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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Velma said:

Macron says the 'virus' is staying till summer, how could he possibly know that?


But we should hold them to account after the "circuit break' which is meant to be temporary.


We want our lives back after it has worked. If it doesn't work (surprise) and the "cases" keep rising, tough, we tried, we failed, so let the troops return to their barracks, remove the fekkin' plastic and go visit granny!


Part of the plan which Macron has knowledge of.  I suspect we will be in full lockdown in a few weeks and it will envolve the military this time.

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11 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

It is kicking off in Napoli against the lockdown.





Fiery people the Neapolitans, the city is divided between extreme wealth and extreme poverty. They're distrustful of police/government at the best of times, and they're right to be. If only there was a little bit more of that anger in other parts.

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Those videos raise a thought - as a lot of people suspect the final phase of this process is to "solve" the disillusionment over lost jobs etc via a reset with much greater control of society.


But if we see more of this anger in the coming months it could get too difficult to manage. Far from a world moving in lockstep we could see politicians hounded off stages with bricks and stones. What that would let to is anyone's guess, I'm not particularly a great fan of total anarchy but it's better than the great reset I guess.

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Comment from below the above article:



It's a proven medical fact that masks don't really do anything to stop the spread of viruses and they are uncomfortable but just wear it for goodness sake. It saves a lot of unwanted confrontation.
This guy is just an attention seeker and most definitely a flat earther.


That's the depth of stupidity we are now dealing with.  Either that, or somebody at 77th. Brigade should be working for Private Eye.


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22 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Had a regular half a dozen in the town I live in and now you point it out, you're right, they've all vanished!



There was a big black guy who'd always ask me "Any spare change sir?"

gone,vanished,..the busker who I got to know from chatting about guitars and things.. disappeared.

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22 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


Yes, it is a load of bollox.


Are shops not COVID secure with the mandatory mask wearing, social distancing signage, hand gel dispensers, the number of customers limited depending on floor space, direction arrows stuck to the floors, way in and way out only doors, disinfecting regimes of premises and articles, Perspex screens, changing rooms closed in clothes shops, only one person at a time in a lift unless from the same household etc., cash not taken or electronic payments preferred.  Shops  have gone to great expense and undertaken a decrease in their staff productivity to be COVID secure and now they will have to close again.  Will Amazon shares double again?


I get the feeling amazon  won't have their sales of child clothes.kettles..etc stopped.

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8 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:





FROM 2007, Daily Telegraph (excerpts)


By Boris Johnson

12:01AM BST 25 Oct 2007 


Dear oh dear oh dear.  Bill Gates to the rescue for Boris Johnson

Global over-population is the real issue

"It is a tragic measure of how far the world has changed — and the infinite capacity of modern man for taking offence — that there are no two subjects that can get you more swiftly into political trouble than motherhood and apple pie.


As for motherhood — the fertility of the human race — we are getting to the point where you simply can't discuss it, and we are thereby refusing to say anything sensible about

the biggest single challenge facing the Earth; and no, whatever it may now be conventional to say, that single biggest challenge is not global warming. That is a secondary

challenge. The primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself.


The world's population is now 6.7 billion, roughly double what it was when I was born. If I live to be in my mid-eighties, then it will have trebled in my lifetime.

The UN last year revised its forecasts upwards, predicting that there will be 9.2 billion people by 2050, and I simply cannot understand why no one discusses this impending calamity, and why no world statesmen have the guts to treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves.


How the hell can we witter on about tackling global warming, and reducing consumption, when we are continuing to add so relentlessly to the number of consumers? The answer is politics, and political cowardice.


There was a time, in the 1960s and 1970s, when people such as my father, Stanley, were becoming interested in demography, and the UN would hold giant conferences on the subject, and it was perfectly respectable to talk about saving the planet by reducing the growth in the number of human beings.

But over the years, the argument changed, and certain words became taboo, and certain concepts became forbidden, and we have reached the stage where the very discussion of overall human fertility — global motherhood — has become more or less banned.


We seem to have given up on population control, and all sorts of explanations are offered for the surrender. Some say Indira Gandhi gave it all a bad name, by her demented plan to sterilise Indian men with the lure of a transistor radio.


And then, in recent years, the idea of global population control has been more or less stifled by a pincer movement from the Right and the Left. American Right-wingers disapprove of anything that sounds like birth control, and so George W. Bush withholds the tiny contribution America makes to the UN Fund for Population Activities, regardless of the impact on the health of women in developing countries.


As for the Left, they dislike suggestions of population control because they seem to smack of colonialism and imperialism and telling the Third World what to do; and so we have reached the absurd position in which humanity bleats about the destruction of the environment, and yet there is not a peep in any communiqué from any summit of the EU, G8 or UN about the population growth that is causing that destruction.


It is time we had a grown-up discussion about the optimum quantity of human beings in this country and on this planet. Do we want the south-east of Britain, already the most densely populated major country in Europe, to resemble a giant suburbia ?This is not, repeat not, an argument about immigration per se, since in a sense it does not matter where people come from, and with their skill and their industry, immigrants add hugely to the economy. This is a straightforward question of population, and the eventual size of the human race.


Boris Johnson is MP for Henley






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17 hours ago, Ecki Divad said:


The controlled perception here is:


Uncouth Northern woman and her Yorkshire husband who looks like he asks for scraps with his bag of chips and interrupts once or twice to say, "Can I say something to yer now?" 




Calm middle-class well-spoken women from west London who buy prosecco from Marks [Marx?] & Sparks, took degrees (or look the types) and sound like they know what they are talking about


This is unfair because the Northern woman had the better points and - arguably - is the more intelligent, but I repeat: perception rules.


Maybe, as you suggest, it will backfire and people will rebel against it (similar to Brexit), but they present things this way for a reason.

In my circles prosecco is considered uncouth.


It’s either quality real ales or excellent English Sparkling wine only!

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A Welsh dragon is unleashed: Furious Tesco shopper tears away plastic sheets and asks how children's clothes are 'non-essential' in run-up to winter under Wales's 'disgraceful' Covid rules


Hello, based department!

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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

A Welsh dragon is unleashed: Furious Tesco shopper tears away plastic sheets and asks how children's clothes are 'non-essential' in run-up to winter under Wales's 'disgraceful' Covid rules


Hello, based department!


I am not suprised that Gwilyn Owen was furious and took direct action about children's winter clothing. This is just one case which is the tip of the icebag of the boiling anger to such crass government action. 


What the Tesco plastic sheet stripper said could not be more to the point.




I don't expect everyone to do what I've done here but I do expect everyone to know that denying the public clothing is nothing but immoral and inhuman. 

'So no I'm not ashamed of what I've done.

'I'm not prepared to live in a society where they can take basic human needs away like being able to buy new clothes, especially for children. So I'll do what I can to stop it.

'I've had it up to my tether with what's going on and we need more people to take a stand for what is right! This was my stand.'

Just hours before he took to Tesco, Mr Owen posted: 'I urge everyone to whenever they go to these ''non essential'' aisles in supermarkets, to open them up!

'Take off the covering! Clothes is amongst the things that have been covered up not for sale in Tesco, this is tyranny!




The Welsh Government says children's clothes are non-essential when it is zero VAT/Value Added Tax rated, as well as Children's footwear.  Also if adult clothing is non-essential then how can anyone be arrested for being nude in public if it is a non-essential item.



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36 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:


I asked on twitter and they can still buy from amazon..unsurprisingly


If Amazon can still sell non-essential items then that is double standards, workers are packing items which then get delivered by couriers and postmen, who are doing more trips, and putting their lives at risk of COVID-1984 all for so-called non-essential items.

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