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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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This just in: 

It seems the source of the dreaded Covid virus outbreak at the Shanghai Disneyland has been found.


One of the Seven Little People (formally referred to as the Seven Dwarfs), named Sneezy, is now being held under quarantine while being administered a series of government vaccines by the Little Person identified as Doc. 


When reached for comments on the matter, Little Person Dopey refused to take questions from the press, then left the podium, returning to his work at The White House.


Of the Seven Little Persons, all have reported to have have the government sanctioned, Covid vaccine, with the exception of Grumpy, who claims to be a quote, "Anti-Vaxxer".


"Oy! Feck off with yer bloody jabs, tossers!" - Grumpy

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9 hours ago, skitzorat said:

You can't escape!!!! lolz


MIQ staff chase after person who allegedly escaped from Auckland facility in Ellerslie.

A photo shared with 1News shows staff from a managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facility in Auckland chasing after a Covid-19 infected man who allegedly escaped from the facility.



Running with face masks on, that must be a good help for a rapid persuit, to catch a 33-year-old escapee. 😆


Did they choke on their face nappies?

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From The Gateway Pundit:

EXPLOSIVE REVELATION: Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots – “Desperate Countries force to Make Humiliating Concessions”

From the story:

WION Gravitas, a popular prime-time show in India that brings viewers news and discussions on concurrent issues and across the globe, exposed in a recent episode how Pfizer bullies and blackmails countries for shots and took a hard line in the push for profit.


A non-profit organization called Public Citizen obtained a confidential unredacted Pfizer contract of some of its negotiations. The contracts show how Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about its contracts, block vaccine donations, unilaterally change delivery schedules and demand public assets as collateral.


“The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century,” Public Citizen reported.



Gravitas’ anchor, Palki Sharma Upadhyay said that desperate countries are being forced to make humiliating concessions to Pfizer. They found out some serious revelations. Below are the 6 key points on the Pfizer contracts that were revealed.

  • Pfizer Reserves the Right to Silence Governments – Pfizer is silencing the governments through its contracts. It has forced countries not to talk about the deals they strike for shots.
  • Pfizer Controls Distribution of Shots – Pfizer controls the donations of the shots, not the country that buys them. Pfizer will decide where the shots go.
  • Pfizer Secured an “IP Waiver” for Itself – If Pfizer is accused of intellectual property theft, governments will pay not the company.
  • Private Arbitrators, not Public Courts, Decide Disputes in Secret – If there are disputes, private arbitrators and not public courts will decide on them
  • Pfizer Can Go After State Assets – Pfizer can go after state assets to secure its compensation.
  • Pfizer Calls the Shots on Key Decisions – Pfizer decides delivery timeline and more.
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3 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Look what Utah's new digital drivers licenses will include in the future..



The program will include your driver’s license info and your COVID-19 status. This will be tracked by the government and available to government employees.


The program may also include the following information in the future:

** Your health records
** Your financial reports
** Credit scores
** Travel records
** Vehicle registration
** Spending
** Voting
** Sex offender status
** Licenses and Permits you have
** Parking Fines
** Social Credit Scoring


Mississippi is also discussing the Mobile ID program.

And already their card will contain information from your driver’s license and vaccine status.


Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell says “From a law enforcement perspective, it will allow a law enforcement officer approaching the car to interact via Bluetooth with that phone so that they can know exactly who they’re dealing with before they even get to the car. And I think that’s a great feature for law enforcement, and it would be able to be utilized for any lawful purchase that you could otherwise use a regular ID.”


Ahhh! Do you feel it, too? That's the warm, loving embrace of Big Brother!

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33 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

No time to waste!



Looks like they're changing the recipe for the childrens satan juice


theres always the new kids blood thinner pill released recently, conveniently....for those nasty blood clots




And fresh off the back of the BBC ad "normalizing" teens and heart attacks.... now theyre "normalizing" child strokes! 



Dark Times Ahead


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Italian Department of Health has revised all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to 3783.


Doesn't matter now the "emergency use" excuse for jabbing the world with a rushed experimental poison has done its job




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From The Gateway Pundit:

Judge Suspends Lori Lightfoot’s Deadline For Chicago Police Officers to be Vaccinated Against Covid-19

From the story:

A Cook County Judge on Monday suspended Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s December 31 deadline for Chicago police officers to be vaccinated against Covid.


A judge on Monday suspended a Dec. 31 deadline for Chicago police officers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 but didn’t interfere with a requirement that they be regularly tested.

Disputes over vaccinations should be handled as a labor grievance with an arbitrator, Cook County Judge Raymond Mitchell said.


“The effect of this order is to send these parties back to the bargaining table and to promote labor peace by allowing them to pursue” remedies under Illinois law, Mitchell said.

The grievance process could last months, the city said last week.


Officers who haven’t been vaccinated still must be tested twice a week under city policy. Officers also can lose work and pay if they don’t disclose their vaccine status.



Mayor Lightfoot, seen here consulting with one of her top aides, is confident officers will comply within the allotted time frame.

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3 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


The real question is of course: "Jacinda, why do you have an Adam"s Apple?'

We've called in our professional gender checker. He's a local lad, from the outback and has a particularly fail safe method of detecting cock. Mr Dundee, please proceed........ It's a fuckin bloke! 


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1 hour ago, soulalways said:

sorry m8 i thought you were joking..i didnt know this existed!..i must have a good look at these settings...done it thanks

You know I asked the other day how to check the list of different discussions on here. Had no clue. Looked on main page and there it was. Up to now I’ve been flicking through the unread content section. Couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I blame it on age and senility😁

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