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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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10 hours ago, Velma said:

What the hell difference does the items you buy make to the 'infection rate?'


Supermarkets told to sell only essential items



Government does not have this power! How are they getting away with this?



In the run up to xmas too where people buy more non essential items because they buy gifts.... fuck the absolute psychopaths 

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Came across this info in a comments section -for business willing to make a stand might find it useful....
Do not allow the circuit breaker lockdown  to destroy your business and voluntarily send yourself into financial ruin.
Do NOT comply under ANY circumstances.
If you do you are a FOOL.....It is simply an OFFER !!!!!!!
Remember in March, "it's just three weeks to flatten the curve", do you honestly believe this time will be any different? Are you willing to take that chance? Once you close they WILL do everything in their power to keep you closed!!!!
Come on people say just say NO !Liverpool gym owners said NO and they are still open !!!!
Put the government on notice of "conditional acceptance" NOW.
They have made you an OFFER you have ACCEPTED it under CONDITIONS, the ball is then in their court, they MUST rebut your points with clear factual evidence.
I'm even going to write it for you.....
I will conditionally accept your demands on proof of the following,
1) A document that shows and provides scientific evidence of the testing procedure being used in the UK that 100% positively identifies Covid19 otherwise known as Sars cov2 not ANY other type of coronavirus in a living being beyond any reasonable doubt.
2) You can guarantee and prove the test being used to justify these "guidelines" will not give a false positive result.
3) Evidence that this is Law" because it clearly says "guidelines".
4) A copy of the two way contract signed by BOTH parties where I agreed to follow these "guidelines"
5) The government website clearly states Covid19 is no longer considered a HCID, please provide scientific proof of it being highly contagious.
6) Please clearly define what you mean by a "public health threat".
7) Can you confirm the current medical threat to a normal healthy individual (under 75) and confirm how many critically ill healthy people without any underlying conditions (only) there are in ICU so I can make an informed decision on these "guidelines".
😎 What grounds does an alleged "public health threat" which was downgraded in severity levels in March become of higher importance than the long term threat I face in terms of mental and financial ruin?
9) Are you willing to accept full liability for any/ all financial, physical and/or mental health problems brought on by following this guideline and closing my business?
10) Please confirm that these guidelines have been through a risk assessment and will protect me from mental and financial ruin.
11) Please present me with a copy of the "guidelines" and show me where it specifically names me and my business.
12) Where there is no victim there is no crime. Please explain to me how I am breaking the Law by not following these "guidelines" .
Only a reply that meets the following criteria qualifies as a proper and verified reply.
It must be supported by an affidavit with a full legible, title, wet signature, name and address, signed and sworn or affirmed as being true, correct, complete, certain and on full commercial Liability and on penalty of perjury.
Any correspondence must only be sent by registered mail.
All questions 1-12 MUST be answered clearly. If no reply in the correct manner is received within seven (7) days it is thereby taken as your assent and agreement. S
Copied from a friend.
Two points
1: COVID-19 is the name they gave to a set of symptoms and SARS CoV 2 is the name they gave to a virus which they still have not isolated and proved
2: you will note SARS CoV 2 has now been declared contagious and not infectious. Contagious means you have to touch someone to get the disease and infectious means it is airborne so no need for masks if it is not infectious..... Right Bojo?!?!
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6 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

There is no precise list of non-essential goods in the law coming into force on Friday, but any business selling goods or services for sale or hire in a shop will have to close.


that is garbled English. There is no list, but nobody can sell anything? 


Yes, it is a load of bollox.


Are shops not COVID secure with the mandatory mask wearing, social distancing signage, hand gel dispensers, the number of customers limited depending on floor space, direction arrows stuck to the floors, way in and way out only doors, disinfecting regimes of premises and articles, Perspex screens, changing rooms closed in clothes shops, only one person at a time in a lift unless from the same household etc., cash not taken or electronic payments preferred.  Shops  have gone to great expense and undertaken a decrease in their staff productivity to be COVID secure and now they will have to close again.  Will Amazon shares double again?


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83 year old Maureen from Barnsley has been on Good Morning Britain today with her husband speaking her truth again along with plain common sense.


She eclipses the nauseating and patronising Dr Sarah Jarvis who has clearly been wheeled in as the so-called "expert" to shut her down and who has quite some nerve to say that this has been the worst pandemic in 101 years.



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