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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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43 minutes ago, Critilo said:


I will wonder forever if there are people who voted for Boris Johnson who have a portrait of him hanging in their bedroom. 




Years ago on the original David Icke forum I said to beware of this man.


Apart from Boris Johnson with Jewish ancestry and the Jewish Peter Mandelson has any other politician been photographed with Lord Jacob Rothschild, the family responsible for the creation of the terrorist State of Israel?


Boris Johnson and Lord Rothschild attend the opening of exhibition... News  Photo - Getty Images


  Boris Johnson and Lord Rothschild pose in front of Waddesdon Manor... News  Photo - Getty Images


Peter Mandelson Lord Jacob Rothschild His Wife Foto editorial en stock;  Imagen en stock | Shutterstock


Mandelson: I'm only here so Gordon can enjoy his holiday | London Evening  Standard | Evening Standard


See where this is going?


Peter Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein: Ex-Labour minister shopping with  depraved financier in 2005 | Daily Mail Online

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1 hour ago, Sexpistol50 said:

Need some advice , I don't wear a face mask I have a sunflower 🌻 lanyard which I wear to say I'm exempt.

I will be flying to London from Glasgow easyJet domestic flight soon and the easyJet policy says all passengers must wear a FFP2 face mask, it's bad enough flying but I refuse to wear a face mask, I telephoned easyJet and asked them but the operator was hopeless and didn't have a clue about face mask exemption on Domestic flights , can anyone give me advice and my legal rights are and what is the situation on mask wearing on domestic flights? if I had my way I would have traveled on train but my Mrs wants to fly 🙄


I flew from Aberdeen to Luton airport with EasyJet about 4 weeks ago and had a terrible experience. I originally flew to Aberdeen from London Heathrow with British Airways a week before and had no problem. I arrived at the departure gate, told cabin crew that I was exempt, and without any questions, I was allowed to board the flight, arrived at Aberdeen, and left the airport having had an excellent experience.


When I arrived at Aberdeen airport for my return flight to Luton on EasyJet, I went through the airport, and through security with no mask and no questions asked.


When I arrived at the departure gate, a young cabin crew member was making it clear no one would board the flight without a mask. When it was my turn to arrive at the desk to show him my boarding pass, he asked why I wasn't wearing a mask. I said I was exempt. He asked if I had a doctor's letter. I said no, you don't need one. He asked whether I'd notified EasyJet that I had an exemption when I booked the flight online. I said that when I purchased the ticket, there was no mention about having to declare exemption status. He swore blind that such a section existed but I never saw such an option. Needless to say, quite a prolonged argument ensued but I stood my ground.


He then made a phone-call to his manager and was told that I wasn't going to be allowed to board the flight without a face mask, which made him very happy as he realised he was at last able to exercise some power.


I then proceeded down and on to the tarmac, by the plane, still not wearing a face mask, as you don't need to wear a mask outside. As I started walking up the airline steps, another, older EasyJet employee started getting quite close to me. He kept asking me if I was going to wear a mask. I told him he wasn't observing social distancing several times, as he was being very pushy and too close for comfort. He backed off before I reached the top of the stairs. He was an airport-side EasyJet staff member, so he wasn't travelling on the plane, but he was still eagerly watching to see if I was going to comply, putting on a mask once going inside the plane.


When I stepped inside the plane, I held a mask over my nose and mouth without wrapping the strap around my ears, and showed my boarding pass to the plane's flight crew, and they ushered me to my seat without any problems, so I sat in my seat for awhile holding my mask on my facing, waiting for an opportunity to have a long cup of tea without the mask, as you're at liberty to do that.


A few minutes later, the chief steward came to me and said that he'd heard I objected to wearing a face mask, and asked if that was the case and why. I said I was exempt as they cause me anxiety. He said, okay, you don't have to wear a mask, and apologised for the hassle I'd experienced at the airport departure gate before boarding the flight. He said they're more strict in Scotland, but as we were flying London, I could relax. I thanked him for being so reasonable and friendly.


As soon as he left to get the plane ready for departure, a couple, in their mid-twenties, sitting in the seats in front of me became annoyed. They didn't expect that I'd get an apology, as I think they were hoping I'd be taken off the plane, so they began making childish, provocative comments to themselves. I told them to grow up and mind their own business, but they continued to fume away, all the way to London.

That's my recent story with EasyJet - mixed -  poor on the Scottish side, but very good on the English side.


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On 11/16/2021 at 3:59 PM, Captainlove said:

Brilliant post, but the sheep keep following the science.


On 11/16/2021 at 4:07 PM, zarkov said:

well the propaganda is relentless.



Well the propaganda is relentless but also laughably easy to take apart when you do even the most basic level of research into alternative information not from the mainstream and their 'experts'

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Lol was just walking down the street and a lady just stopped as we both got between the wall and the car was about 6 yards so more than enough room to get through she just froze and shouted something at me but i had a yoyng morrissey howling through my earphones so couldn't hear nor do i care. Unbelievable though isn't it.

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3 hours ago, Anders said:


It's the jab ... stupid.

Nope - old age.


And the people go 'ahhh, that would be it - the aging population' before climbing back into bed. It's not just blindness. At this stage it is wilful blindness.


Because they did what they did (obeyed everything) out of fear, they will deny blatant truth for the same reason. 

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3 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


I agree it is an insidious wedge, but zero engagement would mean the immoral people wanting

unvaccinated people to be locked down and to a lesser degree the 77th brigade out in force,

would give them a propaganda victory.


There are many people on Twitter who are totally against lockdowns and vaccine passports,

who are becoming more and more vocal. The poll I highlighted a few hours ago had 76% against

locking down the unvaccinated, now it stands at 83% with nearly 50,000 votes. Social media,

in this case, Twitter users are making a difference against these draconian restrictions




Fair point! and decent poll numbers.


Nothing Id like more than for the gov to eat humble pie and get binned considering their behaviour.

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2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:




UK Government polls are controlled imo, so maybe a more accurate figure is on social media.


The Good Morning Britain with 60,000 votes so far, more votes than any UK Gov Poll could dream of is currently 83% agianst locking down unvaccinated citizens.


And here is a smaller poll running at nearly 96% against these diabolical suggestions. 




Yougov just keep creating a new poll with the same question asked slightly differently, until they get the result they want. Then they only publicise the poll that has the result they want. The poll that we shared on telegram that was like 90% against lockdowns and covid BS, that one vanished in to the ether. 

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