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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Yeah, I noticed. Been following that tweet thread since yesterday, since it started getting ratioed hard.


Doesn't surprise me though. Most Westerners are only just starting to notice that we're occupied, but the occupation of Germany has been obvious for years.


It's probably a bait thread to be fair, so they can provoke a backlash from Germanic peoples, then point the finger at us.

I thought it came across as baiting as I was reading through it.

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1 hour ago, Saved said:

Yeah, it seems to me to be too obvious a gift - as if put out there to be shared and then shot down for the purpose of discrediting legitimate finds.


I could share 1,000 truths across various platforms, be ignored (which I usually am) then share something that turns out not to be true and everybody piles in to point out that I'm sharing a lie.


The jabbered that I know are all desperate to feel safe. I don't want them to feel safe. I want them to feel increasingly unsafe, so that they don't readily get their kids and babies jabbed. 


I know that if I slip up sharing something that is false or a glitch or whatever, they will feel safe again.

I always check out the stuff you link (just sayin')😃


Thats what I really enjoy about this particular space - its 'safe' [from the childish normie mockery] (for want of a better term) for us to throw things out there and share etc... provided its not totally naff.. I mean, most of us have been around the bush long enough to not throw out lameo shyte and waste the brainpower typing... but in saying that its always great to call each other out - 'constructive critisms' meh... I fucking despise how precious SO many people are these days about online *feelings* FFS - if you get 'hurt' through the net, perhaps the internet isnt the place for you (and I obviously dont mean cyber bullying)... Im happy to be called out!


In saying that, I detest malicious intent as I've always been able to smell and sense snide undertones from a mile off and I'm happy to tell someone (online or in the flesh!) to get fucked!! when I think an attitude is unnecessarily cunty towards others - cant help it - was the way I was brought up... brought up strong enough to defend myself and others I deemed appropriate to use my viril for...but again... I can take what I can give😉 


- but it does always pay to be nice.. my father once said to me when I was a youngster - (sister and I were raised with manners since forever) but I remember dad saying "son, always be polite to others,  it costs you nothing and the rewards can be priceless - and during my professional 14 year career working in cooperate superannuation/financial planning/investment arms of banks and insurance companies working with high end cliental and fellow colleagues - it DID PAY $$🤑 off!!!  *fake it till ya make it*😉


/end rant


Im keeping mental notes of humanities arseholeness - the latent autharatarism came out in many before the jabs even rolled out... it was like something switched in many and they felt righteous telling others to be 'law abiding.... cos granny..'


Its def switched gears since theyve been injected and part of me can be higher and forgive as I understand their soul has been disconnected from God-Higher Self-Allthatis-PrimeCreator even if they were never consciously aware of "it" normally.... but still ..we will never forget


Forgive her
For she knows not what she does🙏
A cross upon her bedroom wall
From grace she will fall
An image burning in her mind
And between her thighs😇
A dying God-man full of pain
When will you come again?
Before him beg to serve or please
On your back or knees😇
There's no forgiveness for her sins
Prefers punishment
Would you suffer eternally
Or internally?
For her lust
She'll burn in hell
Her soul done medium well
All through mass manual stimulation



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24 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

“The pandemic has shown just how desperately the consumer class clings to the feeling of being served.”


The language of the Bolshevik. What the fuck is the "consumer class?" Everyone consumes something, and, by and large, everyone relies on someone else to produce that something. 


We used to create wealth. We once had manufacturing jobs. Now they are in China. We were told we must become a service economy and we acquiesced. Now we have the gall to complain about poor service, or the lack of service. In other words, shut up kulak, be happy with your lot. Or else.







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leicester school girl dies of cardiac arrest aged 11 ish  ..tried phoning school to see if she'd been vaccinated on the 5th when they were doing the jabs...no answer  

tried ringing the school no answer

Moat Community College
Maidstone Road
Main Office Phone: 0116 2625705
Teams Phone
Email: [email protected]

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30 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

I fucking despise how precious SO many people are these days about online *feelings* FFS - if you get 'hurt' through the net, perhaps the internet isnt the place for you (and I obviously dont mean cyber bullying)... Im happy to be called out!


I totally agree.


There are some cases where it's hard to detect malicious intent through text though, as you can't also read a persons body language. For example, I know I often obsess about the literal meanings of things, and this probably annoys some folks, but I don't mean any harm. I think I just have OCD or I'm slightly autistic or something.

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On 10/17/2021 at 9:37 PM, Human10 said:

Call Handler - Covid Campaign Work from Home

Call Handler - Covid Campaign
Full time hours - 37.5 hour per week
Start date ASAP

We are currently recruiting for our Outsourcing Client; this is supporting on a Government campaign alongside in relation to covid-19 cases.

You will be required to have your own equipment for this role - it must be a Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer. Mac or Google systems are not compatible and cannot be used.


Pay rate - 

  • £8.95 per hour - paid weekly
  • Paid holiday's once accrued

This is an ongoing temporary role for roughly 6 months with potential to extend following this period dependant on business needs. We are looking for committed candidates who are looking to develop their career within customer service. 



Minimum wage? And can't spell holidays

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Businesses need verification devices for digital health passes


'The TPS508 scanner is ideal for many digital health pass verification scenarios due to its QR code scanner, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth communication, and ease of use features like an indicator light and voice prompt for successful registration or verification. It also includes a large-capacity battery and options for NFC scanning and a thermal printer. The device has been deployed to a Chinese government affairs hall as part of a system for checking green passes, the company says.'






Before Covid: We don't want Chinese surveillance tech.

After Covid: Let's embrace the surveillance state.

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6 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Before Covid: We don't want Chinese surveillance tech.

After Covid: Let's embrace the surveillance state.


Even better, let's buy Chinese drones to spy on our own people and then share the data with Beijing. What a great idea.



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59 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



Children dropping dead after vaccine now 


- who would have thunk this would happen? /s


buckle up ladies & gents, this ride has only just begun....some have obviously survived their little hearts being popped - depending on their physical/mental/emotional/spiritual constitution and how the injection was administered/dosage etc etc... - wait until winter fully kicks in... and their immature immune systems, now internally waging a confused war on itself, not understanding and continually trying to find the best way to react/learn to the foreign spike proteins constantly being created from whatever part of the system the payload of synthetic codes ended up in before entering those cells to be 'read' - and it fails completely over what was once the sniffles...

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