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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 10/9/2021 at 4:46 AM, DarianF said:

Israel tightens COVID-19 ‘green pass’ rules, requires Pfizer booster shot, sparking protest


"Israel has updated the terms of its COVID-19 green pass to allow only those who have received a vaccine booster dose, or recently recuperated from coronavirus, to enter indoor venues."



Soon it will be a booster jab every fucking month .


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3 hours ago, ar55 said:

It’s hilarious that people are still prattling on about taking the vaccine to ‘help others’.


Stats show that the majority of people don’t regularly donate blood and haven’t donated a kidney.


So how can they claim ‘it’s all about helping others’?


And lashing out a whole 50 pence for a mask that does not protect them, but protects you they say, repeating the MSM mantra.


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8 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

I went to my first ever game at Old Trafford that year with my dad and granddad. We played Blackpool in a 1-1 draw. I remember it was freezing cold. I was 9 at the time and wrapped up in a duffle coat, read and white bobble hat, and a scarf. Pat Crerand's debut game too.


I've sent you a PM.

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13 hours ago, skitzorat said:

all set to quietly retire on a Caribbean island with their golden handshake once the shit hits the fan more like.

The beast system protects its own when it's in its best interests to do so.



Not to worry, they've got plenty of fresh blood draw upon..



AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The tweet is fabricated, the World Economic Forum confirmed to The Associated Press. It doesn’t appear in a Twitter search, nor in an online database that archived the forum’s account over time.

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5 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Mandatory Vax for NZ education & health workers.


Hundreds of thousands of education and health staff - including teachers, GPs, pharmacists, nurses - will need to be fully vaccinated in the coming months or face losing their jobs.

The two-dose deadline for high-risk health and disability staff is December 1 this year, and for education - including all school and ECE staff who come into contact with students - it is January 1 next year.

Secondary schools, from next year, will also be required to keep a register to show the vaccination status of students.



Healthcare workers will have to be fully vaccinated by December 1 this year, and will need to have had their first dose by October 30.

The public health order requiring this will include general practitioners, pharmacists, community health nurses, midwives, paramedics, and all healthcare workers in sites where vulnerable patients are treated (including Intensive Care Units).

"These requirements also include certain non-regulated healthcare work, such as aged residential care, home and community support services, kaupapa Māori health providers and NGOs who provide health services," 


All staff at schools and ECEs who have contact with children and students will need to have a first dose by November 1, and to be fully vaccinated by January 1.

"This includes home-based educators, and all those support people in our schools and early learning services such as teacher-aides, administration and maintenance staff and contractors,".

"Secondary schools and kura will also be required to keep a Covid-19 vaccination register for students. Students that do not produce evidence of vaccination will be considered unvaccinated.


The Government was still considering whether mandatory vaccinations will be required in the tertiary education sector.

While there had been support for mandatory vaccinations for these workforces, there has also been some pushback.

The NZ Council of Trade Unions has previously cautioned that a blanket vaccination order could do more harm than good because it might create a sense of coercion.



The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners has backed the call for mandatory vaccinations for those in the health and disability sector.

"While most GPs are already fully vaccinated, now is the time to make one final push to be fully vaccinated before 1 December 2021. This means our GPs need to have their first dose by 30 October to be fully vaccinated by the deadline."


The NZ Medical Association has also welcomed the announcement

"Today's announcement will save lives,"

"All doctors should be vaccinated, and we know the vast majority is. Principle 1 of the Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Medical Profession is that the health and well-being of the patient is a doctor's first priority."

"We called a month ago for all doctors involved in patient care to be fully vaccinated – we're pleased the Government has come to the same view."


ProCare, New Zealand's largest network of primary healthcare professionals, also welcomed mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers.

"This is about providing certainty for patients and ensuring that we protect some of the most vulnerable patients that our practices see. We also hope that it will mean that patients will feel safe to visit their doctor, rather than putting off a visit until it's absolutely necessary.

"It will also provide certainty for the healthcare sector in terms of a legislated approach; so that everyone knows where they stand, what the rules are and that there will be no areas of confusion."


Businesses 'would welcome' order 

Mandatory vaccination for education, health workers, and associated services is an important principle that should hold for all workplaces striving to keep their employees and customers safe and healthy, says Michael Barnett, CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber.

"If no jab no job is to be the rule for selected people-facing services by government order, then it certainly is a principle that business owners would welcome also by government order.




So they dropped some mega bombs today, they didn't trickle feed it out like most other countries - just BOOM - pretty much the entire NZ workforce is to be mandated by the end of the year.


The boldness of this far reaching blackmail screams desperation to me and makes me think this little graph below isn't anywhere near the true jabbed up statistic numbers



*cynically stocks up on popcorn*

Truth changes over time 💩

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4 hours ago, Firebird said:


''We get our freedoms back'' the sheep sing enthusiastically, ''we're going back to normal!''

Do they  understand that they gave them away enthusiastically in the first place, in return for 'safety'? There is no going back. Our world has fallen and unless those who have planned its destruction are removed, we will remain inmates of the gulag.

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6 minutes ago, Anders said:

Maybe not; it's just ignorance and idiocy, imho

definately social pressure also, thats why many start drinking etc. Sadly many dont realize that the trick is to be outside the pen not in it!

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3 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Do they  understand that they gave them away enthusiastically in the first place, in return for 'safety'? There is no going back. Our world has fallen and unless those who have planned its destruction are removed, we will remain inmates of the gulag.

Bang on Buddy, I hope there is not too much damage, before the public get their heads round it.

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That woke you all up a bit, I don't want to seem like a party pooper or anything but the damage is way past extensive when all the establishment outlets are playing along. It might well mean they are meaning to limit your choices even more. By showing you how benevolent they are, which usually means a loss of more freedoms and an empty pocket, while everything you need to survive gets scarcer. Nah never going to happen, you're a nutter, probably, but then it already is because you haven't admitted you need them more than they need you. 

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51 minutes ago, ar55 said:

As a young person, it’s most definitely social pressure.


All my jabbed mates have admitted as much.


Like fashionable clothes and trainers in my younger days ... i didnt give a ***** . I blended in a bit with Madchester but didnt go for the Sambas



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53 minutes ago, Human10 said:

Well best reason not to take it. I find enjoyment being considered a weirdo...

tbh i found that to be my failure as well

i was the non-conformist and when it came to the 9/11 show i wasnt taken seriously because i didnt have the group standing to direct conversation or focus that way.

Especially now, i have found that the group is influenced by other peer groups and i didnt stand a chance to make an impact


being the weirdo works out ok when you realise there are other like minded people but the weirdos have a pig of a time talking to those 'normies'

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