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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.



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3 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Same. Yes i am a granny slayer. These scumbags are reprehensible.


Funny how they would say to people not wearing masks, don't you care about the old people, do you have no compassion. Mean while they are sending out non-resuscitation orders to old people and preventing old people from seeing their family and sending sick people back to old age homes to infect everyone in them. 


Another incomprehensible action they were also taking is drugging old people and sticking them on ventilators when they went in to the hospital with a mild chest infection and then preventing their family from seeing them.

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8 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

Comedy Time still arguing with himself I see...


How very off topic and personal. You see nothing but the things you want to see. You dismiss everything that contradicts what you believe.


There is middle ground here, an exaggerated epidemic is a good possibility. A fake one is just bullshit.

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14 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


Funny how they would say to people not wearing masks, don't you care about the old people, do you have no compassion. Mean while they are sending out non-resuscitation orders to old people and preventing old people from seeing their family and sending sick people back to old age homes to infect everyone in them. 

Exactly it makes it all the more sinister. 


My elderly relative asked me yesterday does the restriction effect you? My response was i am not following the rules and i am not one of these people that sit in front of the news waiting for their next updates. 


Really starting to get hard not to get angry at them but i know the fear has gripped them. Its extremely frustrating but i have to just suck it up. 

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2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


How very off topic and personal. You see nothing but the things you want to see. You dismiss everything that contradicts what you believe.


There is middle ground here, an exaggerated epidemic is a good possibility. A fake one is just bullshit.

They're actually calling it a "Pandemic" which is BS. In a real Pandemic their would be dead bodies in the streets.

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1 minute ago, Lord Humungus said:

They're actually calling it a "Pandemic" which is BS. In a real Pandemic their would be dead bodies in the streets.


A pandemic would mean that people in a multitude of countries are sick/affected 


it's semantics the case/test numbers indicate a pandemic

however as many medical professionals have stated a positive test result isn't a "case"

the tests are prone to a high rate of false positives 

the majority of people testing positive are symptomless

symptomless people are super spreaders killing grandma 


so in my opinion it boils down to one of two positions

1 you either allow another to tell YOU when you're sick

2 you decide for yourself if you're sick or not 


this would obviously also bring into play informed consent and mental health issues

the next stage would be for government to imply that any persons who don't accept

they're ill even if they do not feel ill are perhaps showing signs of mental incapacity


failure to agree and comply with authority is a symptom of mental illness





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2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


And you chose the inaccurate Facebook one. From your link, which is from the "evil" WHO...

"The WHO believe Covid-19 kills 0.6 per cent of all patients or one in every 167. Although it sounds minimal, it means Covid-19 is six times deadlier than the flu and almost as twice as fatal as polio."



Covid has killed around 313 healthy people
under the age of 60 & under 1439 total in hospitals...

with a fraudulent inaccurate test.

The WHO is a terrorist organisation, funded & controlled mainly by Gates mafia. Its goal has always been to bring about a NWO.

The Great Reset.



2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



Take it up with Google. I imagine they don't hold the same sites as you do in high esteem. I don't agree with their policy.

What kind of a response is that?

Why dont you recognise & have an issue with this Orwellian bullshit & attack of free speech & our liberties? They even censored the NY Post on twatter a few days ago, because it went against the commie narrative. Fakebook bans anyone talking about Covid1984 outside the offical narrative.

They ban peoples paypal accounts who dont follow the far left woke agenda.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



Then don't label me as "infected" when I do the same. If you think I watch it and lap it up then you

are mistaken.

Anyone buying media as gospel is infected.


2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



I suppose there is an element of truth to that in general terms, but since the matter is deemed as "nothing to worry about" that is not valid here.

Its called psychological warfare, its been non stop since 911.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



Yes, I can agree in theory with that. The news generally will dictate the reaction from the public at large.

Non stop propaganda 24/7 yes.


2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



Righto, so Snopes is all wrong and so is the BBC because of "reasons".  She could be real huh and I am a "simpleton" for not realising she could be acting. But you aren't one for not realising that all your examples could be from people selling books and lying to get attention?


Like I say start a thread about it..



2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

You post a nurse that supposedly is exposing the hoax??

I would think more critical, she is "ex" army, so is she really telling the truth or hyping the situation & telling half truths?

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



And YOU automatically take all the opposite as truth because you are a conspiracy theorist. I don't automatically take anything as truth, I assimilate data and form a logical opinion that fits what the data tells me. I modify that opinion as the data may or may not change.

Conspiracy theorist is a gaslighting term.

You are a tinfoil septic, who believes everything the media corpocracy & crappy fact checkers say, you demonstrated that with your Snopes post on Mason Wells. That didnt debunk anything. Start a thread about it.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

My "bullshit" is observational contradictions to what is being presented. None of you people are questioning a single thing being shown. What you are doing is lapping it all up into a "coronavirus" memory store then when quizzed about it, it becomes a huge thing because of "all" that evidence presented.

Bullshit boy you are clueless & im laughing at your ignorance on this thread.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


I actually don't want to limit this thread at all, or disrupt it, but really!! WHY aren't any of you truth seekers questioning things being presented by your own side?

Thats all we ever do on this forum..like your Jewy nurse you posted. What her real agenda is..is she controlled ops.

Like many nurses putting out info about hospital conditions.

They get PAID to put out propaganda.🙈

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


Example... Empty hospital beds/ full beds and sobbing nurses. Former stored, latter is fake

Yes I posted some stats above, from the NHS clearly showing hospitals wernt full. Im constantly researching this topic.

Youve done zero research & just run your mouth.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



Which bit, the official one or the conspiracy "read between the lines" one? I asked where they are on this thread!

Brigade 77 psychological warfare army of trolls Along with Hasbara, pushing the offical narrative.

In a democracy, funded by the tax payers.


It must be a conspearwacy fearwwee tho right septic bollocks.


2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:



It is a complete dodge. You quote an advisory script from the government employed buffoons but failed to answer this....

I didnt dodge your question atall, scroll back.


Why does Bill Gates control world health & has predicted everything that is happening?

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


 I dare you to imagine just for a second that there IS a nasty disease out there and the public aren't taking it seriously. What would YOU do?

You quarantine the sick & vulnerable, you dont restrict the movement of healthy. That is tyranny & is precisely what has destroyed the economy.

Only a complete retard could not see this from day one.

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


He actually photographed the sealed off section of A&E that was closed.

SO fucking what? It was empty. That was his point.

He was exposing FASCIST TYRANTS hes a fucking hero.

Only a filthy tyrant apologist would support sending him to prison.🤢

2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:

You claim the figures show x,y,z (cherry picking again of course). I said why don't they fake them, you know the ones that YOU think are incriminating. It would be a piece of cake for them to do so. You aren't the spokesperson for "everyones intelligence" sic.

As ive explained already to you, they did fake them & are still faking them with fraudulent death certificates & tests.

I posted a video with Vallance in a press conference admitting this.

You are the one dodging the points here.


Covid-19: The Data Exposing the Deception



2 hours ago, Comedy Time said:




No, I am highlighting inconsistencies with your approach, relevant to the topic. Don't flatter yourself concerning me "asking you questions", many are asked to show how your method is biased.

This isnt the Comedytime septic show...start a thread on anything you have an issue with ive stated.


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11 hours ago, Sidlittle said:

any ideas where this is ? I see palm trees so I’m guessing it’s not Liverpool .. 

look at the bottom of the picture there is a possible clue



Gamaposa Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The original Spanish propaganda advert is this one on billboards exactly the same as the English billboard ad.
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“But I spoke with my virologist friend and he said…”

Dr. Scott Atlas, coronavirus advisor to President Trump: “History will record the faces of public health expertise, as some of the most sinful, egregious epic failures in the history of public policy. They have killed people, with their lack of understanding. The policy itself is a crime against humanity.” [1]


Ever since I provided compelling evidence that no one has proved the COVID virus exists [2] [3] [4], I’ve been getting a sprinkling of messages from people:


“My good friend, who is a virologist, says the virus is very real…”


“My friend, a geneticist, says you don’t need to have an isolated specimen of the virus, as long as you’ve sequenced its genetic structure…”


“My doctor friend says people are dying, so it must be the virus…”


This is like saying, “Two years after the September 11th attacks, I spoke with my friend, who used to work for the CIA, and he said the 9/11 Commission Report was absolutely correct.”


“My brother knew Earl Warren, and Justice Warren said Lee Oswald acted alone when he shot John Kennedy…”


“My cousin’s father-in-law was a business associate of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, and the chairman assured him the Fed has never manipulated interest rates for clandestine purposes.”


Why would you ask the fox who is guarding the hen house to account for the diminishing population of hens?


“But…but this is DIFFERENT. The COVID VIRUS is SCIENCE.”


No. It’s not science. This is about an investigation into what is CALLED science.


Therefore, everything is up for grabs. Everything is on the table.


A man named Socrates figured this out a long time ago. He would ask an aristocrat what Justice was, and when the aristocrat blithely said it was what everyone supposed it was, Socrates would point out the obvious fallacy in this line of approach.


If you only seek answers from a person whose specialty is…what your investigation is all about…why are you investigating? Simply to learn what an “expert” believes? That will be a very short and unproductive inquiry.


In the forgotten subject called Logic, that fallacy is called Appeal to Authority. It’s the most obvious fallacy of all.


If you ask an engineer questions about building bridges, and he has designed many bridges that still stand up after millions of hours of traffic streaming across them, you’ll learn useful information. But proving the existence of a virus is a different proposition. Very different.


Asking a mainstream geneticist whether the COVID virus has been proven to exist is very much like asking a news anchor whether he reports the facts every night.


An actual investigation into “the science” of discovering viruses would consider dissident views. For example, here is what German virologist Stefan Lanka has written about this process: [5]


“Individual molecules are extracted from the components of dead tissue and cells, they are misinterpreted to be part of a virus and are theoretically put together into a virus model…”


“With only a few mouseclicks, a program can arrange [an outcome] as desired, by putting together short sequences of nucleic acids from dead tissue and cells with a determined biochemical composition, a larger genetic sequence that is supposed to represent the complete genome of an old or new virus. In reality, not even this manipulation, called ‘alignment’, can result in the ‘complete’ genetic material of a virus which could then be called its genome.”


“In this process of theoretical construction of the so-called ‘viral DNA or viral RNA strands’, those sequences that don’t fit are ‘smoothed out’ and missing ones are added. Thus, a RNA or DNA sequence is invented which doesn’t exist in reality and which was never discovered [or] scientifically demonstrated as a whole.” 


A hundred years ago, if you had asked a virologist what was causing a devastating skin disease in the American South, called pellagra, he would have authoritatively told you it was a virus. And perhaps you then would have written to a journalist who’d stated there was no proof for the virus theory: “I learned from a virologist that a virus is definitely causing these skin outbreaks…”


But the cause turned out to be a niacin deficiency.


Months ago, I wrote a number of articles breaking down the false phenomenon called COVID-19. For the most part, the people who are dying are dying of traditional lung conditions (pneumonia, TB, etc.) falsely re-labeled COVID. Pollution is one major cause. A huge number of these people are the elderly, who are already suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, made far worse by years of treatment with toxic drugs. WHAT IS CALLED COVID IS NOT ONE DISEASE WITH ONE CAUSE. [6]


No new virus is required as an explanation.


At the highest levels of technocracy, the major players want this fake pandemic to serve as the gateway and the rationale for a new civilization: surveillance, obedience, slavery.


The launch-point in 2019 was the virus that wasn’t and isn’t there.


A hundred years ago, the Rockefeller Empire set out to prove there were many needs for their new products: pharmaceutical drugs. They employed researchers who could greatly expand the idea that harmful germs were everywhere—germs that required treatment with these drugs.


At the root of this enterprise were virologists, who understood the mission, who understood what they were getting paid for: the invention of new methods for detecting germs.


“Detection” took on added meaning. You didn’t actually have to find the germs. You had to concoct more sophisticated methods that would be taught and believed and accepted. These methods were actually STORIES.


The Rockefeller experts were story tellers.


Rockefeller agents and Rockefeller salesmen then sold the stories.


Their descendants are following the same playbook.


One of their main jobs is cementing THE VIRUS STORY in the public mind. They do it with the coda: “THIS IS SCIENCE.”


No, it’s mind control par excellence.




[1] https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/trumps-covid-advisor-lockdown-architects-should-be-held-accountable


[2] https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/08/the-smoking-gun-where-is-the-coronavirus-the-cdc-says-it-isnt-available/


[3] https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/09/covid-the-virus-that-isnt-there-the-root-fraud-exposed/


[4] https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/13/yet-another-case-of-the-missing-virus-they-lied-and-locked-down-the-world/


[5] https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-stefan-lanka-2020-article-busts-virus-misconception/5719146


[6] https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/04/01/covid-its-not-one-thing-its-not-one-disease


The above reminds me of someone. 

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