by currying favour with their afore-mentioned paymasters, carrying out their commands to the letter and enjoying the power trip and financial rewards which motivate all those who enter the laughably-titled sphere of ‘public service’.

The police, however, seem in the eyes of many rebels to be immune from the criticism rightly levelled at these two groups. The reason for this is simply fear; for all their posturing, so many alleged ‘independent thinkers’ cannot face the fact that this war against us is so total, so complete, that they have no-one in authority on their side; they would rather continue believing the lie that the police are there to serve communities, rather than the truth, which is that they are there to control them.

What kind of person joins the police? The kind of person who wishes to exert what he or she feels to be power over others, with the full strength and resources of the state backing them up – in other words, to force others to obey their will and the will of the state, and to get paid and honoured for doing so. I ask again – what kind of person is this? The answer is: one who is crushed with the most intense self-loathing and total lack of self-worth and self-esteem; one who can only find any value and point in his or her existence by forcing others to do as they say. A bully, in plain language – the kind of person your parents urged you to avoid in childhood, society urges you to trust in adulthood.

There will be no grand uprising among the police, no throwing off the ‘shackles’ of the state and siding with the people. To become a police officer is to go to war against the people; the modern ‘democratic’ state is the enemy of the people, and the police its footsoldiers. The fake ‘pandemic’ has handed these tyrants more power than they ever dreamed possible; they will never surrender it.

All Cops Are Bastards. There is a reason that expression existed long before ‘coronavirus’ was invented, and all they have done since then is prove why it is true. Anyone who needs a gun to persuade people to obey them has already admitted that they cannot logically defend the position that they represent. That power differential alone – that cops can have guns, but civilians, in most cases, cannot – is enough to prove why there can never be peace with cops.

The state is armed; police are armed; criminals are armed; but ordinary people are not? In what world could that make sense?

“Just because I do not have the strength to tear down a brick wall with my bare hands, does not mean I am reconciled to the existence of that wall” – Fyodor Dostoevsky.

We may not yet be strong enough to oppose the police by force, but it is our moral duty to never co-operate with them; never recognise their legitimacy nor authority; and always to lie to them if forced to acknowledge them.

If there were a state worth believing in, some form of armed guard (the Sturmabteilung, as a historical example) would be necessary to protect the ideals of the national revolution; but the concept of ‘police’ has always been fundamentally flawed, since it exists to maintain the status quo of the rich versus the poor; the powerful versus the weak.

If you have never been arrested, you are not doing it right – better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


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2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

I'm not a Scot so have no idea why the SNP is in power. I think that a lot of bogus anti-English hatred was drummed up over the past few decades and the carrot of Scottish independence is attractive to many. But the SNP is anything but nationalist. It's very left wing.


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What’s happening right now in Austria sets the tone for the next phase of this crisis in countries run by these psychopaths: forced vaccination, lockdowns and ultimately imprisonment of the unvaccinated. Since forced testing can be used as a pretext for all manner and duration of quarantine, and since boosters must be kept up to date to maintain the “fully vaccinated” status dissent can be crushed under the cover of public health. Fortunately the Austrian people are rising up, as are the populations of many other countries. Also the police and military unions of Austria have condemned the measures and have joined the protests. France and Holland are also on fire, as are the French overseas territories (which are rapidly moving to oust their oppressors once and for all). Which domino will be the first to fall?


This winter we enter dangerous territory. This is when power and communications outages will begin in many countries. Supply chain collapse and accelerating inflation make this inevitable. At first the outages will be regional and sporadic, but expect this to escalate in waves (much like the psychology of the pandemic). When the lights go out this is when the really nasty stuff will be attempted. This is where having reached the hearts and minds of the police and military will be critical. Time is running out on that front.


In countries where the police and military have the integrity to say no to unlawful orders, revolutions will break out in stunning ways. Freedom fighters will cross borders to tip the balance. Others will flee to seek refuge in other countries. Fight or flight. Those who freeze and comply are doomed.


Continued: https://seemorerocks.is/what-comes-next/

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7 hours ago, ink said:

Normally I wouldn't post the below audio video but I have been considering for some time that it is a possibility? (so just putting it out there)

Over the last 18 months there has been vastly too much information showing that this "covid" is bullshit .... even the downgrading of covid on the 19th March 2020 from a high consequence infectious disease .... and is planned (I mean that it is planned that it be known and provable that world governments purposely murdered their own people .... come on Klaus Schwab is a movie villain .... literally, just give him the fluffy cat!).

Although I would consider that those in government who did not 'act' as wanted (for their own ego/control/power), have now been 'spoken' with and promised shit (which they will not get, they will get an angry mob instead).

The 'mass' will never act until it is right in their face .... nice and personal .... and a child dying will bring it home (not so much the death of parents for the mass, as they earn from the parents death, or a lot do in the 1st world .... you know, stops the care home costs stripping the 'money' from the 'inheritance).

The mass including those in the armed forces will rise against 'authority' (as Bush senior said "If they knew what we have done, we would be hanging from lampposts by tomorrow morning!") .... then it is only a waiting game. Just wait for the 'mad max' starvation, pain and suffering .... abracadabra .... the new messiah (anti-christ) comes in to save those who are left .... with a one world authority?


this does make perfect sense to me if this is genuine....


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16 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

wow it took the DM 18 months to cover the lockdown protests but they are covering what has changed? 

Well, we don't tell the boys and girls everything at GCHQ now do we?

Anyway, I am sure there is plenty here for them to raise eyebrows about.

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Just now, SimonTV said:


I was not being sarcastic, I was drawing the comparison with killing people with mRNA as an acceptable risk which is apparently acceptable. 


You managed to fool Skitzo, but the Nazis were just tools of the cabal... the top leaders completely sold out to the cabal and extremely evil forces.


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