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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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They tell us through the movies!

Great compilation from
80 years of film history.

1940 - the great dictator
1943 - Chicken Little
1976 - Network
1979 - The Hamburg disease
1982 - blood and honor
1987 - Once upon a time there was a life
1988 - They are alive
1989 - Erik the Viking
1991 - The Simpsons
1991 - An angel on earth
1995 - Johnny Mnemonic
1996 - The green planet
1999 - The Devil Lady
1999 - The Matrix
2003 - The Simpsons
2005 - V for Vendetta
2007 - Vexille
2009 - CSI: Vegas
2010 - The Simpsons
2011 - The Veteran
2012 - Gray State
2013 - Utopia
2016 - X Files
2016 - Person of Interest
2018 - Counterpart
2019 - In the Shadow of the Moon
2019 - Hindafing
2019 - Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters
2020 - Songbird

P.S. In 80 years of film history, we have been told more than enough.
The maker of the film was very careful and skilfully edited it together!
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11 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


Most of these tards are ready for every booster it take to get back to normal until the rest of their life. I'm telling you - I know such people... We are DOOMED. It's sorry to say but it would be better for us if these poisons acted faster and effectively... 😒

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well couple of my dork friends took the jab, only one seemed to think because he use to indulge in drugs and has tattoos that it was a good reason to take it.

Another was trying to convince me to get it by saying "we can travel to america, and go to rolling loud" (Music festival)


I said but then we have too deal with the all the nonsense coming back and im not paying for that garbage, Safe to say the 90's generation here in canada is fucked.

also jabbed friend pulled up to my place with his mask chillin outside my garage door. 

Like what in the actual fuck 

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This cant has the same smugness across her face as she said this as Elena Ceaușescu had before it dawned on her they were about to drag her out behind the wall. Least we forget she callously laughed off 30K Kiwis publicly expressing their personal grief & heartache over their horrendous jab experiences & is pushing the experimental poison on pregnant woman! of which not only are there no med or long term safety data, they weren't even included in the original 'warp-speed' tests. What psychotic monster acts like/does this? She's clearly drunk on power and comfortable thinking she will never be held account for the crimes against humanity shes committed upon the Nation the past 20 months. Making Comrade Stalin proud.



May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Jacinda's Fakebook Post 30,000 Comments Expose Vax Injury and Deaths September 28, 2021 85 Jacinda Ardern"

Jacinda Ardern receives international praise for how she ...


Comrade Jacinda | Facebook

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I'm booked in to have my vaccines  was curious and chucked it out how many people have had it on my freinds list. 


About 200 odd replies all have had it some are double jabbed some have had all three no issues.


I wouldn't believe everyone you read or watch on the Internet folks.... 


I have been down numerous rabbit holes previously and most of the stuff is not credible and nonsense. 



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