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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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7 hours ago, The Illuminator said:

Never despair marra. Your love for your soul is the reason why this evil cannot and will not prevail.


They will try hard to coerce, cojole, shame, threaten but at end of day I'm a firm believer they need your consent to jab you. Just keep saying no. No matter the consequences. Where there is a will there is a way. Stay strong brothers and sisters.


Thank you for these words. It's seeing things like this that help me stay the path.


I have a mantra I sometimes repeat to myself when I feel energetically attacked: "I am pure, I am made of infinite love, my soul is strong", and that helps too. We really are in a spiritual war. Staying connected to source/creator and soul is one of the most fundamental armours, and weapons.

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On 10/22/2021 at 11:12 PM, skitzorat said:

apologies about the other day, I was over tired and just don't appreciate being psychoanalyzed over a nonchalant post by people I've never had any interaction with before.  'tis all. Nothing personal ✌️


Of course I've read 1984 - and yes, I even managed to make it to the end. But considering my post that was in reply to was, once again, a complete nothing-burger



I do find it odd that you would feel so inclined to dissect it.🙃

Nevertheless I appreciate the book recommend even if, again, I don't see it's relevance to my trivial, off-the-cuff post...but then again considering you were insinuating I may not have finished reading 1984, perhaps I'm just not that bright. 😛



Apology accepted. It takes courage and character to do that. I did understand you were in some kind of stress at that moment. It can happen to the best of us.


I don't recall to have mentioned the book "Rape of the Mind". But it is a good read and certainly can help to understand better what is actually going on in this shit show. You don't need to buy it, it is available for free as a downloadable pdf or ebook on many sites. If you're interested, have a look for it.

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6 hours ago, zarkov said:




With all the fuss about parasites being in the injections some interesting findings corroborating these concerns.

I would be more concerned about the parasites found outside of the vaccines, i.e. politicians, bankers, big pharma, big tech and those in the shades behind the curtains.

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2 hours ago, BossCrow said:

China’s social credit system. Students wear headbands that monitor their concentration levels.


2 hours ago, BossCrow said:



A dystopian nightmare for the most, a wet dream for tyrants. Surely big tech in the West is already at it to jump into this market, too.


I can soon see new, fashionable models coming out. A concentration headband with integrated face shield and on screen social credit reporting, weather and video on demand.

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😷 Bunch of bloody hypocrites!


'You are in trespass. You need to leave this church right now': Moment Catholic priest orders maskless man out of Washington mass - before he begins brawling with men who try to remove him and almost topples the ALTAR



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22 hours ago, Human10 said:

What else grabbed my attention were Athens and Greek letters used... 😆 Evil character had also long monolog about how ordinary people don't want to have a free will. I was disturbed Bond died like that - someone who always fought for humanity... There were old fans in the cinema - I suppose they felt like they lost family member... 

Sorry for changing the subject slightly....


I haven't seen the new bond. At one point of the film I heard it was a lesbian black woman who called herself bond ..is that true?

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17 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

Driving around town today - three people in one day round the town where I live - collapsed.
2 this morning - one old man sitting outside an organic food shop with ambulance staff and 3 or 4 members of the public around him,  the other person (looked to be a lady possibly in her late 60's) lying on her side outside the doors to the cancer-research charity shop, (people rushing around her, looking stressed)
Now I've just driven past our large local supermarket and another old lady (late 70's ish) is sitting there against lamppost - (with a mask on!) holding her forehead with one hand and surrounded by ambulance workers and 3 people.
I couldn't stop to ask if any of them were vaccined?   I think we know the answer to that one folks.



i saw dead pigeons in the roads yesterday, in a 6 road area. Was definitely odd as the wife often points out i dont notice things.


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Risch is a professor of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. A former member of the board of editors for the American Journal of Epidemiology, he is an author of more than 350 original peer-reviewed research publications.

“Honestly, I would organize with other parents to take them out of the school and create homeschooling environments,” Risch said.

“There’s no choice. Your child’s life is on the line.”

He acknowledged that vaccination “is not a high risk that’s going to kill every child.”

“However, it’s enough of a risk, that on the average the benefit is higher for homeschooling than it is for vaccination and being in school.”



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53 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Just discovered this guy n love him and his delivery and he's over the target dropping truth bombs



very denis pennis style.. even sort of looks like Paul Kaye a bit


well, according to all the rich people


its all our fault

the economic crash was our fault

every big business failure is our fault

any criminal act carried out by big business is our fault

the economic failings are our fault


face it. Its our fault and these mega rich intelligent people are trying to create a safe world to live in.


DuPont and C8 was our fault

Polluted rivers and streams are our fault

Plastic in the oceans is our fault


If we all accept everything is our fault, then maybe we can accept, in the future, when it all goes tits up again it will be our fault again


we are the reverse king Midas, everything we touch turns to shit


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8 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

More horseshit from the dhsc,shows less than 10% of th population have received booster AND 3rd dose wtf


We are fast becoming a nation of pin cushions



my dad and father-in-law have both 'had theirs'

the wheeze atm is to rehash the sales patter with flu shot


both in the same arm at roughly the same place


they love it. they dont wanna hear about 2% ARR or the uselessness of the flu jab.


go figure.. ...

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