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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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9 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

I have still never worn a mask in my entire life :D 



The mask wears around me are schizophrenic about it, one minute it's on, then it's off, then it's on their chin, then it's on again. I don't know what they think they are preventing, apart from speech.

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3 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

Jacinda shuts down questions that she doesn't like.

Look at the gestures. She looks like a vicar who's just been asked to teach a sex education class. The simpering smile, the hand-wringing, the attempt to turn everyone against the questioner. How is this creature a prime minister of a nation like New Zealand. She should be running a day care.

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3 hours ago, skitzorat said:

You can't escape!!!! lolz


MIQ staff chase after person who allegedly escaped from Auckland facility in Ellerslie.

A photo shared with 1News shows staff from a managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facility in Auckland chasing after a Covid-19 infected man who allegedly escaped from the facility.


Add Benny Hill theme tune!

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1 hour ago, Velma said:



The mask wears around me are schizophrenic about it, one minute it's on, then it's off, then it's on their chin, then it's on again. I don't know what they think they are preventing, apart from speech.

Asians are pro... They are probably different species - maybe they've already started photosynthesis... 😏

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Two stories in the space of two days. Mentions of vaccines conspicuous by their absence.


When is the penny going to drop?




A football match in Norway was stopped on Monday because of a player suffering cardiac arrest on the pitch.


Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson, who is on loan at Norwegian second division side Sogndal from top flight Sarpsborg 08, was taken ill after 12 minutes of the first half against Stjordals-Blink.


In a statement, the club said the 28-year-old was "successfully resuscitated".

Palsson was then flown to a nearby hospital for further treatment.


In June, Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen, 29, collapsed because of cardiac arrest during his country's Euro 2020 game against Finland and had life-saving treatment on the pitch.


He later had an a implantable cardioverter defibrillator device - a type of pacemaker - fitted.


On Saturday, former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was taken to hospital for tests after suffering "chest discomfort" as Barcelona drew 1-1 against Alaves in La Liga.


Following cardiological tests, the 33-year-old has been ruled out for three months and will receive treatment while his health is monitored.




Barcelona have announced that Sergio Aguero will not play for three months after suffering chest pains against Alaves on Saturday.


The ex-Manchester City striker, 33, had cardiological tests in hospital after being taken ill.


Aguero will now receive treatment while his health is monitored.


The club said: "During the next three months, the effectiveness of treatment will be evaluated in order to determine his recovery process."


Aguero received treatment for several minutes on the pitch before being taken to hospital.


On social media, Aguero said he was "well and in good spirits to face the recovery process".


The former Manchester City striker was making just his second start for Barcelona after sustaining an injury in pre-season.


He joined the Spanish giants on a two-year deal in the summer after a 10-year spell at City, during which he became the club's all-time leading scorer with 260 goals in 390 games.


Speaking before Barca's Champions League match away to Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday, caretaker coach Sergi Barjuan said: "I talked to him and he's calm. He's confined to his room but, considering the situation, he's calm."


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2 hours ago, ally_uk said:


To summarise you cannot back up anything you have said. Which is what I initially thought 🙄🙄


Instead when challenged you deflect and become aggressive which seems to be a common trait with those who apparently think they are in the know...... 



if you dont believe like the rest of us..what are you doing on here ? really,what are you doing on here as you clearly dont ? ?..people like you wind me up ..thats why i lose my temper.

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56 minutes ago, Matistuta said:

When is the penny going to drop?


Some are asking since March 2020: 


Deepl.com says: 


There is a train to Corona, a virus that does not exist. 

In reality, it is the flu that is being used to make us sick and deceive us. 

The pharmaceutical mafia needs more money to better manage diseases, and then keep them alive through vaccination. 

There is a train to Corona, and everyone believes the hoax. 

The disease is also spreading anally, Spahn quickly changes his nappies. 

Why do people actually believe the Corona lie? Why does one make an elephant out of a viral fly? 

And all the traitors to the people sing now: 

Oh Corona, I love you, I love you, please believe me, people are stupid, we are not, they won't tear the mask off our faces. 

Oh Corona, spread panic, that's how we'll enslave the people, we don't give a shit about the rest of the world, they're just trained monkeys. 

Time is running out, the hours are passing, people are suddenly frightened, they stare at Corona like a rabbit at a snake. 

Corona is the whipping boy, invented for the economic crisis by the traitors to the people. 

To enslave us even further, the ones up there are the perpetrators. 

The German puts up with everything, after all, he lost the war. 

And when he wakes up, he's going to get his ears boxed. 

Oh Corona, you don't exist, you have nothing to do with it. 

But if you do exist, please infect the others, not me. 

Despair tears the people apart, they suspect it is a lie. 

But why are they silent? Why do they do nothing? 

The reason is clear, I'll tell you why: 

Most people are born stupid, live stupid and die stupid. 



Original German text:


Es fährt ein Zug nach Corona, ein Virus, das es gar nicht gibt. 

In Wirklichkeit ist es die Grippe, mit der man uns krank macht und betrügt. 

Die Pharma-Mafia braucht mehr Geld, um Krankheiten besser zu verwalten und sie dann durch Impfungen am Leben zu erhalten. 

Es fährt ein Zug nach Corona und jeder glaubt an den Schwindel. 

Die Krankheit verbreitet sich auch anal, der Spahn wechselt schnell mal seine Windeln. 

Warum glaubt man eigentlich die Corona-Lüge? Warum macht man einen Elefanten aus einer viralen Fliege? 

Und alle Volksverräter singen jetzt mal: 

Oh Corona, ich hab dich lieb, ich hab dich lieb, bitte glaube mir, das Volk ist blöde, wir sind es nicht, die reißen uns nicht die Maske vom Gesicht. 

Oh Corona, verbreite Panik, so werden wir die Menschen versklaven, wir scheißen auf den Rest der Welt, das sind doch nur dressierte Affen. 

Die Zeit verrinnt, die Stunden gehn, den Menschen wird es plötzlich bange, sie starren entsetzt auf Corona wie das Karnickel auf die Schlange. 

Corona ist der Prügelknabe, für die Wirtschaftskrise erfunden von den Volksverrätern. 

Um uns noch weiter zu versklaven, die da oben sind die waren Täter. 

Der Deutsche läßt sich alles gefallen, schließlich hat er ja den Krieg verloren. 

Und wenn er aufwacht, dann setzt es gleich ein paar ganz heiße Ohren. 

Oh Corona, es gibt dich nicht, du hast ja nichts damit zu tun. 

Wenn es dich aber trotzdem gibt, dann bitte steck die andern an, nicht mich. 

Die Verzweiflung zerreißt das Volk, sie ahnen, daß es eine Lüge ist. 

Aber warum schweigen sie? Warum tun sie nichts? 

Der Grund ist klar, ich sag’s euch warum: 

Die meißten Menschen werden dumm geboren, leben dumm und sterben dumm. 


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