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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, alexa said:

Cinema in Wales is told to shut after owner REFUSES to ask customers for Covid passes - as council chiefs reveal they are 'considering further steps' and say they could keep the venue closed for up to 28 days


Cinema & Co in Swansea announced on Tuesday it would not enforce the rules which came in this week, extending the Covid pass scheme in Wales to cover cinemas, theatres and concert halls.


They want to close down all cinemas, that's why shops like Tesco's are selling huge 65inch 4k smart TVs , they want people to stay at home streaming the latest movies and watching Amazon Prime and Netflix and using Just eat to buy shit like Macdonalds while they watch movies on their 65 inch 4k television, they don't want people gathering in cinemas they want you to wear your mask , get all your Vaccines go home and keep your mouth shut.

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12 hours ago, Saved said:

Butchers for meat, greengrocer for fruit and veg. All else is luxury.


I bloody hate choice when it comes to food shopping. I much prefer how it was in the 70's and I'm returning to that simplicity.

Yes the 70s and 80s was so much better for shopping locally, I remember going into my local fruit and veg shop with my Mother and the green grocer would weigh all the fruit and veg wrap it and put in my mother's shopping bag, sometimes they would wrap some of the veg like potatoes in newspaper, then we would go to the butcher's, everyone knew each other and would chat there was a community, there was local shops like Fishmonger's, Health foods, electrical shops selling TV, washing machines, cookers, Florists, Hardware shops, sweet shops, music shops that sold Vinyl records , cassettes, Off license, now Tesco and Asda have taken over and sell everything that I mentioned, when I go back to where I grew up it has changed for the worst all the small businesses have closed and it's just fast food shops, chemists mostly Boots and charity shops with a huge 24 hour Tesco .🙄

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I hope everyone's okay.  🙏 I've got nobody left to speak to in my real life (because of my insane theories of course) but music is just about saving me. 



"Eventually it was discovered, that God did not want us to be all the same. This was Bad News for the Governments of The World, as it seemed contrary to the doctrine of Portion Controlled Servings. Mankind must be made more uniformly if The Future was going to work. Various ways were sought to bind us all together, but, alas, same-ness was unenforceable. It was about this time, that someone came up with the idea of Total Criminalization. Based on the principle, that if we were all crooks, we could at last be uniform to some degree in the eyes of The Law. [...] Total Criminalization was the greatest idea of its time and was vastly popular except with those people, who didn't want to be crooks or outlaws, so, of course, they had to be Tricked Into It... which is one of the reasons, why music was eventually made Illegal."

Joe's Garage Acts II & III liner notes, 1979



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21 hours ago, Morpheus said:

From Black's Law dictionary:



305, 47 N. E. 623; Atlanta v. Wright, 119 Ga. 207, 45 S. E. 004; State v. Lewis, 76 Mo. 370; Ex parte Crane, 5 Pet. 190, 8 L. Ed. 92; Marbury v. Madison, 1 Cranch, 158, 2 L. Ed. 60; U. S. v. Butterworth, 160 U. S. 600, IS Sup. Ct 441, 42 L. Ed. 873. The action of mandamus is one, brought in a court of competent jurisdiction, to obtain an older of such court commanding an inferior tribunal, board, corporation, or person to do or not to do an act the performance or omission of which the law enjoins as a duty resulting from an office, trust, or station. Where discretion is left to the inferior tribunal or person, the mandamus can only compel it to act, but cannot control such discretion. Rev. Code Iowa, 1880


Definition of a person:



Entity, as a firm, that is not a single natural person, as a human being, authorized by law with duties and rights, recognized as a legal authority having a distinct identity, a legal personality. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person. Also refer to body corporate.


So if a person is a corporation and a mandate only applies to corporations/persons, therefore a mandate is consensual and therefore not enforceable upon a human being. 👍









CACUK hold regular "legal surgeries" to help people tackle the issues they are facing because of Covid measures. The last surgery was uploaded yesterday where they were joined by Edward Lowe of the Legal Advice Network who has a masters degree in law and has also lectured too. He has established a new union similar to the Workers of England Union.


To coincide with your post, they had a discussion about "common law", the "mandatory is not law" concept and the passage from Black's Law Dictionary that you have quoted. They both seem of the view that the way common law theory is being presented by some alternative sources is dubious - they prefer the accepted understanding of common law as referring to judge made case law which evolves with time and understanding. They see the other approach to common law as akin to natural law which is a philosophical concept but won't necessarily help in court.


I have linked the video below timestamped to their discussion specifically about common law and the Black's Law Dictionary passage (from 35:20). Edward Lowe runs through what you look for when understanding what law is - Acts of Parliament come first followed by case law and terms which provide the interpretation of legislation. Lowe states that looking to Black's Law Dictionary as law is misguided as it not an actual source of law but is rather should be used to define a specific term in context.



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Seeding the idea to inject 5 year olds in the UK


A senior source revealed: “Top secret plans reveal what is at stake if we are t achieve a meaningful victory over Covid. Asking parents for permission to jab kids as young as five is in the schedule. It is controversial, but will help us reach our goal"


Kids as young as five set to be offered Covid jabs within months under secret NHS plans




STAND FIRM 200.jpg

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i think someone has activated the 'covidian response' in the past few days


masks are being pulled up, PCR tests are being hammered, everyone with a sniff is claiming COVID -- of course they are all double jabbed with a 3rd coming.


conversations in work are just  ... meh ... one fella with a swab up his nose laughing at someone else calling them 'thick as fuck'/ /// i just stand by and watch , aghast. Closer to hell on earth

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Reasons why they can't mandate mRNA


1. mRNA is a poison and poison's can not be mandated.

2. There are alternative treatments available so the emergency use authorisation was invalid.

3. They can't mandate drugs with no long term safety studies. 

4. They can't mandate drugs that require repeatable doses to be effective, that would be making drug addicts of people. 

5. They can't mandate drugs that show to be ineffective, there is no benefit in the risk vs benefit analysis if there is no benefit. 

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See what the press do with their deceptive headlines.


If you get the booster, then you won't see riots in the UK!


SAGE adviser says UK WON'T see a spike in Covid cases like Austria and Germany but warns Europe lockdown riots are a 'warning to us' as he urges Brits to get booster jabs


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