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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, jack121 said:


Just watched the new movie by disney labelled Faucci, the lives and times of the arsewipe of all arsewipes, who wants to reduce the world's population by 95%.

The entire movie is shit, stinks of shit, left a shitty taste in my mouth and now i feel depressed as shit, that someone could spend millions to promote this piece of shit and reduce my live to shit - What absolute shit.

The movie includes cameos from bill gates and every other freedom hating kiddie fiddler to crawl out from under a rock.

And it's not just me saying it:

" The documentary presents a one-side view of Fauci. we see numerous people add glamor to him like W, Rice, Gates, and family members like his wife and daughter,who both feel the disappointment and lack of appreciation towards the man who has done decades of service or better yet "service" to the government for almost 40 years.

The zionist newspaper the New York Times called Fauci a movie star .


" This guy flat out lied to congress and nothing happened. It's been shown numerous times about his gain of function research and funding Wuhan and basically should be in jail. For someone in charge of infectious diseases for decades he failed to prepare for an outbreak. That he himself predicted in 2019 ! "

 "An attack on me is an attack on science!" - Fauci

$428,000 a year in salary.


Fauci went straight from his Internal Medicine Residency to the NIAID. He never practiced medicine or provided patient care as an Internist without supervision or any other specialty to any significant degree. He knows nothing about the doctor patient relationship from a practical standpoint. He never pursued any higher education in public health or epidemiology, yet he is the guro of all things Infectious Diseases by virtue of being in the right position at the NIH when HIV epidemic emerged. During his 50+ years at the NIH mostly as a bureaucrat, he was involved in quite a few scientific endeavors which have improved our world but without the proper training, he essentially rode the coat tails of smarter scientists and clinicians to build his reputation as the messiah of Infectious Disease epidemiology, treatment and prevention. Unfortunately he should have been satisfied with the respect he gained in the 80s and 90s because the COVID pandemic has only exposed him for the shill he is in promoting this farcical response to the pandemic. Hail Fauxi! The film is nothing but a puff piece.


Shameless political hack job. There was only one purpose for making this movie: to shove an agenda down the throats of the viewers. A total waste of time; don't bother.


flip flop fauci bio-weapon for marixst.  If I could i would give this a neg 10 as This man contiues to lie he continues enabling big pharma to destroy peoples live on a global scale he helped bring about the virus that killed so many and he continues to block and lie about drugs that would help end this political virus.
Should be in horror category...not documentary.


Beware false idols.  This is terrible. Shame on National Demographic and Disney for promoting this creature!


This doctor has been uncovering the lies of Fauci



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25 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


I used to support them. "You'll never walk alone" appealed to me when I used to be a bleeding heart liberal, but these days I would rather walk alone than walk with idiots.

I've never liked them. But after reading your posts I bloody hate them 🤣

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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


I used to support them. "You'll never walk alone" appealed to me when I used to be a bleeding heart liberal, but these days I would rather walk alone than walk with idiots.

I always found this club and it fans to be one of the nastiest of all. They go on about hillsborough, But strangley never mention what they did at the Heysel stadium.

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3 hours ago, zarkov said:

We have free will but that free will is limited by law.

Maybe they should tell us that we dont have free will, we only have law! lol

depends which court one is subject to.


People like Richard should be using their own court of record and claiming trespass rather than being the defendant in their court.

Where is the injured party?

This is a vital question Richard should have been asking at his court.


Stop arguing about their laws. They know what they mean or they can argue about them and change them but for the people its simple Hurt, Injury, Loss. Anything else is nonsense.



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15 hours ago, karmaxxxx said:

dude if you try give up tea for just 24 hours after drinking it habitually for years guess what? you will get full on withdrawal symptoms and I do mean very uncomfortable your head will pound the fuck out badly to move it will cause a feeling of a really severe hangover. how do I know this cos I did it with my lady and that's exactly what happened to us. once the first days over you are clear headed and alert. and yeah me too 20+ cuppers a day with probably 2-3 coffees in between.

and tbh I do tend to jack it for a bit then sink into a cuppa . but you do know also mixing milk or cream with tea or coffee is very very bad for the human system.

this was brought up by Edgar Casey he told everyone never add milk cream to tea or coffee. best wishes bro


I guess that moderation is the key. I only drink one cup of coffee a day, and that's first thing. If I miss it, I get a terrible headache and my mood plummets. I use evaporated milk in it too.

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1 hour ago, Greenhulk50 said:

It's the Hunger Games Society they are the Elite they don't need Covid Passports!

michael wan did a great little cyber-discourse examination using the Hunger Games.


i.e Bidens inauguration had lady gagaladygagamocking.jpg.9b3d6fc4ad79ca6492c3e0033c42c193.jpg


She is being the personification of the MockingJay, Artemis. Her hair is also pointing to the greek goddess of the hunt


and Bidens son is called 'Hunter'


there is a crossover of fantasy and real life to create a ritual to impact the minds of people



the mockingjay



as written by Tinkerpants http://vitalbloggistics.blogspot.com/


is derived from the Animal Farm flag




which itself is a derivation of the Hammer and Sickle





and this is derived from




Biden is the figurehead of the 'Human Hunt'.

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3 hours ago, Greenhulk50 said:

Totally agree I recently went to Madame Tussauds waxworks and they had waxworks of Tommy Cooper , Ken Dodd , Les Dawson, Benny Hill and the Two Ronnie's, I said to my wife who will they have in the waxworks in 30 years? We couldn't think of anyone funny , today's comedians are just not funny, years ago there was always comedy on the TV, when I was a kid in 70s I always remember watching Laurel and Hardy , Bless this House , On the Buses, Nearest and Dearest, Tommy Cooper, Love thy Neighbour, Benny Hill, Ain't half hot Mum , Dick Emery show, Frankie Howards Up Pompeii, Steptoe and Son, Carry on Movies lots of comedy that they would censor now, now people get their kicks laughing at other people on YouTube and Tik Tok.

Now they don't want people to laugh they want us all depressed, aggressive and selfish, Me , Myself and I, it's good to laugh, it's good for our body and mind.

The media and social media want to flood people's minds with bad news and negativity it's constant and it's not healthy.



they tried a wax work of james corden but theres a shortage of wax the fat fuck

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I started a thread about Bob Moran, the Daily Telegraph cartoonist several months ago, because my gut feeling

was he's a good guy, without knowing his personal circumstances concerning his daughter. The Daily Telegraph

haven't got the balls to print most of his artwork. He releases it on Twitter, some of which they delete.  He has been very vocal about the NHS, and last week about one particular doctor. His tweet was deleted and he was suspended for a week.  Please support him on Twitter, if you are a user, and read this tweet.





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