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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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53 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


Originally they said they wanted old people vaccinated and that would be sufficient, an update on that... they now want to inject the children even though they don't get sick... obviously has nothing to do with a respiratory virus at this point. They just want everyone to take the injections regardless of their risk. It is total madness. 


The elites just prove time and time again this is nothing to do with health. They do exactly what David Icke says they will do, they don't deviate from the script. Why, if they don't want people to think it's a conspiracy do they prove the conspiracy theories (facts)  to be  right?


They could make it at least a bit convincing  by going off script and just stopping after injecting the elderly, and returning the world to normal, but no, the agenda won't allow that to happen. 

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2 hours ago, Saved said:

Fauci, to me, has always looked like a ghoulish sort of man. If I was casting for the part of a Nazi doctor or some lunatic scientist in a horror film, he would be perfect for the role. 


I think it's the weak, sunken eyes that do it.


  for the poison gnome the first word that appeared in my mind was Rumpelstiltskin lol

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2 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Serious question: What happened to all the talk about herd immunity? Weren't we supposed to get to a certain percent and then all would be ok? I remember them talking about 70% then it went to 80%, well they're at 78.4% in the UK, a few more thousand and they'll have reached their goal, then what? Nobody seems to be talking about it now. 


I'm being factious, but that would depend on which definition of herd immunity you go by.


The original oxford dictionary definition, the WHO? Anthony Fauci? CDC? lol I even heard some chat a while back how UK morning shows were emphasizing talk of herd "protection" instead to counter the abysmal failure of the so-call vaccinations.

In this Orwellian world where they change long held definitions such as vaccines and gender anything is possible tomorrow.


NZ authorities are still saying how these 'vaccines' prevent spread!

And that's the number 1 barefaced lie that the powers have run with from the start that was one of the biggest and easiest to disprove as not even the manufactures claimed it would!

The co-opting (and redefining) and blatant weaponization of the word 'vaccine' to describe these medical procedures legitimizes them and the mandates in the minds of the sheeple population as they are fundamentally linked in the traditional concept of inoculation. As well as being able to utilize the old 'anti-vaxxer'  =anti-science troupe - the demonization of which now appears to have been deliberately hyped by the msm over the past decade just for these times so it can be brandished.

I see it written on social media sometimes - 'they don't stop spread' and the replies are usually full of the self-righteous completely making up figures and facts about how the jabs lower the amount in your body by x %.

When my cousins mrs changed her banner to "Vaccinated for New Zealand" I politely asked a legit question: Why "for NZ"? These injections don't stop transmission so it is only really for yourself and studies have shown the jabbed carry higher viral load  and left a link to The Lancet and that study showing the jabbed had 270x the viral load....... she deleted my reply LOLZ



Freedom of Info request to the NZ govt; re Pfizer and transmission (the only jab we have here) - because the media is literally bought and paid for (the govt gave them MILLIONS) - no reporter asks any real questions such as: How can the govt issue the below admission on their our letterhead yet keep saying vaccinations are the key to reopening the country requiring jab passports....


I keep this kind of stuff as ammunition to hoist them by their own petard when required.

oia pfizer trials


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7 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:





I think the article title has charged as it claimed she caught Covid in May 2019.

The long Covid reference is saying it is something else, i.e some other nerve condition. 


Ah, typical Daily Mail headline! It's the salt in the Hula Hoops and nuts that increases blood pressure, that's why one person was eating them. Makes sense now!

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27 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

THE reason for the supposed fuel crisis


May be an image of text that says "GOV.UK Thank you for purchasing our surplus fuel stock. We no longer have the expense of destroying all the out of date fuel that accumulated from poor sales during lock down. We could have sold it off cheap but we are greedy bast@rds and thought we would invent a lie and rip you all off instead. Also.... We can fill the pumps with E10 shite now which will destroy your older vehicles forcing you to buy a newer one. Mission Accomplished! HM Government"

Thing is, the majority have worked out the ‘fuel shortage’ is a big con.


It’s a pity these same people couldn’t see the same with Covid.

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