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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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11 minutes ago, Xelador said:


Notice it also says "you may also be offered a 'booster' vaccination.."

When does the madness end?

Third shot!?! That's nothin', kids. This is what THEY have in mind...

From Breitbart:Moderna Co-Founder on Coronavirus Vaccines: There May Be ‘Continuous Need for Boosting’

 (From the story) Moderna chairman and co-founder Noubar Afeyan said on Tuesday that there may be a “continuous need” for coronavirus booster shots, similar to the annual flu vaccine.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Mornings with Maria, Afeyan said it will be difficult to know “until we look in hindsight” because “we just don’t know how this virus is going to travel from being a pandemic all the way to potentially an endemic virus we have to get used to living with.”

“If that’s where it ends up, then it may well need an annual booster, potentially varying on a year-to-year or every few years’ basis as the virus varies, similarly to what we do with the flu vaccine and so I think if we end up there, there will be a continuous need for boosting,” he continued before touting the company’s trials for an mRNA flu vaccine and suggesting that they will attempt to combine vaccines at some point in the future.

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49 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

someone the other day posted a candice owens tweet about frequency.

that is so true. we are frequency beings having an experience.

everything around you is a frequency to keep you in fear.

breaking free from the programming has raised your frequency.

its now up to you to do things to raise your frequency higher.

meditating, doing positive things.


oh yeah I absolutely believe that they do everything they can to keep us in a fear frequency and unfortunately it’s been working lately. Not bc of the fake virus though.


ive noticed it’s been harder for me to meditate. not sure if anyone else is having that issue.


as long as I’m alive I will do everything I can to try to keep my frequency in that of love and not of fear, no matter how hard it may be. 

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1 hour ago, The Illuminator said:

Never despair marra. Your love for your soul is the reason why this evil cannot and will not prevail.


They will try hard to coerce, cojole, shame, threaten but at end of day I'm a firm believer they need your consent to jab you. Just keep saying no. No matter the consequences. Where there is a will there is a way. Stay strong brothers and sisters.


Thank you brother. I needed to hear that right now🙏

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4 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

You got thirty squids worth of likes straight away!


However we would need our own monetary/exchange system. Barter is a good start locally but there are examples of whole countries bypassing the money system when they were being strangled by it. Trading goods directly.


We'd also need new means of communication because we've ABSOLUTELY got to stop 5G and then dismantle the rest.


There are always solutions so certainly needs contemplating.


On the 5g - exactly!

just came across richiefromboston who posted a vid describing this aspect



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1 hour ago, Sinny2020 said:

This is a very key point and how we should now all start thinking. Blow the dust of the history books, because it's well past time we became organised, lest we be sheep to the slaughter. None compliance, strategic resistance and organisation are key.  The people need to be mobilised.  


All good points - out of likes.

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