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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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Just now, skitzorat said:

I can tell by the accent they're targeting a low income Pacific Islander community - they've got really low uptake rates (so have Maoris) even though govt originally said they wanted to target them first, seems like that didn't pan out - all the whiteys lined up though, such a discrepancy there was even talks about how the jab roll out was..........can you guess....


I haven't looked in to it but I can imagine that countries with populations that don't travel outside of the country much and are more locally sustainable are probably not going to see the need to get vaccine. No wonder they resort to driving cars around trying to entice people with coffee and biscuits. 

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1 minute ago, SimonTV said:


I haven't looked in to it but I can imagine that countries with populations that don't travel outside of the country much and are more locally sustainable are probably not going to see the need to get vaccine. No wonder they resort to driving cars around trying to entice people with coffee and biscuits. 

They've been overwhelmingly targeted throughout this whole hoax - constantly told theyre at higher risk (which is probably true - like flu - and other illness because they suffer from incredibly high % obesity and diabetes)- They are however very tight knit, strong Catholics like 100% Sunday morning service attendance all in their best dress like going to a wedding - I can imagine the mandates will cause problems eventually but they could be given a freepass - cos racism, you know..


They do fly back and forth home to the Islands regularly - big extended families, which is international travel  so I doubt they'll get a waiver on that!

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21 hours ago, skitzorat said:

- in reference to the callous DikHeadss on reddit and the likes who DO celebrate the death of the unjabbed....openly! with much grandiosity and flare - we're well past the point of compassion with the poeple who want us dead, will protest to have the unjabbed denied health care and celebrate in the streets when they come to round us up to camps. The time for compassion for these people is over - they hate us/you/your children - not seeing them as an enemy to watch out for is foolish at this stage in the game.


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4 hours ago, skitzorat said:

The Authoritarian Hard Right Fascistic Zionist State of Israel (Top down govt control


4 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Yip Just as you have:


The Authoritarian Hard Right Fascistic Zionist State of Israel (Top down govt control, strong emphasis on Nationalism, race purity and superiority, militarized law enforcement and wars of expansion.) 


And then you have Authoritarian Left: Marxist/Bolshevik Communist Russia (tiny privileged Elitist clique at the top sucking the life blood out of the literal starving peasant underclass masses, draconian movement restrictions and laws, state kidnapping, internal thought police and nefarious spying, pitting citizen against citizen resulting in lack of trust and bitter divisions. Complete godlessness.


It's like two sides of the same shekel.

And covid has been designed to be a blending of very "best" features of those ideologies with added technology and rainbows. Even the propaganda is a perfect blend:


"We're at war!" "The New Normal Rules" Extreme Intolerance of other views


"We're all in this together" "Protect the health of the community" Jab/Mask otherwise your selfish and killing granny. For the greater [collective] good



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11 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


How many do you reckon they intend having?

When will they think something's not quite right?......After their 8th or 9th perhaps?



I reckon they wont be happy until we're all dead or mentally impaired :classic_sad:

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8 hours ago, Macnamara said:


The process started before the clearances with the attacks on the gaelic way of life


clearing people off the land is how the process ends once they have broken you militarily and spiritually

I always kick myself for not knowing Scottish Gaelic. My ancestors did...still alba television channel and runrig helps

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7 hours ago, Oakwise said:


"I may be wrong and after all I'm just a singer"


I have NEVER heard anybody going along with the Covid narrative - from actors dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan to sitting there all smug with the second jab coursing through their veins 20 months later - that has said the words:


"I may be wrong"


There has to be humility when searching for truth because pride and arrogance has a tendency to blind a person. Many a zealot has been wrong.


I have conceded throughout my dealings (with fellow Christians, mainly) that I may be wrong either in part or in whole; that I might be the one deceived. There isn't one person, to my knowledge, in a fellowship of 500 that thinks like I do (though there might be because I do not know everybody).


I would much prefer to be wrong than right. The jabbed would much prefer to be right than wrong - their lives depend on being right. I have no problem with apologising to God and every man, woman and child for allowing myself to become deceived.


I have been in this situation once before and was forced to leave that fellowship after seven years. It transpired that I was hearing and seeing correctly, whilst they were the ones deceived. They suffered greatly - even death. Many lives were shipwrecked.


Yet throughout, I could have been wrong and told them that. They could not say and never did say the same thing. The delusion they were under was powerful.


I don't like asking God for anything that requires just common sense. To me, it's like the man who doesn't get out of either side of the bed until God has told him which side. It feels like that with all the research I've done - I have eyes, ears and a brain plus the ongoing desire to find out the truth of a matter.


But recently, I did ask. I asked for God to show me if I was wrong, to correct me, rebuke me, humiliate me if I'm wrong.


I know the presence of the Holy Spirit well. I know from two decades of experience the absence of peace when in grave disobedience. Something wonderful for me happened at work two mornings ago - the presence of God saturated me as I spoke up to two colleagues that are jabbed and assumed they could mock me.


If I was decived, spreading poison, believing lies, then there's no way that would have happened. I was still resting in this peace eight hours later.


Indeed, it might well turn out that I was right.

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On 9/14/2021 at 10:44 PM, DaleP said:

Now that I've watched a few video, I'd put a few skulls in a syringe but would that make them take 'death' even more?!? 🤪

I need to sleep on this. Idea will come.


Is that 'cherry and cream' structure still in Trafalgar sq? That's got to be a sex thing, isn't it.

As seen in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LGpNMYNjw



It is not hypnosis. It is fluoride posioning conducted over many years to weaken you and sheep-ify you. Turn you into a baa baa black sheep by the evil agents of insidious satan who hate the human race.

It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and refused to challenge authority figures such as government types, police, political decisions etc The people were easier to control and accepted anything they were told, hence the modern day dilemma of sheep and their worship of government types, msm, holly and phil, masterbating over photos of bill gates, shaving their heads to look like sellout sajid, bowing down to dr chris shitty etc

The fluoride is being increased, as the areas which show the most vaccine hesitancy are the non-fluoridated areas.

It's just so fucked up. I mean even animals do not do to each other what these awfull cocksuckers of satan's cock are doing to us.

Starve you, beat you when you take to the streets, inject you with the horrendously evil drug of slow death, kill you in unremmiting waves of never ending agony, kill you children, kill you parents, kill your neighbours, blast 5G straight up your ass, spend all your money on themselves while increasing taxes.

Pisses me off so much whenever i pay a bill and see the percentage of tax charged at the bottom of the reciept, always get a mental image of the grinning royals with their new clothes, servants bowing down and wiping their ass, royals disappearing off on luxurious expensive holidays whenever they feel like.

Give me strength.

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