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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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8 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Piers Morgan stirring up trouble again.




So they fought so their descendents could be bossed around and coerced by people that hate them? What a gobshite.


On 8/8/2021 at 2:53 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


"Only the dead have seen the end of war", well not our dead. Our dead do not rest easy in slumber, they do not rest at all.
Their lives are used as tools by our enemies, their honor is questioned by fools.
Our dead have not seen the end of war at all.


If we had a time machine so we could show those brave men what they was really fighting for, I doubt many would have bothered.

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2 hours ago, BruiseL said:

Union told me this is much harder to prove at tribunal than unfair dismissal. If anyone is under threat at work you have to gain as much evidence as possible. Have everything written down and dated, even verbal conversations. Anything to do with harassment and or intimidation too. At a tribunal they want a folder of evidence. 

Have you looked into joining The Vaccine Control Group? 

It is a worldwide organisation and costs £10. They have the finest legal minds working for them that can help with situations like yours and know all the loopholes and cunning tricks the judiciary try to use against you. Good luck and never give up. 

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2 hours ago, Velma said:

The chancellor says this means that people who have not been vaccinated won't be able to leave home, unless it is for essential reasons like going to work, buying food or exercise.


In other words, they can't stop you from living, only from paticipating in the Metaverse,which is somewhere I don't want go. My avatar has retired.

I was happy during (not with) our lockdown in the UK. I went to work to provide for my family, hardly saw a single arsehole on the empty roads, didn't get distracted by sport, had plenty to eat.


I can live without concerts, cinema, theatres and live sport.


I noticed that the skies were a gorgeous blue during the whole month of April 2020 I observed nature just getting on with what it does, even being delighted to see the first carpenter bee of the season establishing its territory in front of my face as I soaked up Vitamin D.


It's the simple things for me. Here's a picture of my kids - they know the score with how this world works. Even the four year old on the right knows that masks are a pile of bollocks (somebody at the doctor's surgery back in March 2020 tried to put one on her - she kicked off and screamed the place down. They desisted in the finish, though if I'd have been there instead of my wife there would have been a lot more noise made).


Watching her go into the sea for the first time is one of my favourite memories in my entire 55 years. We do live in a beautiful world, despite the flies at our picnics.




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7 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



Just invite Mr Morgan to be scanned by a detection device they use at Airports that can detect if you have been jabbed or not. 

I suspect for all his bravado he didn't get the real poisonous jab but nothing but a load of Saline which if that is the case the scanner will not bleep. 

We could then use the same method of detection on all the Sage, Govenment and Royal dignitaries. 

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7 hours ago, Ween Dwijler said:

One man can do more than all those postings here, which no one outside the forum ever sees.



ive seen that name pop up as a truther alot but never watched him before, thank god as someone who knows the crack but takes the shots to travel cant be trusted, all he had to do is stay in canada. even i know my travelling days are over

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So, we have reached the point where Science has decided it should actually do some science and point out that previous science which everyone believed was true was a lie, that lie being based on it is all for the greater good, which it isn't. now you can all go back to the soap opera thanks for the time. 

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18 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

A reminder for all those people you know who still trust the media (Governments' mouthpieces)

about all things Covid.




We're in the age of ego.

I "want"!

I want entertaining

I want holiday

I want good tasting shitty food & drink

I want others to take care of my health 

I want less responsibility

I want others to think for me

I want free shit

I want to be popular


Saville was presented as a figure who fulfilled those perceived artificial needs feeding the culture of ego and took full advantage of the gullible in a monstrous system of depravity.


Instead of creating a culture of self reliance, autonomy, self worth, value and the resulting requisite awareness of self ownership/sovereignty or the infinite power of volition.


It becomes easy to see the mechanism of social engineering when media aligns so tightly to egocentrism.




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I'm still amazed at what habits you can get people to adopt under the guise of a pandemic.


'Free' Interactive Kiosks Surveil Everyone While Scooping Up Their Personal Information


'It seems like no matter where you go 'free' smart interactive kiosks are being installed in cities everywhere.


It appears politicians across America can't stop boasting about IKE's free "Smart City" kiosks.


Smart interactive kiosks like IKE boast about offering free advertising to local businesses during the pandemic, so how do they make any money?


IKE's website does a great job of painting itself as a 'free' interactive kiosk service to the public. In fact they do such a great job of obscuring how they collect users personal information, that I didn't think there was much of a story here.


After clicking on IKE's four tabs "About, Technology, Applications and Team" I thought maybe they really were using advertising dollars to pay for their rapid expansion. But then I struck paydirt after I clicked on their privacy policies at the bottom of their website.


IKE claims that it "respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy" but if you continue reading their privacy policy you soon realize that all is not as it seems.


IKE tells users that they will collect information on each user’s interactions with the Kiosk. "We may share this information without restriction with the city where the Kiosk is located and its agencies..."


The types of information their kiosks collect becomes a little clearer in IKE's interactive section.


IKE reveals that users accessing their QR codes can be personally identified.


    "The QR code will anonymously link your mobile device to the applications. If your mobile device is not capable of accessing the applications by scanning the QR code, you may access these features by providing the information requested by the Kiosk, some of which may personally identify you."


IKE claims that they will not share or sell users personal information to third parties but then the next paragraph they say the exact opposite.


"[I]n choosing to engage these features, you agree that we can provide the information you give to a Kiosk, including any information that may personally identify you, to that Third-Party Partner: (a) 311; (b) Get Around; and (c) Photo Booth."


Basically, what IKE is saying is that anyone who uses IKE's kiosks agrees to give their personally identifiable information (PII) to them and third parties. So much for respecting users privacy.


IKE goes on to explain that 311 user information is stored by Third-Party Partners.


    "With respect to any feature operated by a Third-Party Partner, the Kiosk will only store the information you provide long enough to perform the service you request. After that, the information will no longer be retained by the Kiosk or IKE, but it may continue to be retained by the Third-Party Partner."


IKE's WiFi Service section says their kiosk's might "share certain technical information with the internet service provider across the Wi-Fi signal." But users shouldn't worry because IKE deletes their PII every 12 months.


This is nearly the exact same business model that "Smart City Kiosks" used in New York City three years ago, the only difference is that that IKE's kiosks are not equipped with microphones.


So how does IKE make a profit? It appears that IKE makes money from letting Third-Party Partners pay for the right to collect users PII information.


Users of IKE kiosks should be concerned about two things.

Sharing certain technical information with an "internet service provider" is a slick way of saying IKE and Third-Party Partners are IDing every Bluetooth enabled device.


The second concern is third party internet service providers are under under no obligation to delete a user's personal information every 12 months, or ever.


Things get a lot more disconcerting after reading IKE's "Camera" section.


    "Each Kiosk may be equipped with one or more cameras. The cameras capture images of the area surrounding the Kiosk, and those images may include you. We will not keep any footage captured by any camera for longer than 15 days, unless the footage is necessary to investigate an incident. Furthermore, we will not use or disclose data collected by our cameras except to improve the functionality and ensure the security of the Kiosks, as necessary to address illegal activity on, associated with or perpetrated against the Kiosks or in the surrounding area, or if we believe the disclosure is required by law or in the interest of public safety."


Everyone passing in front of an "IKE Smart City" kiosk will be recorded and have their images stored for at least 15 days. Except of course if IKE or law enforcement want to save the footage, then it is anyone's guess how long they will retain the footage for.


IKE's "disclosure of information" section is basically an indemnity clause against future lawsuits.


"In addition to the disclosures we have identified elsewhere in this policy, we may also disclose any and all information collected by us or that you provide to us via a Kiosk as described in this policy to our parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and/or any entity who acquires, by any means, some or all of the assets or ownership interests of IKE Smart City, LLC."


"We (IKE) may also disclose any and all information collected by us that you provided via a kiosk"? Was your phone's Bluetooth enabled when you used or walked by an IKE kiosk[s]? Unless you just happened to click on their privacy policies at the bottom of their website, users' would have no way of knowing how much PII is being collected and stored.


    "We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in applicable law. Because any personal information you provide to us is not stored or maintained in databases owned or created by us, we will be unable to notify you as and when this Privacy Policy is updated."


And to make matters worse, users must constantly check and make sure that IKE has not changed their privacy policy. Also, IKE's kiosks are not supposed to be used by children under 13. Why? See above.


IKE's surveillance camera kiosks popping up in cities everywhere have all the earmarks of a Big Brother surveillance network masquerading as a 'free' interactive kiosk network.'

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