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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, alexa said:

The idea that the Covid vaccine has been developed to turn us into zombie slaves for Bill Gates is highly unlikely... I won't clap for anti-vaxx carers 

SARAH VINE: It's unlikely the Covid-19 vaccine has been developed to turn us into zombie slaves but people would rather not get the jab because of some theory sent by a mate on WhatsApp. DM


I'll give em one thing. they are really trying 🤣


They failed to post my comment on that article. It wasn't even that bad. 

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1 hour ago, jack121 said:

Sucking cock maybe. If this whore will sellout her country and the human race to the dajjal, what won't she do.


Wow what a coincidence that the rumours of $20 million bribes is doing the rounds and then horse face tran man over here wealth increases by $20 million haha 🤔

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10 hours ago, Macnamara said:


myocarditis pride marches (short ones obviously) and if people don't join in then they are science denying health-bigots

The Satanist elite have long promoted sickness and weakness as a 'virtue', Satanic inversion. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they did something similar with those suffering chronic illness from the jabs in the future.


The promotion of weakness serves them well, the sick and weak are less likely to be able to fight back against them.

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9 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Sorry this offtopic, but upon further reflection, the below doesn't seem to work with the whole soy-Euro-men argument I made before so I have to revise it....


Maori actually have a natural order in their tribal structures that have always been open to the gays and lesbians ... it's never been taboo to them, (in the same way as it was taboo in  "Victorian" Christian/sin back in the day)... the whole "coming out" thing was never a "big deal"- it was openly embraced.

Strength Comes from Knowing, Being Young, Maori, Gay and Aware - Albert  Sword (New Zealander, b. 1950) and Te Waka Awhina Takataapui Tane — Google  Arts & Culture


But Maori are warriors through and through - like hardcore - it's in their DNA.

Traditionally woman would do their own dance to rile the blood of their men up before going to war



And to this day, even though all have at least 1/4+ euro blood, in the city streets at night along the clubbing stripes - it's always the girls getting mouthy first and instigating the boys to get in fights... if they're not getting in on the scrap themselves lol - but it's an observable phenomena (I've always observed the world from some weird third-person point of view like that lol) 


The Maori love their gays...



The Pacific Islanders even have a whole role for transsexuals - Fa'afafine.

The youngest boy is raised as a girl; stays with the woman in the village as the boys go fishing etc.

It's quite tragic in NZ as there's no societal slot for them - so to speak - and they end up as street sex workers.

I tell you what though - I used to be on the club scene in Auckland and they're fkn scary cos they're built like a brick shit house in heels and would crack you one as fast as look at you.



NZ even elected the worlds first openly tranz MP years ago. Elected mayor of a small red-neck town, then MP - Georgina Beyer - she got world famous at the time



Pasifika love their trannys

Pacific campaign launched against homophobia and transphobia | RNZ News


Maybe the affluence of Euro baby boomers and onward to the 60s/70s just breed weak sons... not so much on a genetic level but emotionally, never having to strive or give a shit about anything like a meal or new shoes (although NZ has a relative poverty levels, (more so now of course) and has never been comparable to Australia's wealth) European families have been comfortably affluent for generations.

This is all well and good, the difference is that the Maori see these trans people for what they are, trans. They have words for them etc. This means there is a distinction between them and the others. No confusion for children, no inner confusion etc. In our society men in dresses demand to be called a woman, whilst some call women cis women or birth givers instead of Mothers so as not to offend the men in dresses. 

Children are told they can be whatever, which is confusing.

See one is acceptance, the other is a take over of womankind whilst putting real woman on the backburner.

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39 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



Didn't notice that this article also points out that the deadly batches were unusually sent to 13-50 states, while most batches were not sent so widely. Does this prove malicious intent? 


Probably the states where Gates is buying up land. Just conjecture, of course

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2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:



This Tweet is from July this year. Let's not forget Piers Morgan is part of the criminal gang. I hope one day

he is put behind bars, with thousands of other so called journalists, politicians, doctors, bankers, big pharma

owners and executives etc etc


Most probably the majority are members of the secret society called Freemasonry.




I'd love to stick my hand right up this twat's arse, grab his tonsils, and turn him inside out.

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12 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


I'd love to stick my hand right up this twat's arse, grab his tonsils, and turn him inside out.

I think it's not bad deal if they finally fuck off... Off course I want %  back from every vial wasted on these thick farts + refund for refusal of medical 'care'. 👍

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